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"Son, my devices are not meant to feed your young, crazy fantasies."

Dib groaned before looking down at his communicator again. "Dad, this isn't a fantasy! I'm really in space!" He hushed his voice as he hid behind a wall. Two Irkens passed by, oblivious to his presence. "I'm on an alien vessel," Dib whispered, trying to show his Dad his space suit through the tiny screen.

"Where on Earth did you get that?" Membrane asked.

"Not on Earth, from the Vesen's Voot I stole. There was one in the back. How lucky am I?" Dib asked with a smile.

"Diiiiiiib, haven't I ever taught you that stealing is wrong?"

"Dad, we have bigger issues here! I'm going to take out this ship and I need your help! It's the only way to save Gaz!"

"And what's wrong with her again?"

"She's been kidnapped by Zim! He manipulated her into trusting him, and then he took her to his planet-or ship or whatever- and then he brainwashed her into kissing him!"

"Wow, I'm surprised your sister agreed to go along with your little game, let alone to be the damsel in distress. "

"Dad, are you even listening to me? Your daughter made out with an alien!"

"Ho, ho, ho! Dib, your sister doesn't 'make out'. She must have been trying to bite him."

Dib rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Just go to my desk, get the DNA I have taped under my bed. go to the DNA changer thing-"

"You mean The Change of Life?"

"Fine, The Change of Life. Put an animal, I don't care what kind, inside. Then use the DNA and send the creature to me."

"Now how on Earth am I supposed to do that if you're in space?"

Dib bit his lower lip. He hadn't thought of that. "Uh..."

"I'm just kidding, son! Your father is a genius! I'll figure it out. Just send to me your communicator number and I'll do the rest."

Dib typed in the number and said, "Thanks Dad."

"Lucky you had that thing on you, huh son?"

Dib scoffed. "Dad, I never leave home without my communicator. That would be like leaving one of my kids at home!"




"...I'm hanging up now," Dib mumbled before signing off. He jumped as he heard thunderous cheers come from a room across the hall. Curious, the boy tip toed down the hall and pressed himself against the wall by the entrance. He looked up at the sign above the room, but was unable to tell what it read due to it being...alienese. He quietly peeked into the room to see what the ruckus was about.

Inside was a swarm of those green freaks cheering and clapping for...his sister?


"Gaz, stop! You must need a drink!" Zim cried as he watched his friend stuff another finipe X in her mouth. They were very common fruits on Irk, but they were dangerously spicy. Many times worse than any chilli pepper or salsa back on Earth, Zim had explained to his friend once they entered the cafeteria. It was impossible to have one without a drink nearby. Gaz, being who she was, accepted the challenge and was now on her 16th finipe X, without a single drop of a beverage.

"Just feed me another fruit, green one," Gaz demanded, holding out her small hand for another.

Zim winced before handing his friend another one. He didn't understand how she was doing this! He himself, the amazing Zim, couldn't have HALF of one of those things without something to wash it down! He was afraid she was going to keel over at any minute. But on the plus side, if she hadn't been popular before, she was certainly, as Earthling's say it, the Queen Bee now!

"You're mad, woman! MAAAAAD...I like that," Zim said in a husky voice.

The small girl gave him a subtle wink before tossing the fruit in her mouth.

The crowd let out another roar of applause. All were mesmerized by such a pain resistant alien.

Zim sent his friend a small smirk. "Watch this." He turned to the crowd. "Well everyone, that was fun, but Zim's partner needs her scary sleep, so she's going to have to leave you all here now."

The green man smiled as the crowd began to protest. "No human! You can't go yet!" one Irken shouted.

"Surely you can go further!" a female Irken wailed.

"You can't go to bed without your drink! You must need one eventually!" another shouted.

"C'mon, show us what you can do!" the crowd cheered in agreement with the one who spoke.

Gaz scoffed. "Easy crowd." These Irkens sure were easy to walk on...still, it felt nice being wanted by her peers for a change. "Alright, I can do another ten more."

The crowd again cheered in excitement.

"A-HEM!" The crowd turned to see that their Tallest had appeared on a platform that had risen from the cafeteria floor. Red had a very displeased look on his face while Purple looked like he was trying to hide a smile. "I see that you're all celebrating and throwing your praise...at someone who is NOT us. How nice," Red said through gritted teeth.

