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Agent Booty sighed as he took a sip from his coffee mug. It was another late night att he Swollen. Eyeball Agency. Everyone else had given up and gone home for the day, but Booty did not easily quit! He knew there was something evil and paranormal going on in this little area. An evil dinosaur brought from the past was using abnormal abilities to hypnotize and control little children to play with him, and then once he was finished, he gobbled up the children and got new ones. He knew what the dinosaur was up to..he just couldn't belive he was doing it on television and no on e was stopping him!

His fellow coworkers left, saying the show was too horrifying for them to watch any longer. Booty agreed, but it was his duty to track down these monsters and eliminate them.

He took another sip of his coffee as another episode started on his television. "I'm watching you dino...I know the reason you have new children every episode!" He was about to take another sip of his coffee, but stopped as his TV began to static. "Huh, what?"

His eyes widened as he saw an image of a green alien with wide ruby eyes . He shook his head before inhaling the scent of his coffee. "Hmmm...clean..." he muttered to himself. Reaching in between the coushins of his seat, he pulled out a folder that read TOP SECRET: HIDE WELL. He opened it up to reveal a rough sketch of the average alien, as drawn by a third grader. Booty stole it from him with good intentions.

He closely examined the stick arms and bulging eyes. He then looked at the alien that was squirming on the screen. It was a perfect match! His skin even matched the green/yellow crayola that was colored in the picture! Then that meant...

"An alien!" Booty cried. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and called his number 2. "Agent Fannie! Get over here right now! We have a real live alien on our planet! ...Turn on your TV! He's right there! ...that isn't a costume!Look how nervous he is! He's sweating bullets! He knows we're onto him!...Just gather a team together immediately!" He looked down at the sketch drawing again and saw the alien drawing had a speech bubble that said 'I'll kill you!' in huge letters.s

"And hurry up! He's hostile!" Booty warned. After the call, he quickly got up to get his gear, then mentally cursed when he remembered what he had been doing previous to the alien exposure. Right. The dinosaur.

"Grr...I'll have to get you next time Barney!"he spat before leaving the room.

"Oie! Take a look at this!" Agent X called to the rest of his S.M.A.C.K team. The other three members quickly raced towards the television, grateful that they now had something other to do other then playing with their play do.

"What is it boss?" Agent 4 asked. "Did the Tigers win?"

"No you dimwitt!" X said, pointing towards the tv. "It's an alien! We've got ourselves an alien!"

"What?" 4 cried, pressing himself against the screen.

"Ah, it's probably just some teenagers expressing their fandoms again," Agent Kangaroo said, making his way back to his freshly made play do cookie.

"No, this is the real deal guys!" X announced before he pulled out his gun from under his laundry.

"How do you know?" Agent Iris asked.

"Because the guy holding the camera said so!"

The other three members instantly straightened themselves up. "WHAT? Then what are we waiting for? WE'VE GOT OURSELVES AN ALIEN TO ELIMINATE!" 4 announced.

X smiled. "Finally, and people said we were becoming useless due to 'lack of extraterrestrial activity'. This'll show them! Kangaroo, go get the choppers! Iris, go get our special armor! 4, go get our tanks! The password is "told ya you would need us'." He tilted his head and shouted up to the celing. "MOM! WE'RE GOING TO HUNT US DOWN AN ALIEN!"




"I told you, I'M MARRIED TO MY WORK! DO YOU WANT ME TO CHEAT ON MY WORK!" X growled as he looked at his uneasy comrades. "So we go?"

A large, unhygienic man watched the television with a blank look in his face. So, the aliens were real huh? He pulled himself out of his seat and threw down his can of Poop soda. "Hon? I'm going to go join the cause."

''Yeah, sure Bob, whatever you say."

Bob then reached between his cushion seats and pulled out a pocket knife. "See you later, dear...maybe."

"Oh sweet Irk!" Zim cried as he struggled to remove himself from the Vesen's grip. "Let me go! Let me go now or I'll...I'll expose YOU in front of everyone!"

