Hi guys. This is DarkeAngelle's fanfiction which I have adopted. Even though I've thanked her I'm saying it again. Thanks a ton Darke! *hugs Darke*

Pairings - (main) Akuroku, Zex/Zel,
(later) Ike/Roxas
And other pairings. if I feel like it or there are suggestions I'll add more

Warnings - violence, might be some language and perverted things (that's a BIG maybe for perverted things)

Disclaimer – I do not own Kingdom Hearts or SSB. The plotline rightfully belongs to Darke but as I've said before I have adopted it and have permission to change parts if I want to

Axel slammed his head down on the desk and left it there. It was the first day of high school and he'd barely made it to school. There was only two minutes left until the tardy bell rang. He was sitting in English class, his worst class. Not only was it the class he always seemed to fail, it was the only class where he knew absolutely nobody. And the one person he knew was too scared of him to do anything but stare at him.

So far, being a junior at Kingdom High sucked.

As he moped, he heard the kid in front of him start talking. "Yeah, those transfer kids are from some place called Smash Academy."

"They sound like they come from a tough school," a girl mumbled.

"Yeah," the boy agreed. Axel remembered that his name was Zach. "I saw one of them get in a fight this morning with that pink-haired guy. Marluxia, I think."

Axel was now angry that he missed the first half hour of school. He could have watched Marly's fight. It would have certainly been interesting. He lifted his head and was about to ask who won the fight when the room fell quiet and everyone looked towards the door.

Axel looked too, expecting the teacher, but immediately knowing that the teacher hadn't just walked in.

Three boys walked in, seeming oblivious to the sudden quiet. It was obvious who the leader of the group was, for he was much taller.

The taller one had spiky blue hair and a black bandana wrapped around his head. His jeans were faded, torn, and riding low on his waist. His black shirt had ACDC written in silver letters on the front and his black hi-tops were worn down to almost nothing. He had one large calloused hand in his pocket and the other loosely holding his books.

The boy on his right looked like a miniature version of the bluenette, only, his hair was red and he had on a backpack and not as tattered clothing. His icy-blue eyes swept the classroom of silent faces. He shifted his sandy-colored messenger bag slightly and pushed his hands into his pockets.

The third boy looked nothing like the other two, and not as tough. He was in a deep green hoodie that advertised "Malo Mart" and his blonde hair was shoulder length. Pointed ears stuck out from under his hair and his jeans were covered in grass and dirt stains. He had blue eyes like the other two boys. One of his eyes was bruised and he had a bandage on his lip. Axel assumed that this was the student who tried taking on Marluxia.

They took seats in the back corner of the room, opposite from Axel. The bluenette pulled out his phone and started texting under the desk. The redhead slid down in his seat and looked bored as he started idly drumming his long fingers on the desk. The blonde pulled out a black cell phone and started texting as well.

Axel could practically smell the asshole attitudes of these kids all the way across the room. They were so rugged, so dark, and so "tough" that they looked like a group of wimps. And of all people, Marluxia beat one of them up. Other than Demyx, he was the worst fighter when it came to hand-to-hand combat.

Whispers suddenly erupted. Axel's ears picked up about thirty variations of "those are the Smash High kids!" and he didn't really care. New kids? Whatever. Not they had a rep at all. In fact, they already earned themselves a bad one with the way Marluxia apparently beat up the elf kid.

Another new kid walked in. Axel couldn't honestly tell if it was a girl or a boy, but he assumed the latter. The person had sleek blue-black hair held back with a sparkling headband. Their face was soft and the skin looked like flawless porcelain. The boy flicked a piece of lint off of his black blazer with a long finger and straightened the collar of his light blue Oxford shirt. He slid one hand into the pocket of his neatly pressed black slacks and gave a disgusted look to the back corner as he stood in front of the elf-eared boy.

"You are in my class?"

The blonde scowled at him. "What about it?"

The redhead smiled at Marth. "Hey, Marthy."

They both ignored him, and the spiky-haired bluenette kept texting.

"Get out of my seat, Link."

The blonde kept glaring. "Why? I don't see your name on it."

"Marthy" took a pen from his pocket and wrote something on the desk in elegant slanted script. Link read it and glared back up.

"Now it is," the slender boy smirked.

Link snorted in anger and got up, grumbling. He took the empty seat next to Axel, who was trying not to laugh. The slender boy took the seat and immediately leaned into the redhead and started whispering while holding his hand.

Link looked disgusted.

Axel looked at him curiously. "Who are those guys?"

Without looking away, he answered. "The smartass is Marth, Roy's the redhead, and Ike's the one who's texting and obviously oblivious to everything."

Axel nodded. He would probably forget those names later. "So what's your name, elf-boy?"

Link turned around to glare at Axel. "Don't call me that, porcupine."

Axel chuckled. "What's your name?"

"Link. You?"


Link laughed.


"What a stupid name!" Link shouted.

Axel raised an eyebrow. "Says the elf-boy."

Link immediately stopped laughing and glared. "I have a name, ya know."

"I know." Axel took out his English text book. "So you tried to take on Marluxia, eh?"


"The pink haired kid."

"Oh yeah, him. Yeah I did."

"And I'm guessing that you failed."

Link looked insulted. "I'm the Hero of Time, for Farore's sake! He's a lot worse than I am!"

Axel raised a disbelieving eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yes! I fucked that pink-haired loser over! He got crushed! I won!"

"Okay, okay. Don't get your panties in a bunch, 'Hero'." Axel highly doubted that Link "crushed" Marluxia, but he didn't say anything about it.

Link glared and finally the teacher walked in. He set his books on the desk and scribbled his name on the board like he always did then turned to stare down the class.

Professor Saïx was known to hate his classes. He used to be vice-president, but lost his job to some new teacher named Ganon. He was harsh, demanding, and wouldn't let a word be spoken throughout the whole hour of class time.

"Pfft, look at his hair. He can so not pull that off," Marth whispered loudly to Roy.

Saïx wrote something down on a piece of paper and held it out. "Welcome to the class Mr. Lowell. I'll you after school for your detention."

Marth's mouth popped open and the other students snickered.

Maybe this class wouldn't be half bad.

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