Zim bowed his head and clenched his right fist on his chest. "My Tallest! What an honor to have you join us lesser amazing Irkens here!"

Gaz rolled her eyes before sending Red a coy smile. "Yes Dear Tallest, won't you join us peasants? It really would be such an honor," she said in a mocking tone. Gaz was perfectly aware of the silent battle between her and the Red leader. Neither wanted the other to think they were more superior. Red knew she had no respect for him, and Gaz knew he didn't want her around. Both were determined to make the other feel inferior. And Gaz sure felt like she was winning.

Red sent her a fake, pleasant smile. "No thank you, Invader Gaz. I just ate."

Gaz stuck out her bottom lip in a mocking pout. "Aw, but you look so skinny. Come shove some of these yummy fruits down your throat."

Red chuckled. "How kind of you. Would you peel it for me?"

Gaz raised an eyebrow. "No, but I would be more than happy to shove it down your throat for you."

Red sneered and opened his mouth to retort before Zim said, "Zim will peel it for you, my Lord. Though I must admit, I don't know how it'll taste without its outer skin." It was apparent that the small man hadn't caught on to tension between his leader and friend.

"Actually," Purple but in. "We have a uh...gift for you, Invader Gaz."

Red's mood instantly brightened. "Oh, oh yes! Almost forgot why we came here."

Gaz made a rude noise. "'A gift'? For lil' ol' me?"

Zim's jaw dropped. "A GIFT? Gaz! Surely you must be bursting with honor...that you feel!" The crowd of Irkens nodded in agreement.

Red waved a claw. "Oh, it's just a little something that we've kept stored away for a couple of years. Consider it not just a gift from us, but from the Irken population in general."

"Especially Zim!" Purple quickly added.

Red nodded. "Yes, this is a gift from him too."

Gaz looked over at her friend."You got me a gift? When?"

Zim frowned. He didn't remember planning a gift or surprise with his Tallest...but he liked being responsible for making Gaz happy (even if it wasn't true) so he said, "Uh...s-sometime on the Voot."

Gaz shrugged at this. "Alright, let's see it."

Red snickered to himself before pressing a few buttons on his arm plate. "Here we go." In another instant, a huge tube began to descend from the ceiling, causing the swarm of Irkens to grin in excitement. Red gave a wicked smile as the tube landed beside him for everyone to see. "BOHOLD!" Red announced. "AN ADULT HUMAN SPECIMAN!"

"Oooooh!" the Irkens said in unison. They were all fascinated to see another of the mysterious human creatures. They all watched in wonder as it floated lifelessly in the liquid-filled tube. It obviously wouldn't perform any miracles like their new human invader, but it was certainly fascinating to look at.

However, Gaz had a much different reaction.

"WHAT?" she screamed in horror. Her heart raced as she took in the purple hair floating around the pale skin that was wrinkled from overexposure to the liquid in the tank. And the face...it was the face that was displayed on the nightstand by her bed. All those years thinking about her...all those years wondering exactly what happened to her...and now...she was here...she was...

"MOM!" Gaz screamed as she ran up to the tube. She breathed heavily as she placed her small hands on the glass that separated her from her mother. "MOM! MOM, OPEN YOUR EYES! IT'S ME, GAZ!"

Red gave her a pretend sympathetic look. "Oh I'm sorry Invader Gaz, I'm afraid this human who you call 'mom' was taken from Earth years ago by one of our invaders. Unfortunatly, she didn't survive teh abduction." Red placed a claw on the glass. "She looks just like you, Gaz. I hope you two didn't have a bond of any sorts." His voice indicated that was exactly what he hoped was going on.

Gaz slowly pressed her head against the glass as she felt tears run down her cheeks. "Mom," she whispered to herself. "You're here...you're here but you can't even talk to me!" This couldn't be happening. Really? THIS was the answer to the mystery of her mother's disappearance? She was taken by aliens? THESE aliens? Here was her mom...the one person who actually loved her...and she was now an art display for an alien race.

"Of course, experiments will need to be performed on your gift, Invader Gaz," Purple interrupted her thoughts. "I hope you don't mind."

Gaz's eyes snapped open as she grabbed the Purple leader's arm and yanked him down until he was eye level with her, causing the Irken group to gasp in horror. "You...will...not...TOUCH her!" Gaz hissed at the Tallest, her dark aura beginning to spill out of her.

