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With a small cry, Scarlette fell to the ground, gripping her stomach. Both Nick and Ellis were quick to react, and were by her side in an instant.

"What happened!"

"Wha' didja do?" they both demanded. She couldn't respond for a second, and took in a deep breath.

"I was killed by a witch, that's what…." She muttered, rising unsteadily. That hand that had gripped her wound was now covered in blood, along with the bandages that covered it.

"C'mon, let's go heal you up," Nick sighed, and went to go help her, but Ellis beat him to it. Scarlette couldn't care less about who was helping her at the moment; her head was spinning, and her stomach hurt worse than she would have preferred. She leaned against her brother, and he helped her walk back to the main room. Nick was slightly pissed off, but shook it off.

"What happened to Scarlette?" Rochelle asked when they entered the room.

"She got a pain in her stomach, and collapsed," Nick clarified. Rochelle nodded, and grabbed a health pack. Nick lifted Scarlette up onto the table, so that they could tend to her wounds easily. She leaned back against the wall, and closed her eyes. Ellis and Nick let Rochelle tend to Scarlette's wounds, and stood back while she worked.

Rochelle peeled back the bandages, causing Scarlette to squirm slightly. Rochelle apologized, but gasped when she saw what was underneath. The wounds had turned a dark red, and there was green puss surrounding them. It looked sticky, and to be honest, quite gross.

"If that's not infected, I don't know what is," Rochelle said. Scarlette opened her eyes, and looked at her stomach. She felt bile rise in her throat, but she kept it down.

"Who knows what was on her claws," She said. Rochelle sighed, and grabbed a cloth from the bag.

"I'm going to have to disinfect it," She said, grabbing the Neosporin. She lightly pressed on Scarlette's wounds, only to have her cry out in pain.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" she apologized, and held up for a second.

"It's ok, just get it over with," Scarlette mumbled. A few minutes and painful touches later, Rochelle had cleaned the wounds to the best of her ability. She wrapped it up with more gauze, and stepped back to admire her medical skills.

"Are you fit enough to travel?" Coach asked. Scarlette nodded, and hopped down from the table. A small spark of uneasiness crossed her face, but it disappeared instantly.

"We need to get going," She said, grabbing one of the guns off the table. She slung the AK-47 across her back, and grabbed two pistols. The others followed suit. They stepped up to the front door, and pulled the furniture that covered it away.

"Ready?" Nick asked. They nodded, and he opened the door. Only a few zombies were scattered around, and they killed off those that were close enough. A few cars lined the streets: a white van, a small maroon car, and a blue pickup truck.

"Alright, we have two options; the van, or the truck," Rochelle said.

"Let's see if either of them have gas first," Nick said. They made their way over to the van first, and tried to open the door; it was unlocked. They opened the door, and let Scarlette through. She pulled at the cover underneath the steering wheel, and went to work. Within a few minutes, she had the van running. Ellis checked the gas gauge, and it showed that the tank was only three fourths of the way full.

"It'll have tuh do," Ellis said.

"Who's driving?" Rochelle asked. No one volunteered.

"I will I guess," Coach said after a few seconds. He hopped into the driver's seat, and Rochelle hopped into the passenger side. Ellis, Nick, and Scarlette all found a spot in the back.

"Check the compartments for a map of some kind," Coach said. They began searching, when Rochelle found one in the glove box.

"Ok, so where are we currently?" Nick asked.

"Poolero," Scarlette answered immediately.

"And where are we heading?"

"New Orleans. That was the closest evacuating city," Rochelle said.

"Quickest way to get there?" Scarlette asked.

"Macon, Atlanta, Auburn, Montgomery, Mobile, and then we head straight for New Orleans," Coach said, looking over the map.

"How long do you think it'll take?" Ellis asked.

"A week, maybe a little more, if we have any delays," Rochelle shrugged.

"And this is by car, right?" Nick said. Rochelle nodded.

"Lovely. We probably have a better chance of dying, or CEDA not being there, ooooor not being able to find another car. Fabulous, just frickin fabulous," Nick concluded. Scarlette sighed. Coach tried to block him out, and began driving down the half empty road.

"Why you gotta be such a downer, man?" Ellis asked coldly.