"Go right on ahead," Vixen chuckled. "I do not fear these humans. With my army, I could easily overpower any of them! You, on the other hand, are clearly outnumbered! Take one foot outside my ship and these pathetic humans will be all over you in a second."

Zim glared hatefully at the creature. No one kept the amazing Zim prisoner! His ego was too huge to contain! "These humans are too incompetent to understand-"

"Attention loyal people of Earth," Vixen cut him off, now speaking to the humans through the camera. "I present to you...Invader Zim! Some of you may know him as the strange green student who the boy named Dib would constantly obsess over. Well, it turns out, he wasn't as crazy as you assumed him to be! Here is the true Zim! An alien freak!"

Zim's eyes widened to the size of saucers. ''D-Don't listen to him! He's crazy!" He looked over towards his friend. "Did they hear me? Could they me here from here?"

"Of course they can!" Gaz hissed. "You seriously are asking me how video cameras work?

ZIm frowned. "Well, we don't have those on my planet!"

"ZIM! They can hear you!"


"Believe nothing he says!" Vixen continued. "He's out to kill us all! If he catches you, he won't hesitate to probe your brain to get all the information he needs about Earth!"

A thoughtful look crossed Zim's face. "Huh...why didn't I think of that?"



Vixen gave Zim a fake sympathetic smile. "Now you have nowhere to hide, green thing. I'll release you, and you'll have no choice but return to whatever backwater planet you came from! There's nothing left for you on Earth...just defeat." Here he smirked. "Just be grateful that you have an option to live."

Gaz frowned. "So wait, killing Zim was Plan A, and exposing his secret so he'll be hunted down like a fugitive was Plan B?"

Vixen shrugged. "Either fate works for me." He turned to Gaz and gently tilted her head up by her chin. "And...without any distractions...I shall finally obtain my Dark Source and destroy the universe."

Gaz raised a thin eyebrow. "Destroy it?"

Vixen returned the expression. "Surely you must've known that was my intention."

"You're not supposed to destroy it!" Zim yelled. "You're supposed to conquer it! Make other planets your slaves!"

"I will make new races, new planets," Vixen responded. "Every race in this galaxy is weak, excluding my own. I shall purge each and every one of them, create new races in their place, and rule them all with a straw finger, but an iron fist!"

Zim rolled his eyes. That sounded like WAY too much work. "And how do you plan on creating new life, smart guy?"

Vixen shrugged. "Electricity."

"...Oh yeah, that makes sense..."

Gaz, who had been quietly thinking through Vixen's speech about his plan, finally said,"Okay, so you plan on playing God...but I still have one important question."


"What's going to happen to the biscuits?"

"...What?" both Zim and Vixen said in unison.

Gaz shrugged (or as well as she could being held by a Vesen) and said, "Biscuits are the moat important life source to humans. Without them, my people would lose the will to live!"

A puzzled look crossed Vixen's face before Zim snapped his head towards the girl. "Why have you never told me this? Don't you think that information would be useful in our conquest?"

"Do you think I'm a fool?" Vixen said in a mocking voice. "Humans do not rely on stale bread to survive. I'm not even sure why you said that. Was that supposed to change my mind? I...isn't is pizza you should be protecting?"

"I like biscuits too," Gaz pouted, which Zim involuntarily thought was adorable.

Vixen smirked and shook his head with endearment He leaned in close to her face and said, "Well, Baby Gaz, I regret to inform you that all the biscuits in the world shall perish along with those who created them."

The Vesen only caught a glimpse of Gaz's evil smirk before something metal collided with his head, forcing him to fall back. "Wha-What the-?"

"MAAAH BISCCUUIIITS!" the metal thing cried as he bit into Vixen's head.

"GRAAAAH!" Vixen bellowed, losing his calm demeanor. "Someone get this thing off me!"

Unfortunately for Vixen, all the men considered themselves the "someone" and began fighting to remove the bouncing and biting robot, lest Vixen bit off a part of them later.

With their captors distracted, Gaz and Zim quickly ran away from the scene. "Well done GIR!" Gaz whispered. And these guys were supposed to be highly intelligent..