"Oooh touchy," Red chuckled while holding his claws behind his back."Invader Gaz, what's wrong? You're shaking, my dear."

Gaz glared hatefully at the smug Irken while Purple straightened himself out. "Yeah Gaz," Purple said. "Please explain to us. We don't understand what your human body signals mean."

Gaz growled as her tears continued to flow. She listened with hatred in her heart as the Irkens began to question her.

"Invader Gaz, what's wrong?"

"Why are your eyes leaking?"

"Don't you like the gift the Tallest got you?"

"Invader Gaz, why won't you let us experiment on her? We want to know what her insides look like!"

Idiots, Gaz thought nastily to herself as her dark aura grew. They're all idiots... Oh how she wanted to doom them all. They all deserved to die. Treating her..mother...as a lab rat. She wanted to rip them all limb from limb...but she couldn't. With her burning rage came too much sorrow...she could hardly breath, her chest hurt so bad. For some reason, she felt so...batrayed. But why?

Suddenly, her eyes snapped over to Zim, who hadn't said a word since the reveal. He had a horrified look on his face, and his mouth opened and closed as if he was trying to find something to say. Finally his ruby eyes met hers, and she allowed him to take in the hurt and heartbreak etched over her face.

Finally, unable to take in the sight of another alien, she sprinted out the room, ignoring her friend's desperate cries for her to come back.

Dib somehow found the strength to press himself against the wall as his sister stormed out with Zim following close behind her. He didn't move again for another three minutes. He felt like the was going to vomit. He wanted to vomit.

He clenched his teeth as he felt his hatred for Zim and his entire race reach its peek. He wanted to scream. He wanted to kick the wall. He wanted to beet his fists. But most of all, he just wanted this entire race dead. He wanted Zim to be dead.

Oh, he always knew his mother had been abducted by aliens. Call it a strong hunch if you will. But he had no idea that Zim's race...his mother was floating lifelessly in room right next to him...all because of that alien's heartless people. Dib squeezed his eyes shut as he felt tears begin to spill from his cheeks.

And what's worse is Zim had known. He had said that he had helped with the 'surprise'. Dib felt his blood boil with infuriation. Zim had teased his sister. He said he was going to help find her, and he knew she was dead and on his planet all along! He had manipulated her, used her, betrayed her, and played her as a fool.

Snarling, Dib got to his feet and stared down the hall the duo had ran through. "You're dead, alien." His eyes drifted over towards the right hallway. "Now where do you freaks keep your weapons?"

"GAZ! Gaz, Gaz, Gaz, Gaz, Gaz, Gaz, GAZ!"

The human girl finally stopped running so the alien could catch up with her. She kept her back facing him, even as she heard him struggle to catch his breath.

"Hah...hah...y'know...I never have to worry about getting out of shape with you Membrane humans," Zim huffed.

Gaz tried to stop the tears from flowing down her face. The last thing she needed was for him to see her in an emotionally wrecked state. No one was allowed to see her this way. Not even him.

Especially not him.

She winced as she felt a claw rest on her shoulder. "Gaz, listen-"

"How long?" Gaz finally spit out.

Zim was confused. "W-What?"

Gaz suddenly snapped her body around, her dark aura crackling around her. "HOW LONG DID YOU KNOW THEY HAD HER?"

Zim winced before waving his claws frantically. "Gaz, you are misunderstanding this situation!"

Gaz cringed as more tears dripped off her cheeks. "You MORON! These are your LEADERS! How could you not know they had my mother dead and trapped like some kind of animal?"

"The Tallest never told us!" Zim tried to reason with her.

But Gaz wasn't listening. She was too blinded by her rage and grief to see Zim had been played just as she had. "So what was all that before, huh? 'She could be alive out there', 'I'll-I'll help you find her', what sick game were you playing?"

Zim bit his lower lip. Here he was, once again feeling an emotion he never felt before: guilt. He felt awful that this had happened to his friend. He was just as stunned as she was to see a human descend from the ceiling. His shock, however, instantly turned to horror when he saw his friend call out to her and refer to her as 'mom'. Seeing these messy things that humans referred to as 'tears' run down his friend's face sent Zim into shock. When she had looked at him, so distraught and broken, he had wanted to kill the source of her pain. What worried him was the source of her pain was his leaders.

