(she was just an echo in my mind, this Caroline)

Before I reached her, thinking she was my princess that could not be here (bullets made sure of that), I knew she was not Caroline but that did not stop me from hoping.

(something I rarely did these days)

I could not stop myself as I pulled her right into my arms, everything but the eyes were 'her', knowing that it would end badly but not giving a damn.

"Whoa there buddy. I'm all for some hot and heavy action but maybe you should at least tell me your name, slick."

Everything about her screamed that she was not Caroline, but if it was the other way around she would be doing the same thing, but that familiar face and smile of hers kept me here.

(crossing my fingers that she might be her underneath someone else)

It took every bit of me to pull away from her, knowing that randomly hugging women is not such a good idea, but when I finally did I got to see so much more of her.

(an amused smile dancing on her lips)

"I-I'm sorry, madam, I thought you were someone else, you look so much like her."

It was growing harder by the second to keep away from her; if I was not careful I would be doing more then hugging pretty soon.

(and that would end up with a slap in the face or worse)

"You must have really loved her, and she didn't mind that he boy was a law man."

Just like Caroline she was able to read me like an open book, something that's very hard to do (I make sure of that), and with each new discovery she was becoming more and more my sleeping beauty.

"How could you tell?"

"Being wanted by the big bad law enforcement makes me able to spot them pretty easily, and you, bud, flash FBI chump."

(those words reminded me of Caroline all the way through)

"Don't worry that's in the past, I'm not here to arrest you."

Even if I was still following orders like a good little boy I doubt I would have been able to bring myself to take her in the moment I saw those eyes of hers.

(that did such a good job of breaking right through my own)

"Good, I kind of guessed you weren't here to bring me in when you hugged me rather then cuffing me. That's why you're still breathing. Now come on, big boy."

Her hand shot out and took a strong hold on mine; it didn't take long before I was flashing back to the rare moments I got to hold her hands, and pulled me along like a large rag-doll.

"Why? I thought I was everything you hated?"

I was hoping my mouth would learn to shut off, it was always running before I could stop it, because I was ready to follow her to the end of the earth and back.

"That doesn't mean you aren't lonely and that we have common."

(it was not the right kind of echo but at least it was something)