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After the incident with Ike, Roxas kept as far away as possible from him. There would be times when he would bump into him in the hallway, but being on school ground Ike couldn't do anything. Roxas would keep himself locked in his room with Sora, only leaving for food, school and possibly being persuaded into leaving the dorm.

As for Axel, he was sent to hospital and told to stay until his injuries were fully healed. Everyone went to see him except for Ike. Axel was glad Ike never showed his face. They next time Ike goes for Roxas, Axel was going to be well prepared if it killed him. On that note, Ike would be sent to jail and Roxas wouldn't have to worry about someone trying to win him over. Then again Axel would never be able to Roxas again and that was pointless. He'd still rather die than let Ike take Roxas from him though.

It's only been a couple of days and Axel was bored out of his mind. Roxas would constantly be by his side, but the doctors got annoyed with so many people that he ordered Axel's friends to let Axel rest for a couple of days, meaning Axel was stuck in the hospital with no one to talk to and nothing to do.

Zexion had told him the other day that Ike couldn't be removed from the dorm as there wasn't anymore space for him, but he was under constant supervision from the school councilor and the principle himself. Zexion only found this out by getting Demyx to do a little spying around the bigger male. Axel was assured that when he returns to school Ike will not be going near him for the rest of his schooling years.

Axel had argued that Ike was old enough to technically leave school. But arguing against Zexion was pointless as he always had an answer for everything. He simply told Axel that looking through Ike's files had shown that he wasn't permitted to leave school under any circumstances. In a way that gave Axel relief, but knowing that he could run into Ike at school was bad, and the fact they lived in the same dorm was worse.

Axel sighed angrily. How he wished he had someone to talk to. The nurses would offer their ears but Axel never wanted to talk to them. He'd rather have his friends beside him than some random nurse who would most likely gossip with the other nurses as they do when there's nothing else to do. Roxas gave Axel a book to read but when has Axel read apart from being forced to by his teachers? Never would be the best answer.

When Axel thought he would die then and there on his bed his doctor came in. "You're in much better condition since you came in. You may be able to leave sooner than expected." His doctor wore the standard white trench coat with the stethoscope around his neck. In his hand was a clipboard containing Axel's personal information and his condition. "Now I just need to know you beat you up so badly." Axel was going to tell the doctor everything, but something stopped him. By ratting Ike out he would most likely be targeted and get the beating for his life and have his dead body dumped in some swamp where no one would find him and his body be eaten. "Well?" the doctor pushed.

"I…I don't know. He came out of nowhere. I didn't get a good look at him" Axel lied. Why was he lying for the person who beat the crap out of him?

"I see" the doctor said writing it down on the clipboard. "Well that's all I need to know." As the doctor was leaving Axel spoke up.

"Hey doc, how long until I can get outta here?"

"Tomorrow if you're lucky." With that thee doctor left. Axel slammed his head against his pillow again and again. That was his opportunity to get rid of Ike once and for all and he blew it. Sure Axel could tell a few lies here and there, even when it came to his own life. But not ratting Ike was the stupidest thing he's ever done. If he went to the police when he's released they'll look at his hospital record, ask him questions as to why he didn't tell the truth, do a full investigation, Ike will be caught and Axel will possibly be charged for helping the fight be swept under the rug.

"I hate my life" Axel grumbled. He continued to bash his head against his pillow until the blood rush and dizziness knocked him unconscious. His dreams were filled with nothing but him getting the beating of his life and Roxas leaving him for Ike.

Back in the dorm, the air was tense whenever everyone saw Ike. The whole dorm had been informed what Ike has done, and so was the school through gossip. If one person knows then the whole school knows. That's just the way things worked.

Roxas was still locked in his room, sitting on his bed with Sora by his side. His knees were hugged up against his chest with his head in his knees, arms wrapped tightly around him. Even though it's been a couple of days, Roxas still didn't feel safe. Axel was in hospital because of him and now Ike was bent on winning him over.

"As much as you hate him, you've got to get out of this room." It's plainly obvious that Sora was getting annoyed with Roxas forcing him to stay by his side while Ike's in the dorm.

"How can I when he could be planning something?"

Sora rolled his eyes. "He's under constant supervision. Every move that he makes is noted; heck he's even got after-school detention for the rest of schooling." Sora did have a good point. It's been a couple of days since Axel was sent to hospital and Ike's done nothing to even communicate with Roxas. So maybe he could stay out of his room until Ike came back from detention.