Gulping, Zim placed a claw on his friend's shoulder. "Gaz-"

Angrily, the goth swat his claw off her shoulder. "Don't you touch me."

"Gaz, I swear I didn't know!" Zim cried. "I know what I said back there, but you know I'm as honest as a children's story puppet!"

Gaz glared at him. "Then why did you say you knew what they had?"

Zim shrugged. "I liked the idea of having a gift for you. The Tallest called me out! I just went along! Honestly, I thought they were giving you a SIR unit or a sandwich or something!" Seeing that his words were having no effect in healing the girl's emotional wounds, Zim said in a firm tone, "Gaz. It was not my intention to hurt you. I swear on my people-"

"Don't even mention those idiots to me," Gaz hissed.

Zim's eyes widened. Now his concern was turning to anger. "I beg your pardon?"

Gaz glared at the Irken. "You heard me. Didn't you hear them back there? Talking about my mom like she ws some kind frog you find in the science lab?"

Zim was quiet for a minute before shrugging his shoulders."Well, technically to them, that's exactly was she is."

Gaz's eyes widened in shock at his words. Snarling, she turned around, giving Zim her back. "Wow Zim...wow."

Zim frowned at her cold refusal to look at him. "You think your race is any better? I can guarantee you if I was in one of those tanks, your people wouldn't even bother asking another Irken's permission to do experiments, they would get started and be finished by your Earthling dinner time!"

"I know that, that's not the point!" Gaz shouted, turning back around to face him. "The point is your people KILLED. MY. MOM. And those stupid Irkens-"

"I am an Irken, Gaz," Zim harshly reminded her. "You might want to remember that as you dish insults to them."

Gaz scoffed at him. "Oh great, so not only are you crazy and loud, but you're a hypocrite now too."

"Why are you angry with me?" Zim snapped. "I told you I didn't know they had her!"

"I don't believe you, Zim!" Gaz snapped back.

"...Why not?" Zim said, a note of hurt in his voice. They were friends...wasn't trust an igredient in the friendship formula?

Gaz, not having a good enough answer, simply growled and kicked the nearest wall. "Those Tallest...that stupid Red...they planned this...they actually-"

"They obviously didn't know she would have such value to you. They thought you would like the fact she resembles you so much."

Gaz paused. Her right eye twitched a bit. No...surely he hadn't...Spinning around to face Zim again, the human girl grabbed the Irken by the front of the shirt and screamed, "YOU'RE STILL DEFENDING THOSE FREAKS? AFTER WHAT THEY JUST DID TO ME? ZIM THEY DID THIS TO HURT ME!"

"My Tallest respect you!" Zim cried, beyond fed up with this conversation. "They wanted you to feel at home, so they showed-"

"Oh I can't take this!" Gaz cried, releasing him. "Zim, how stupid can you be? Do you honestly think they like me? Or you, for that matter? All they care about is themselves! They already tried to kill me with that monster, and when that didn't work, they decided to hurt me with my mother! Not that you can care, since you've been blinded by foolish adoration! You need to open your eyes Zim, and see the cold, hard truth: They HATE you! They care nothing for you! They're using you as a pawn for their sick enjoyment! I'll bet you're not even really an invader-"


Gaz was stunned for a minute before a monstrous glare appeared on her face. She threw her hand back, ready to strike the Irken across the face. Zim winced and braced for impact.

But the pain never came.

Zim hesitantly opened his eyes to find Gaz lowering her small hand. Her flames had died down, and her tears had stopped. She was back to her cold, emotionless self. The only that gave hint to her outburst a minute ago was the small, sad frown on her face.

Zim blinked. "Uh...Gaz?"

"...I'm going home, Zim," she finally said.

Zim was startled by this."W-What?"

Gaz shook her head slowly. "I...I don't belong here, Zim. Just...just tell your Tallest I had to go cover some work back on Earth. Make them believe we're still... I...I just can't do this alien stuff anymore..."

Zim was silent for the longest time. His face looked like he was having an inner war with himself. Finally he said under his breath, "Fine. You'll find some Voots around that corner."

