Hello my readers! this is the notice i was talking about! i have a few things id like to say- Thanks for you! your positive and amazing reviews is what pushed me to finnish this. (honestly, i had thought the idea would die and no one would bother to read it.) i know, 13 chapters doesnt seem like all that much, but honestly this is my first fanfic that is not a one-shot! anyway, im making this about more than just to gush, so here it goes...

i'm thinking about a part 2 to this Clash! story! i have a plot idea for it already but im not sure if i will do it just yet...ah, ill give you a summary and you tell me if i should write it or not ^-^;;

Summary: With all of the thrills of finding love in all the strangest of places, Kyo mannaged to forget one crusial thing to do before Ciel and Sebastian left for home- erase their memories of the Sohma curse! Yuki, shocked that Kyo blabed his mouth, has agreed to acompany Kyo and Hatori on their trip to London to find the two who know their secret and find a way to wipe their memories of that knowledge. It is only too soon do they realize that not only will Hatori make them forget the secret, he will also make them forget their ever having a relationship as well! What types of trouble will happen at the Phantomhive mannor? What will become of the two pairs of lovers? You will have to take a step through those double doors and see!

If you think this is a good idea or not, please share your thoughts! id love to hear them! if i get 10 or more reviews encoraging the idea, i will write it for you ^-^