The small girl's eyes shot open as Zim blasted a hole in the side of the ship, giving them a way out. Luckily, they still hadn't reached space...they were just 100 feet from the ground. No biggie... Zim's mind.

"Let's go!" Zim said.

"Without GIR?" Gaz asked, her hair blowing rapidly from the wind.

"He'll be fine!"

"Yeah, but he's our ride! How can we get down there without him?"

Zim looked at her with an evil smile.

Gaz backed away in horror. "Zim...I know that look...please get us out of here without doing something insanely stupid!"

Zim's grin only widened as he grabbed her shoulders. "I heard nothing after 'get us out of here'!" With that, he scooped the girl up in his arms, and threw them out the hole.

Gaz, instead of screaming, sighed annoyance as they plummeted to their deaths. "Great. I escaped an evil alien over lord, only to have my friend succumb to his madness and kill us both."

Zim smiled as they plummeted towards the ground."Worry not, Little Gaz. We Irkens are very accurate with our landings. I'll simply grab the telephone pole, leap over to the street lights, propel us over to-"


Zim winced as he felt his PAK come into heavy impact with the roof of a car. Luckily, it wasn't enough to smash it, but it was certainly enough to make him dizzy enough to question his identity for a few seconds.

Gaz, who had landed on Zim's squeedly-spooch, shook her head to fight off her own dizziness. "Well, that could've gone better. Thanks for breaking my fall, Zim."

"Yeah...don't mention it..." Gaz gave a half smile before helping the Irken get back on his feet. "Are you well?" the Irken asked.

"Better than you," the small girl said, shaking her head. "Zim, what are we going to do?"

Zim firmly placed his claws on his hips and gave her a determined look. "Don't worry, Little Gaz. It'll take time for the gossip to spread. I should have enough time to make a device that'll wipe the memories of the few individuals who saw-"

"Look! It's the alien!" The duo turned their heads to see a human pointing towards them. "It's the alien, and Dib's freaky sister is working with him!"

Suddenly, the streets began filling up with humans, screaming is shock and horror at the sight before them. Some carried cameras while others carried bats and kitchen utensils. One was carrying an autograph book, but he was quickly pushed out of the way.

Zim's jaw dropped at the mob of humans that now filled the streets. "Oh sweet mercy..."

"Yeah, you really underestimated the power of television," Gaz said quietly.

The crowd was now roaring in rage and horror.

"It's hideous!"

"I knew there was something wrong with that Zim guy!"

"He's trying to kill us all!"

"Killl him!"

"Pluck out his antennas!"

"Send him to Texas! They'll know how to punish him!"

"JUST GET HIIIIIIIIMMMM!" one particularly annoying boy said. However, the crowd decided to listen to him (shocker), and began to charge for the green being in front of him.

Instantly panicking, Zim scooped Gaz up in his arms and pulled out his metal legs from his PAK, only furthering the humans' horror. "Quick! We must leave!" He then ran as fast as his metal spider legs could carry him, mentally begging that something would just make him disappear.

What was he going to do? His worst nightmare was coming true! The humans knew his secret. What was next for him? A tank? The dissection table? Sweet Irk, what if the mob really DID send him to Texas?

Once they finally reached the base, Zim quickly tossed his friend inside and locked the door. "We are in a heap of trouble, my scary friend!"

"Hey GIR," Gaz said nonchalantly.

Zim quickly snapped his head around to see his small robot slave watching television. "When the heck did you get here?"

"I... left?" the small bot asked slowly.

Zim shook his head. "Never mind. We need to get our of here! Our cover has been blown, GIR!"

GIR scoffed. "'Bout time."

"Where will we go?" Gaz asked.

"To Irk! We can't stay here!" Zim said as he ran into the back to grab some things.

Gaz's eyes widened. "What? Zim! Are you telling me you're GIVING UP?"

Zim scoffed as he grabbed as many of his hidden weapons as he could. "I'm not 'giving up', Gaz. I'm retreating!"

Gaz rolled her eyes. "Come on, just make a new identity! Start fresh!"