Gaz winced, hurt that he hadn't even tried to say anything to keep her there. Maybe she really had just been a means to an end all along. She sighed. "Well then, good-bye. Tell GIR that-"

But Zim had already turned and left before she could finish her sentence.

So eager to get rid of me, huh? Gaz thought bitterly as she felt a new wave of tears form in her eyes. She held them back though, for the sake of her pride. If he wasn't even going to blink at the thought of her leaving, she wasn't going to shed one tear for that selfish alien. As she turned to leave, she kept chanting in her head the words she had chanted all her life.

I don't need anyone...I can take care of myself...No one deserves my tears...I need no one...


...Zim, how dare you make me care for you as much as I did?

Stupid, stupid, stupid...STUPID EVERYTHING! Zim screamed in his head as he marched down the hallway. He had to bite his lip to prevent himself from punching the wall. He was infuriated. Infuriated with Gaz, the Tallest...and even himself.

He didn't want her to go. He had wanted her to stay with his people...with him. But his pride would not allow him to beg for her to stay. He wouldn't beg...he could go back to life without her...it's not like she had become essential to his life or anything...

Stupid Gaz...how could she not believe me? How dare she say those things about my race! BAH! I should've known she wasn't eligible to be my partner. She's a human, and humans are ALL emotional messes!

Zim took this moment to stomp his feet repeatedly to push out his anger. It was sad really. He knew how to vent out anger and fury. Stomp your feet, yell, kick a wall, punish your robots. But what was he supposed to do to heal the strange pain in his chest? The pain he only seemed to feel when he couldn't see Gaz.

Zim growled to himself. Why did this have to happen? Everything was going so well! He really liked having her with him...he loved it even. He was happy. She was happy. So why did everything have to fall apart? They were getting along so well!

Zim gently fingered his lips as he recalled what had transpired between them only an hour before. They were getting along very well indeed...

Suddenly all the anger Zim felt towards Gaz disappeared. No longer was she the focus of his hatred and fury. Emotions were her weakness, just as water and grease was to him. Her emotions had been severely damaged and she had become a wreck afterwards. She didn't deserve his anger...no, his anger belonged to the ones who had damaged his human in the first place!

His mind going blank from any thoughts other than confrontation, Zim ran the rest of the way to the cafeteria, where his Tallest were still showing off their prize and answering questions.

Red was the first to notice Zim's presence. "Ah Zim, what are you-"


The room got quiet as all eyes turne Zim. Everyone watched in shock as the anger from the invader seemed to roll off him in waves. Finally, Purple spoke up, "Uh, what are you-"

"Why did you show her this?" Zim growled as walked over towards the case that held Tif Membrane. "What did you hope to gain?"

Purple put on a pretend apologetic look. "Gosh Zim, we were only trying to surprise her. How were we supposed to know they knew each other?"

"Because they look like CLONES!" Zim growled. Deep down, he knew Gaz had been right. His Tallest had done what they did out of pure spite. "Why did you do this? I know you showed her this to hurt her, but WHY? Why did you want to hurt my partner?"

Purple was about to put on another act, but Red placed a claw on his shoulder. "Okay Zim, you're right. We did this to hurt her. We wanted to break her little Earthling emotions."

Zim snarled. "And WHY did you decide to do that?"

Red simply shrugged. "'Cause we didn't like her." He turned to another invader. "Hey, can you go fetch me some donuts?"

Zim was shocked. "Ju-wha-you-ge, is that all you have to say for yourself?" he stuttered.

Here Red glared. "What do you mean 'say for ourselves'?"

Zim returned the glare with equal fervor. "You need to find a way to make this up to Gaz."

"You are forgetting your place Zim!" Red warned.

"Do you think you can just get away with this?"

"And what are YOU going to do make sure we don't?"

A heavy pause fell between the two. Zim felt himself deflate. His mind was beginning to clear up. Who was he kidding? These were his Tallest. They were evil and manipulative, but they were his leaders. What could he possibly do to even touch them? "Nothing...my Tallest."

Red studied him before giving a smug smile. "That's what I thought." He turned back to the invader he had begun speaking to before. "Now about those donuts..."

Zim sighed as his Tallest turned around, forgetting he was there. What was he supposed to do now? Gaz was going to leave...she was actually going to leave him.


Zim turned to see GIR standing behind him with a sad look on his face. "Where on Irk have you been?"