"Alright…Wanna go for a walk, get some ice-cream?"

"ICE-CREAM!" The second someone says ice-cream Sora runs to the nearest shop that sells his favourite flavour; sea-salt. "Then you do homework."

"Yes mom." Sora dragged Roxas out of their room, calling to Zexion that they were going out for a while. A small 'whatever' was heard as the door was slammed and the two ran down the hallway.

"Can we not run for once?" Asked Roxas, his arm still in Sora's hand.

"No. Running is fun and you should do it more often." Did Roxas ever mention that his twin was the complete opposite to him? Whenever Sora was happy and just begging to run around and cause a mess, Roxas would prefer the quite and possibly read. It happens visa-versa as well and every so often they act the exact same and creep people out. "Hey you wanna catch the train and head to Twilight Town? We'll have the ice-cream on top of the clock tower."

Roxas pulled his arm out of Sora's grip and stopped, trying to catch his breath. "Are you…nuts? It takes…an hour just to get there. Knowing you we'd be there til morning."

"Oh please?" whined Sora, pouting and shining his eyes. The cute puppy dog look was Sora's special technique besides sleeping with his eyes open. Roxas turned away. There has not been one person who is immune to it, not even the teachers.

"I said no Sora." Sora stood in front of Roxas, forcing his brother to hide his eyes with his hands.

"But…" Sora removed Roxas' hands and forced him to look.

"Oooooh…Oh alright, BUT on one condition." Sora tacked his brother to the ground.

"No condition! I wanna go!" Roxas struggled to get Sora off him. For having such a small bodies the twins can tackle and restrain a fully grown man and not let go. The only downside to that was they could only hold on for a couple of minutes before their grip turns lax and they're forced to retreat.

"I was gonna say I wanted to bring one back for Axel. You know how much he loves them." Sora laughed in his brother's chest. "What's so funny?"

"Haha…you. Ever since you and Axel started dating you're thinking non-stop about him." Roxas shoved the laughing Sora off and sat up.

"What are you talking about?" he asked offended. The only reason he agreed to go out with Axel was because he couldn't leave him alone. After that they saw each other more and now he guessed they were dating…since last year.

"For – Forgot it. Let's get that ice-cream."

"Well that was quite the scare you gave us Mr. Turk." Axel grumbled in his bed. No thanks to him bashing his head against the pillow so many times and losing consciousness, he opened a wound that was on the back of his head. "Life might be hard but that was no excuse to commit suicide." Axel scoffed at the comment. He would have chosen a better way to die if he wanted to.

"In my defense I didn't realize I had a wound at the back of my head. Must have been when I collapsed." The doctor 'hmed' and scribbled on his board.

"Well you'll be happy to know that you'll be released after dinner. It would have been sooner but you nearly killed yourself. Someone by the name Zexion will be here to pick you up." Axel mumbled to himself as the doctor left.

"Stupid doctor. Stupid Ike trying to take my Roxy away from me. I hate my life." Dinner was another three hours away so give or take another half an hour after that until Zexion comes to get him. Well at least Axel got a good sleep and had an okay dream, well more like a memory really. It was their first date when Axel finally convinced Roxas to go out with him.

"Fine…but just one date."

"Just one. After that, if you don't like me, I'll never bother you again." Axel planned on bring him to see the a movie, taking him out to dinner and to see the annual fireworks in Twilight Town.

"I have to say Axel, I really enjoyed tonight." Roxas had said, smiling on the train home. What surprised Axel was Roxas leaning on him. "And I mean it." Slowly Axel had put his arm around Roxas' shoulder to hold him closer, happy when Roxas complied.

"So…do you…want to…"

"Go out again? Surprisingly I would. How about next week?"

After that their relationship took off and Axel couldn't have been happier. Now with Ike coming into the picture he was ruining everything Axel worked hard to get! He needed some way to put Ike in his place once and for all. But Ike was a tough guy and would easily beat Axel to death the next time they fight. So how could he get Ike kicked out of school was the first step.

It was three hours until Sora and Roxas finally returned to the dorms. Ike was back by now and helping Zelda make dinner. "Welcome back" she said as the door was closed. "Enjoy your time out?"