Zim continued to throw his things into his toilet so it could reach his underground base. "Are you kidding? The Tallest have been growing impatient with me for not making any progress since I got here! That's why I had to get a partner in the first place! If they find out I have to start my Earth life from scratch, they'll tear my PAK apart for sure!"

"So what's the plan? Go home to the Tallest and then what?" Gaz demanded.

"I don't know! All I know is that I need to get off this planet!" Zim yelled.

"No, you don't! If you would stop overreacting-"

The human girl almost jumped as the Irken suddenly appeared right in her face. "And how, Little Gaz, am I OVERREACTING?" He said in a dep, dark tone, as opposed to his usual high pitched, enthusiastic one. "The humans aren't out to kill YOU. They want to destroy me, don't you get it? IT'S. OVER. Zim's life on Earth is OVER! These pitiful humans have actually BEATEN me! I'm...I'm not even sure I can take over Earth anymore..."

Gaz was silent for awhile as Zim finished his rant. "...Well, technically Vixen beat you."

Zim sighed. "Listen Gaz...I know you entered this partnership in order to conquer your stupid race...and now I can't promise you that it will happen. So, if you wish to leave and exit...all of this...I understand."

Gaz was a bit taken aback by the alien's words, but was even more surprised by the look on his face. Gone was his mixed expression of panic and anger, and replaced with a look of...sadness? Forlornness? It was an expression that the alien rarely wore, and it caused a chip in the Earth girl's usually inpenatrable heart. She gave a soft chuckle. "Zim, I'm not going anywhere. You're not just my partner, you're my friend. So, I kinda owe you my loyalty. If I don't show up with you, your Tallest will think you don't have a partner, and then they'll just kill you anyway, right? I need to come with you so I can save you."

It was the shocking truth. She no longer really cared if she got to destroy the world or not. She had a friend in Zim, and he offered her a whole new world to learn about, and a new crazy adventure every day. She cared about him...a lot, actually. She would do whatever she could to keep him out of trouble. She'd stay with him not only to save his life...but because she wanted to.

"Besides, it's not safe for me right now anyway," Gaz said. "Vixen is looking for me. I'm in just as much trouble as you."

A smile instantly spread across the alien's green face. "Of course...good! We shall depart immediately!" He quickly grabbed her hand and threw her in the toilet. He then quickly pulled the chain and she was instantly flushed down into the underground base.

Gaz soared through the pipes before landing with an 'oof' on the floor. Although a little dazed, she quickly moved out of the way before the Irken could land. "Come! To the Voot!" He grabbed her hand again and led her towards his small ship. "We'll go by Voot Jetstream, so it should only take us one day to reach my planet."

"Wait!" Gaz said, pulling back before Zim could place her in the Voot. "So, like, are we NEVER coming back to Earth?"

"Possibly," Zim said hastily. He then paused and widened his eyes. "Oh...don't worry! We have plenty of video games up there, and I'll see if I can find a way to make you some pizza." He frowned as her face continued to look hesitant. "Is...that what's bothering you?"

Sure it was, but there was something else that bothered her too. Her mind couldn't help but flash to a certain sibling she would be leaving behind for good...She quickly shook her head to erase any lingering thoughts of him. "Uh, yeah. Let's go now."

Giving her a warm smile, Zim grabbed her hand and led her into the Voot. "You're going to love it on Irk, Gaz. Zim will make sure you do."

"ROAD TRIP!" GIR called as he hopped in the Voot.

"Hang on!" Zim said as he started the engines.

Gaz held onto her seat as the Voot rose, rose until it departed from the roof of the house. Gaz cautiously looked out the window to see the mob of humans banging on the front door screaming, "KILL THE BEAST! KILL THE BEAST!" The idiots hadn't even realized they left via roof.

"TIme to erase the evidence!"

Gaz quickly turned her head towards the alien. "What?"

Zim hit a button on his contol panal. "The base will now self-desruct."

"Oh wow," Gaz muttered before looking out the window again. Sure enough, in a few seconds the base and blown up in a ball of fire. This caused the mob to scream in...horror or joy, she wasn't quiet sure. She took a moment to inhale. Oh yeah, it was horror.