"Daddy...where's Mommy?" the small bot asked, rubbing his eyes.

Zim sighed in defeat. "She's...she's upset GIR." He didn't even bother to correct the SIR unit for calling Gaz his mom.

"Is she gonna leave us?"

Zim paused at this. Now that his mind was no longer clouded by anger, Zim was able to think about what would happen if she left. This girl was his friend...his best friend...maybe she was even more than that. She understood him. She usually didn't agree with him, but she understood him. They both shared similar views of the world, and both had a dark sense of humor that the other could relate to. Added to that, she was loyal to him. Not mindlessly like GIR, but if he needed her, she'd be there for him. She was a true companion in every sense of the word.

A determined look crossed the Irken's face. No way was he letting this girl go. Although she would probably deny it if he said it to her, but she was his Gaz. He cared about her, and he was no longer ashamed by it. Gaz was amazing. Who wouldn't care about her after spending a week with her? She could charm anyone with her frightening personality and lovely looks. Even an awesome, fantastic, unbelievably handsome genius such as himself couldn't resist her! He may be superior to all in every way, but he was still a man.


"No GIR," Zim said in a serious tone. "She's not leaving us." With that, he quickly ran down the path he had taken to get to the cafeteria. "Stay here GIR!"

"Daddy, where you going?" the small bot called.

"To get Mommy back!" Zim called over his shoulder.

Gaz sighed heavily as she sat against the wall. Her Gameslave was in her hands, but she had yet to turn it on. She didn't know why she hadn't gotten on the Voot yet. Or why she kept replaying her fight with Zim over and over again in her head.

Just get on the stupid ship and go home! Just forget everything that happened this past week and go home, she thought to herself as she gently fingered the controls on her game. It was unbelievable, really. She had her game in her hands, but her mind was stuck on her green companion. How she had actually restrained herself from hitting him. How deeply his words had hurt her.

...Though to be fair, she did kind of start it. She knew Zim had nothing to do with her mother's death, and was it so hard to believe that the Tallest had kept her a secret from Zim? Heck, even the rest of the Irkens sounded shocked at what they saw.

She thought back to how even after what they did, the Tallest were still perfection in Zim's eyes. She should've expected it though. Zim thought his entire race was perfect. They could do no wrong in his eyes. Though it's not like Zim didn't care about what had happened to her. She saw the look of concern on his face. He understood that she was in pain and had wanted to find a way to make it better.

Gaz sighed and brought her legs up to her chest. As much as it killed her to admit it, she had made a mistake. She took her anger out on the wrong Irken. She had been completely unfair to the only friend she ever had. A small smile appeared on her face. Hah. Now she actually cared about being fair.

Gaz stood up and began to make her way through the hallway. She wasn't sure she'd be able to apologize, but she would definitely need to talk to him again. A million thoughts raced through her head. Could she stay here? Knowing that her mother was a test subject now? Knowing that she was a zoo exhibit for these people?

...Yes. If she could be with Zim, she would stomach this horrible race. But they were NOT keeping her mom. She would steal her body away and put it somewhere she could rest in peace.

The girl stopped in her tracks as a bright light shined behind her. She quickly turned her head to see what was the source. Her eyes bulged our of their sockets at what she saw. "You..."

"Ta-daaaaa! I think you and your friend have seriously underestimated my sneaking ability."

Gaz slowly backed away from the crab-like alien. "V-Vixen." Here she growled. "Why can't you just leave me alone?"

Vixen pulled out a gun and pointed it at the small girl. "Simple. This gun. It doesn't work. My weapons. They don't work. I need your aura to make it work." Vixen glanced at his surroundings. "And I see your little celery-stick isn't here to help you out this time. Pity."

Gaz shook her head in disbelief. "How did you even get here?"

Vixen shrugged his shoulders. "Simple, once I saw you two take off, I had my men send over our mother ship. We boarded it and followed you two. Surprised you didn't see us, really. We then staked out this Irken Vessel until we could catch you alone. Then I beamed down here to come fetch you. Now, here I am."

Gaz frowned. "Seems like a lot of work done in 24 hours."

"You're not the only one who's on the jetstream plan," Vixen said. He extended a claw. "But enough about that, time to get my source."