"Hey, I'm just looking at the facts here Overalls. Why do you always have to be such a happy little fucker?" Nick's face remained calm, but his words were sharp. Scarlette snapped.

"I swear to god if you don't shut up I'm going to shoot you both. Do you understand?" She muttered darkly. Ellis was quiet, but Nick smirked at her.

"You wouldn't shoot me," He tested her. Scarlette let out a frustrated sigh, and leaned back against the van wall. Her stomach hurt, and she really didn't want to deal with it.

"Calm….calm…calm…." She repeated to herself.

"Calm yet?"

"Shut up Nick."

"Ok." It was silent in the van for the next five seconds.

"Did I ever tell you about the one time my buddy Keith-"

"Ellis, I love you and all, but can you please just give me a moment of silence?" Scarlette breathed deeply.

"Ok." The car was silent for at least the next ten minutes.


"Yes Ellis….?" Scarlette's headache had gone away, and her stomach pain had reduced to a small throb.

"Just outa curiosity, plus I haven't had a chance tuh ask ya yet, but wha' didja mean the other day….when you said the thing about mom…and dad….and….Kanade….?" He asked. Scarlette tried to recall her time in the afterlife.

"I saw them Ellis," She started, smiling slightly. "I recognized them immediately, I don't know how….but Kanade-Chan, I don't remember her….Who is she?"


"….Japanese sister….?"

"Mom and dad adopted her, after they had me," Ellis said, "They were told by the doctors that they weren't goin' tuh be able to have another kid after me….and they adopted Kanade into the family. But then we found out abou' you….We were lucky, cause the doctors said you weren't gonna make it past a few weeks, and if mom made it through, you would probably be still born. But you came out nine months later, healthy as ever. You shudda seen the look on the doc's face, it was priceless!" he laughed.

"So it was you, me, Kanade, mom, and dad?" Scarlette concluded. Ellis nodded.

"Kanade went nuts over ya Scar- I did too, course- but it was like she had gotten a gift from god or somethin'! Course you adored her too. You used to follow her around, almost like her shadow. It was cute," Ellis smiled at the memories. Scarlette started smiling as well, because with every word, another memory re-appeared. Ellis's smile soon turned into a sad one.

"Then we found out about the cancer…."


"Kanade was really sick, and we didn't know what it was….We took her to the doc and everything, turns out she had Leukemia. She was only nineteen too….."

"How….how old were we?"

"I was fourteen, you were eleven."

"….What age did….she….she….d-die….?" Scarlette was having a hard time forcing it out. She was just now getting back her memories of her, the emotions coming along with it.

"Twenty-five. We thought it went away sometime around twenty-two, but it came back a few years later. She died a few days after her birthday," Ellis had tears forming in his eyes, but they didn't spill over.

"That's how we lost you too. You were so upset….You ran from the hospital, and we tried to find ya, but ya didn' come home…..Now it was just me, mom, and dad. Ya don't know what it did tuh mom…."

"I was stupid." Scarlette said harshly.

"no ya weren't," Ellis said softly.

"Of course I was! I shouldn't have run! I should have been there with my family! But no, instead I ended up causing you even more pain….." her voice faded.

"Don't blame yourself sweetie, you were in pain too," Rochelle said. Scarlette had almost forgotten about the other three.

"Besides, you got your brother back. I'm sure your sister doesn't mind," Coach added. Scarlette nodded. She took a deep breath, and tried to smile.

"what about you guys? You have any family left?" Scarlette asked, eager to get the topic off of her dead sister.

"My little sis was one of the first to get evacuated," Rochelle said, "I stayed behind to cover the infection."

"I lost my wife to the infection," Coach said, keeping his eyes on the road, "I didn't have any other family members or nothin."

Scarlette and Ellis looked to Nick expectantly, but he didn't say anything.

"Don't expect me to share just because you are," Nick said, crossing his arms. Silence fell over the survivors for the rest of the trip.


They traded off driving every few hours. Ellis and Rochelle had already taken their shifts, now it was Nick's turn.

"I hate driving…." He muttered as he hopped into the driver's seat. Scarlette was already seated in the passenger seat, since Ellis had driven right before Nick. She was curled up on the seat, her arms wrapped around her legs. A nightmare had already haunted her, and she didn't dare fall asleep again.

