Ecco the Dolphin was a lovely blue dolphin. His coach, Sega Mega Drive, wanted to enter him in a swim meet. He gave him a health bar, a couple buttons to push, and a special ability: echolocation.

Sega said to Ecoo, "why is your name spelled Ecoo, the Italian word for here? When it should be Echo because you are a dolphin?"

Ecoo replied, "meraaaaaaRRRRRRAA" in the clicky-ist of ways a dolphin only can.

He seemed insulted by the question, he didn't name himself, some dodo head did who gets paid too much for his job.

Sega brushed the dolphin talk away and ate Ecco's fish treat instead.

Ecco used his echolocation on the nearby marine animals and told them to attack Sega for a raise.

Sega used his upgraded PS2 version to block the attack and yelled, "You're supposed to be training for a swim meet!" and muttered, "horny dolphins..."

Haven't you heard that dolphins are one of the few mammals that have sex for fun? Well now you know.