"Yea thanks" replied Sora. "We had some ice-cream and caught up with a few people in Twilight Town."

Zelda turned from the dinner, giving the knife to Ike to chop the onions. "Really? I've heard about that place around campus. You'll have to take me there some time."

"I'm going to do my homework" Roxas whispered to Sora.

"Why not go with Zexion as a date? He knows everything about Twilight Town."

"Maybe I will." That's when Roxas closed the door to his room. Now that Ike was home he was going to have to be careful. Axel wasn't coming back for another day or two. Once Axel was back that's how he was staying with constantly.

Sighing Roxas sat on his bed, staring at his homework. He had Math's and English to finish from earlier, his Biology assignment was due next week and there was still chemistry.

After solving a few equations on his maths, he was about to give up on
it completely when the door opened, unannounced without a knock. Ike walked in
and plopped himself down on the edge of Roxas' bed, smirking. "Hey," he greeted casually. Roxas knew that Ike liked him, happily displaying it to him back in the park and beating Axel to near death, but he wasn't about to acknowledge it.

Dropping his eyes back to his math book, he responded dully. "Hi."


"Nope. Just doing homework." To prove that he hadn't just been staring at it, he pretended to read.

"Homework's boring. Talk to me."

Roxas looked up, raising an eyebrow. "Homework might be boring, but it's sort of important. You know grades and all..." His voice trailed off as he noticed that Ike was staring at him. Before he could question the bluenette, however, he was hushed by a pair of lips on his.

The feel to him was unnatural. He'd never been kissed like this... this roughly and sudden. Before he could even pull away and ask what the hell Ike was thinking, he was pushed back with a calloused hand on his chest and pinned under the older teen's strong body. Once his lips were freed, he rejected.

"What the hell do you think you're you doing?" he snapped, trying his best to shove the taller male off.

"You know what I'm doing. You like it, too," he said coyly as his hands suddenly began working on Roxas' belt.

"Whoa!" Roxas screamed, squirming and trying to get away from the unwanted touching. "Stop it!"

Ike laughed. "Shut up," he breathed as he got the belt undone and started working on the buttons of Roxas' pants. Once undone, Ike's hand slowly made their way down Roxas' boxers. The blonde gasped and whined at the cold touch.

The door suddenly opened again – once again, without a knock. Roxas seriously needed to put up a "Please Knock" sign or something – and Axel stood in the doorway, his eyes doubling in size. Once he assessed the situation and realized that Roxas was practically screaming for help, he grabbed Ike by the back of his shirt and pulled him off the bed and off of the nearly crushed blonde.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Ike couldn't say anything as a punch was thrown, knocking him to the ground. "I don't EVER want to see you near my Roxas again. NEVER! Now get out of my sight!" Rubbing his jaw, Ike left the room, the door slamming behind him.

Axel turned back to Roxas to see him hiding under the covers, his books spread across his bed. Axel felt bad for him. Roxas was unfortunately stuck in a love triangle and having Ike forced onto him. It must be hard.

The redhead sat on the bed beside Roxas' covered body. "Hey…you alright?" Laying a hand on Roxas' head he felt him shaking. "He's gone you know."

"That's not the point" came Roxas' muffled voice.

Raising an eyebrow Axel asked, "How's that?" There was silence for a minute until Roxas pulled the cover down to reveal his red face.

"I don't know how…but Ike…he knew…I…the way he…I didn't…" Roxas was rambling on and on, but Axel knew what he meant. He leaned down and gently laid his lips on his boyfriend's in a reassuring manner.

"I know what you're trying to say and it's okay." Axel lips hovered over Roxas'. "It's a normal body function to feel that kind of pleasure…It's happened to me as well."

"Really?" Small kisses were exchanged again.

"Yea, and I'm ashamed to admit it felt nice. And you?" Roxas turned away from him. "It's alright. I won't think any less of you."

"I…I guess…it felt…like…like…"

"Like?" Roxas sunk lower in the covers.

"It felt like you were touching me...sort of. That it was you not Ike and I'm sorry for thinking such a thing." Axel smiled and gently stroked Roxas' cheek and lay down next to him, pulling the reluctant blonde close.

"I'll always protect you. Got it memorized?" Roxas chuckled lightly.

"I got it. And Axel?"


"Welcome back."

"Good to be back."

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