Gaz flared up her dark aura, ready to rip the creep apart. Her anger almost faltered however, when a dark smile crossed VIxen's face. "Why thank you," he said. "That was just enough dark energy to give my weapon here a little juice." He then pointed the gun at the small girl...


Zim's eyes widened at the teeth-shattering boom at the end of the hallway. Oh no...I hope Gaz didn't destroy a Voot out of anger! The small alien quickly ran the rest of the way to the hallway, hoping to stop Gaz before she caused any more destruction.

When he saw what was at the end, he instantly wished for a thousand broken Voots.

Vixen chuckled darkly as he picked up the unconscience, injured Gaz from the floor, holding her in his left arm like a baby. "Finally...Baby Gaz is coming home..."

Zim's ruby eyes flared up. "Get your filthy hands and claws off of her!"

Vixen's eyes snapped up to the quickly approaching Irken. "Oh no, you...Vivin! Beam me up!" The Vesen leader had just enough time to give Zim a smug smile before he was beamed through the Irken vessel and into his own ship.

Zim, who had leapt at Vixen before he disappeared, crashed into the ground. HIs eyes were now staring at the empty spot where Vixen and Gaz had been. Gaz.

Vixen had taken his Gaz!

Instantly the Irken was back on his feet. "NO!" Zim cried. He began to panic. There was no way to follow the crab-like alien. "DON'T TAKE HER! TAKE HER BROTHER! THERE HAS TO BE SOME POWER SOURCE IN THAT FAT HEAD OF HIS!" The green invader wasn't surprised when he didn't get a response. Zim cried out as he tugged on his antennas. "Sweet Irk...she's gone...what am I going to do?"


ZIm pouted to himself. "Well I don't see how that's going to...wait-"


Zim winced as he felt something heavy land on him and something cold pressed against his forehead. He quickly opened his eyes to find...quiet possibly the last person he was expecting to see at the moment.


Dib gave a wicked laugh as he pressed the laser further into the invader's forehead. "Yesssss Zim, it's me!"

Zim took a moment to process what was going on before glaring at the human. "How on Irk did you get on this vessel? And steal one of our weapons? And get that really cool looking space suit?"

But Dib only laughed maniacally in response. "You gonna die now Zim...you gonna die and I gonna like it...me enjoy this big..."

Now Zim was starting to get uncomfortable. "Um...Dib-human? Are you okay?"

Foam started to form in the boy's mouth. "Nooooo...what makes you say that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Oooookay, you're freaking me out now," Zim murmured.. He gently placed a claw on Dib's shoulder. "Zim is just going to put you on a Voot and take you to a place full of ponies and asteroids. It'll be fun."

Dib angrily swatted Zim's claw away. "You kissed mah sister...and you killed mah momma...YOU NO LONGER LIIIIIVVVVI-"


Dib blinked, stunned from the sudden slap across the face. He blinked four more times before staring down at the alien he was on top of. "...Zim?" he finally said.

Zim gave him a mocking concerned look. "Come back to me, big-headed human."

Dib took a moment process what had happened to him in the past ten minutes. The last thing he remembered was crying over the fate of his mother...and then the next thing he knew, he was sitting on top of Zim with a gun pressed towards his forehead.

...Honestly, not a bad position to wake up to.

"What happened to me?" Dib asked, mostly to himself.

Zim answered anyway. "I think you kind of went crazy...er."

Dib snapped out of his musings and looked down at the Irken. "Zim...you kissed my sister! And you killed my mom!" He got ready to pull the trigger. "YOU NO LONGER LIIII-"

"Oh get off me!" Zim cried as he pushed the human off him. He quickly got to his feet and brushed himself off. "I didn't kill your mother-unit. Someone else from my race did."

Dib growled. "You-"

"And I didn't know!" Zim cut him off.

"You hurt her Zim...you made her cry!" Dib snarled.

Much to the boy's surprise, Zim's face fell in what could only be described as defeat. "Yes...I know."

Dib was confused. He had expected Zim to be proud of himself, to gloat for tricking Gaz into thinking she had a friend. But instead, he actually looked...sad? "What-"

"But we have more important issues right now!" Zim cut him off. "Those things that YOU teamed up with just came in here and took her!"

Dib blinked. "Who, Gaz?"

"No, Ms. Bitters. YES GAZ YOU IDIOT!"