Beside her, GIR began to sniff. "Good-bye old friend!"

"GAZ!" Zim called to his human friend, finally drawing her attention from the window. "Put this on. Not only will it help you blend in with my people, but it'll give you the ability to breath on it too."

Gaz grabbed the clothes in his claws and unfolded them. It was a silver Irken suit, complete with gloves and boots. "This'll help me breath?"

"There's some wires in the back where a PAK would usuallybe. Attach them to the thin head phones here, and it'll provide you with your Earthling oxygen."

Gaz raised an eyebrow before doing as she was told. "I'm going to look like a freak, aren't I?"

Zim gave a small chuckle. "Now you know how I felt for the past four years."

Dib shook his head as he finally came to. "What...what happned?" He straightened out his glasses before looking around at his surroundings. He was still on Vixen's ship. Something obnoxious had knocked him out. But...where was Zim?

Groaning, he got back on his feet and lazily looked out the window. His eyes widened as he saw Zim's Voot take off into the sky. His heart leapt into his throat as he saw a flash of purple zoom by with the Voot.

"GAZ!" Din cried. He couldn't belive this. She was actually leaving the planet! He instantly felt his heart break. No, he hadn't meant it! He still loved his little sister! He wanted to still be part of her life, no matter how cruel she could be! She couldn't leave! Especially with Zim no less! Sadness turning into fury, the boy quickly ran to the front of the ship in order to find...well, a smaller, less noticable one! He was going to follow the two to wherever it was they were going!

"You're not going to take her from me Zim!" Dib shouted."Not again!"

24 hours later

"Gaz, Gaz! Wake up sleepy human!"

The small girl slowly opened her eyes to see Zim's ruby eyes staring back at her. She stretched in her seat with a small groan. "Are we there yet?"

"As a matter of fact, we are approaching the home base now." He handed her a hankie. "Here. You drooled a bit, you disgusting human."

Gaz glared at him before wiping her mouth. She sat up and straightened herself out."So, we're going to meet the Tallest now, right? It's a good thing they were already expecting us."

Zim nodded. "True, but they hadn't summoned us yet." He paused for a minute. "Then again, they said we had a week, and it's certainly been a week now."

Gaz shrugged. "Whatever." She stood up and straightened out her Irken uniform and hid her thin headphones in her hair. "How do I look?" she asked, although she truly didn't care. She still didn't trust the Tallest, let alone like them.

Zim coughed a little in his claw. "You look decent." He didn't want to tell her that she had blown him away when she first put on her Irken uniform. Sure, he thought she was actually pretty for a human before, but she became something unimaginable when she dressed like the invadershe secretly was.

Gaz shrugged again before taking a look at the Irken Mother Ship. She had to was impressive. It was massive in size and had many other Voots going in an out of it. She noticed the giant Irken symbol at the front of the ship. "So wait...your planet is a ship?"

"We do have a home planet out there, we're just all residing here for Impeding Doom 2." He left his pilot seat to approach his human friend. "Are you as excited as I am?"

She gave him a mocking look. "I don't think ANYONE can get as excited as you, Zim," she said.

Zim could only nod in agreement before walking back towards the control panal. He pressed a few buttons and pulled out a little microphone. "Invader Zim signing in. I request an audience with the Tallest."

"The Tallest are currently having a meeting with rest of the Irken tribe." a voice said back.

"Excellent! I'll be there in just a minute!" Zim quickly placed his claw over the microphone. "I'll just present you to the entire Irken community at once!"

Gaz huffed. "No pressure or anything."

"Invader Zim, I don't think the Tallest will appreciate-"

"Zim does not care to hear the end of your sentence!" With that, the Irken cut off the transmission. "Here we go!" Zim called as he rose the Voot into the Mother Ship.

Gaz gave a small smile. "And you're not at all embarrassed to be presenting a human as your partner?"

"Any other human? Yes," he turned to her with a grin. "But not you. My people will be blown away when they see you!"

"Holy Irk!"

"What IS that?'

"It's disgusting looking!"

"I think it's about to die, look how pale it is!"

"Something purple is trying to eat it's head!"