Scarlette, Ellis, and her parents all sat around Kanade's bed. They did their best to hold back their tears, but they knew she didn't have much longer.

"You made it so damn far….IT ISN'T FAR!" Scarlette pounded her fist against the wall. Kanade watched her sister with sad eyes. She barely had any strength left, and she could hardly speak.

"Scarlette, sweetie, calm down," Their mother tried to sooth her. She didn't listen. Scarlette burst past her parents, and went out into the hallway. She leaned against the wall, and tried not to cry.

"Should I go talk to her?" She heard her mother ask.

"No mom, I got it," Ellis said. He appeared in the doorway, and looked at his sister for a few moments. He leaned against the wall next to her, and didn't say anything.

"I don't want to lose her…." Scarlette whispered.

"Neither do I, but I'm not gonna waste the last few moments we have with her," He said quietly. "c'mon, let's go back in the room."

"Nii-san…." She whispered. Ellis looked over at his sister, a little surprised. She hadn't used that nickname in a while.


"You won't leave me, right?"

" 'Course not," He said with a smile, "now let's go back inside."

The dream shifted, and they were all back around Kanade. Her breaths were labored, and they knew she only had moments left.

"Onee," she breathed. Scarlette looked up at her sister, trying to hold back to the tears.

"I'm here," Scarlette said, taking hold of her sisters hand.

"Nii-nii," She looked over to Ellis, and smiled weakly. He smiled back, and took her other hand.

"Mom….dad…." she whispered as she looked to her parents.

"Daisuki," Scarlette smiled.

"Love you too," Kanade murmured with a smile. The light faded from her eyes, and the heart monitor in the corner in the room created the only sound: a steady beep that confirmed it. Kanade had passed on.

The family cried, but Scarlette headed for the door again.

"Where are ya goin?" Ellis demanded.

"I can't be here, I can't stand to look at her….I'll see you at home," Those would be the last words she would say to her family.

Scarlette replayed the dream over and over in her mind. She didn't know if her mind had come up with this on its own, or if it was a real memory.

"You ok?" Nick asked from the driver's side.

"Mmm? Yeah….I'm fine…." She sighed.

"I had a sister."


"I had a sister…and two parents who demanded I be more like her." Nick said stiffly. Scarlette looked at him with eager eyes, hoping he would continue.

"Her name was Rena. Straight A student, played cello like a goddess, and prayed that she could make it big time someday. I wish I could have been there when she did," His face didn't show any emotion, but his voice cracked. He's using his poker face, Scarlette realized.

"My parents split up when I was fourteen. Rena was sixteen. Mom took off with Rena; dad took off with me. He was a….recovered gambler, I guess you could say. As soon as we left though, we headed straight for Vegas. Taught me everything I know about the games…..And as soon as I was let in those casinos, I was raking in more money than I could have ever dreamed," His eyes were far away. He blinked back into focus, and looked over at Scarlette.

"That's the difference between the two of us. I waited until I was legal. You….on the other hand…."

"Obviously am not. But, hey, if it gets you the necessities, you don't really care," she shrugged it off. "So….uh…..where did you grow up?"

"Montana." She held back a laugh.

"You? Yoooou, the great gambling Nicolas, were born in Montana?" she couldn't keep the smile from spreading.

"At least I wasn't born in some hick town in the middle of nowhere," he smirked.

"You just say that 'cause you're jealous," Scarlette said. She looked outside the window, but didn't see anything out in the darkness.

"How did you do it?" He asked suddenly.


"Back at that club, the night we met….how did you get them to fall for your tricks so easily?" He asked slowly, as if he were unsure of the question. She sighed, but smiled slightly.

"Its not that hard to put two and two together Nick: Hormonal guys, an extremely good looking girl….." she smiled slightly at her small joke, "There's a difference, between me and the 'prostitute' me. Right now, I'm still the young, carefree nineteen year old I used to be. When I'm in the zone though….its like nothing else matters but the money. I could get them to believe anything I say, do anything I wanted them to. I'm not me." She curled her knees up under her, and wrapped her arms around them.

"Another difference…" Nick mused, "Doesn't matter 'who' I am, I'm always going to be a conman."

"You just love pointing out how different we are, don't you?" Scarlette asked. He just simply smirked, and said nothing more on the subject.


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