DIb scratched under his chin. "Yeah, now I remember. That Vixen guy tried to hurt her...so he came in here and took her?" he said. "You know that's two intruders in one night, right? You guys need to up the security in here."

"DIB-HUMAN!" Zim shouted. "Focus! Your sister was taken by that mutant crab-thing!"

"Was she taken..."Dib muttered to himself. He then sneered at the alien and pointed an accusing finger at him. "Or did YOU hand her over?"

"Oh for the love of-" Zim marched over to Dib and leaned in close to his face. "Listen, I'm evil, you know that. I still want to take over your planet. I still hate all humans. If we are ever being chased by zombies hungry for our flesh, you bet your Earthling rear I will trip you!" Here, he sighed. "But...when it comes to your sister...you don't need to worry your giant head. I...don't want to hurt her. Emotionally or physically."

Dib was stunned by this. Zim was actually...trying to put his mind at ease? Who was this guy? Was this part of his evil plan to...to do what actually? Grr, it didn't make any sense! "How do I know you didn't kill my mom? How do I know I can trust you around my sister?"

"Because I'm going to rescue her!" Zim declared. "This is their home base, so I'm going to get my Tallest to send out our best invaders, and we're going to stop those Vesen once and for all!"

Dib shook his head in disbelief. There was no way this was the same alien he had been trying to defeat for the past four years. Here he was, announcing that he was going to get his people to help him defeat the Vesen army. And for no other reason than to save his sister? "You can't be serious."

Zim glared. "You want to know how serious I am? While I'm here thinking up a plan to save Gaz, you're busy going on about how untrustworthy I am. Now, I'm willing to put our rivalry and hatred for one another aside for Gaz's sake. So..." Zim shuddered before continuing. "I want you to come with me. You worked with Vixen for a short time, you must know some of his secrets. If we work...eck...together, and with the aid of my people, we can destroy this race and get your sister-who by the way he's planning on killing-to safety. So...what do you say?"

Dib paused before saying, "I hate it when we have to work together...but, for my sister...I will help you." He extended his hand. "For Gaz?"

Zim stared at the hand before rolling his eyes and reluctantly shaking his hand. "For Gaz." He made his way down the hallway. "Now come, we must report to my Tallest. Sweet Irk! I can't tell you how many times I've went up and down this hallway tonight!"

"Wait!" Dib called. "I still have one more question!"


"Why do you care what happens to Gaz?" Dib asked.

Zim took a long pause before sighing. "If I tell you, will you just do what I say and stop asking questions?"


Zim groaned before looking down at his boots, a look of annoyance etched across his face. "I...Gaz...isn't just...my partner okay? She's important...to me."

Dib's eyes widened. "Wait...are you saying you care about her?"

"Sssshhh!" Zim cried, waving his claws. "Do you want the whole Irken army to know?"

Dib shook his head in disbelief. Zim...Zim actually...no, no way. He wasn't capable! "Wait...so when you kissed my sister..."

"It was because I wanted to," Zim said, getting a little enjoyment out of how uncomfortable Dib was getting.

Dib's mouth dropped in horror. "Wait...so...are you and my sister dating?"

Zim blinked. "You mean are we love pigs? No...not yet anyway." Here he frowned a bit. "If she would forgive me for what happened..."

Dib shook his head, now dizzy with the information he had. "Let's...let's just talk to your leaders."

"No fight there," Zim said as they made their way down the hallway. He knew his Tallest didn't like Gaz, but hopefully they had enough respect for him to help out.

Dib turned to Zim. "By the way, I have pics of your vessel I want to show the government when this is over. Just a heads up."

Zim shrugged. "Go ahead. Everybody knows my secret now."

Dib stopped walking. "Wait...what?"

"Oh yeah, when you were knocked out, Vixen kinda blew my secret to everyone. I'm a wanted man on Earth."



"I've been trying to expose you for four years. I fall unconscience for a short time, and someone takes over the job for me...and suceeds."

"Pretty much."


"Dib! Dib-human! Now is not the time to faint in a girly manner! Get up!"

Yeaaaaaah, not too proud of this chapter. It almost feels a little rushed in some parts. It's funny,I have this scene running in my head for years, and when it finally comes time to write it down, I space out. Dontcha hate it when that happens? Well, if you guys liked my silly Wicked chapter, then hopefully you guys can like this one!



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