Gaz growled to herself as they made their war through the wave of Irkens. "6...7...8..."

"Counting to control your temper?" Zim asked, being very experienced in the excercise.

"No, I'm counting how many Irkens are going to lose their lives by the time this is over," she said, once again adjusting her thin head set.

"Just keep your cool. They've never seen a human before, so they'll probably stare at you for awhile."

Gaz nodded. She wasn't upset that these aliens were staring at her, it just kind of...annoyed her. To her, THEY all looked like the freaks. She was also surprised to discover that Zim was really the best looking out of all the Irkens. They all came in different, awkward shapes, and while all of them were taller than Zim, they all looked clunky and strange compared to him. Then again, she didn't know how this planet worked. Maybe Zim was really the strange looking one.

Zim. She really had to take a minute and appreciate what he'd been going through the past four years. Oh, she was used to feeling like the odd one out. She was used to being considered the freaky goth girl. But she was literally an alien. She was the true freak of the planet. Again, it didn't upset her, but it sure did grind on her nerves. And Zim had to put with being gawked at like this for four years? Geez. At least back on Earth, instead of being stared at for her weirdness, Gaz was just avoided.

"What's going on over there?" a voice called out at the front of the crowd.

Gaz's attention instantly snapped towards the source of the voice. Zim smiled and dragged her there...she noticed he had been holding her hand a lot lately.

"My Tallest!" Zim cried. "It is I! Invader Zim! I have returned!" In one swift movement, Zim leapt onto the stage and pulled his small friend along with him. Now the girl finally saw the "all amazing" leaders in person. Well, they were definitely tall (although they also hovered above the ground, so she wondered if that counted), and looked just as they did in the pictures she found on Zim's computer. The one on the left was completely decked in red armor, to match his red eyes, while the one on the right was completely decked in purple armor that matched his eyes. Other than that, they honestly looked like identical twins.

Gaz rubbed her arms as she felt that foreign tingle go through her body. It was the same feeling she got when she saw their pictures almost a week ago. There was something about these two that just wasn't right. They gave her chills, as if they knew something she didn't know. She had no idea where these uncomfortable feelings were coming from...maybe it was because, as much as she loathed to admit it, these two figures actually did look pretty intimidating...

"Zim! What're you doing here?" the one in purple cried.

Oooooohhh...never mind. Nothing with that voice could ever be intimidating. He sounded like an 15-year-old American fashion artist who wanted to prove he was better than everybody else.

"We were just in the middle of explaining why we need to cut paychecks in order for us to buy more red velvet treats," the one in red said.

Oh yeah, the chills were gone now. All was good.

Zim smiled, placed a claw on his chest, and gave a humble bow. "It's an honor to be in your presences again after so long." After a few seconds, he nudged Gaz once he realized she wasn't doing it with him. Gaz shook her head. She was SO not bowing for these losers. But for Zim's sake, she supposed she could try to be...ugh, polite.

"Hey," she said to the Tallest directly. "It's uh...nice to meet you guys in person, Zim has told me a lot about you guys. Apparently you guys are the best Irkens around...good for you. So, uh. if there's anyone you need me to doo-ZIM! I am not bowing to them, no matter how many times you nudge me!"

Red squinted his left eye as he inspected her. "Yeah uh,, what are you exactly?"

Before she could answer, Zim quickly cut in. "My Tallest, may I present to you Gaz Membrane! My partner!"He paused while striking a dramatic pose, as if he was expecting a round of applause.

Instead all he got was silence. Oh, except for a snicker here and there.

Now both Tallest had a confused look on their face. "And I repeat: WHAT is it?"

Gaz was about to give him a harsh retort, before Zim but in. "She's a human, my Lord! A very intelligent human!"

Red's eyes widened in shock by this revelation. "WHAT? A HUMAN?"

Purple looked hopelessly confused. " mean to tell us you teamed up with a member of the species you're trying to conquer?"

"You never mentioned she was a resident of Earth!" Red growled angrily.

Zim waved his small hands. "Let me explain, my Tallest! Gaz has betrayed her race in order to help me! She can't stand her race, and has agreed to join the Irken army!"

Gaz frowned. "Well gee, when you say it like that..."

"How did she find out you weren't human?" Red asked suspiciously.

Zim gave a nervous laugh and tugged at the collar of his uniform. "Uh...she's so clever she was able to see through me!"

Red then turned to Gaz. "And you miss...Gaz. How did you handle knowing that there was an alien invading your planet?"

Not surprised, the girl answered in her head. Instead of replying with that, she said, "I was happy. I finally got to meet someone who hated humanity as much as I do."

Red turned back to Zim. "And how do we know we can trust her? What if she's planning on stealing our secrets and feeding them to her human military?"

Gaz shook her head. "They wouldn't be able to figure them out." She took a few steps towards them. "Look, I know we come from two different species. I get why you wouldn't trust me...actually most people on my own planet don't trust me either. But we both have something in common: we enjoy destruction. We enjoy making sure no one crosses us. Just like Irkens, I strike fear into the hearts of those I meet. I punish those who try to do me wrong. Yes, I'm going against my race, because they have done nothing but disappoint and disgust me. So I'm here to make sure they pay. Or at least I was going to, the girl thought to herself. She was probably never even going to go back to Earth again. She really was only here to keep Zim alive.

Both Tallest were quiet for a minute before Purple finally spoke up. "What's that's thing on your head?"

Gaz lightly touched her thin head gear. "It's to help me breath on your planet."

"No, no, I mean that purple thing."

Gaz raised an eyebrow. ""

Purple lightly touched it, causing Gaz to have to resist snapping his claw off. "What is it's purpose?"

Gaz shrugged. "No real purpose. Almost all humans have it. It's kind of like your antennas.:

Purple straightened back up and nodded. "I like it. I want some hair! How does one obtain it?"

Gaz felt her dark aura grow. Didn't this idiot hear a word of what I said a minute ago?

"Not now, Purple!" Red growled. He then looked down at the small girl. "Weeeelllll...I suppose we can let you join our club. IF you can pass the initiation."

Gaz raised both her eyebrows at this. "'Initiation'? Uh...sure? What do I have to do? Give you some of my blood?"


"What?" Gaz hissed to her alien friend.

Zim's eyes widened. "I...was not expecting this."

"WE SHALL NOW OPEN THE ARENA!" Red continued. "FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH WEAK STOMACHES, PLEASE GET KILLED WHEN YOU LEAVE HERE! NOW, PREPARE FOR-Oh sweet Irk! I can't keep this up!" the Tallest said, coughing into his claw. He went to Purple and leaned on him. "This caps lock speech is killing me! Finish up for me!"

Purple took out a remote control from his PAK before saying, "Everyone stand back!" As everyone did, Purple hit a button that revealed an arena hidden underneath the floor and seats for everyone to sit on behind a glass. "Oh yeah! Look who made good use of his free time!"

Gaz now glared at her friend. "Zim!"

"I didn't know they were going to make you fight!" Zim cried.

Gaz sighed and rubbed her eyes in exhaustion. "Alright, whatever. I'll be back in a couple o f minutes."

Zim couldn't help but feel concern for her. "Will you be okay?"

"...You have three seconds to rephrase that sentence."

"You WILL be okay! You are Gaz Membrane after all!" Zim said eagerly.

Gaz gave him a wicked smile. "That's more like it." The crowd gasped as she hopped into the arena. "Let's get this over with."

Purple placed a laurel wreath on his head before yelling, "UNLEASH THE BEAST!"

The crowd quickly hopped into their seats in the safety zone before a huge monster appeared out of the floor. It walked like an ape, had razor sharp teeth, had what looked like the trunk of an elephant, and eyes like an owl's.

"HI PRINCESS!" Purple called.


Gaz let the darkness in her body flow. "Roar."

Last fourth wall joke, I promise! I'm sorry, it was looking me right in the face! It wouldn't leave me alone! This is one of those chapters that was meant to be longer, but I decided to stop it here so I could update quicker. I have a feeling you guys are really going to like the next chapter! Sorry if this one seemed kind of rushed and unimportant!