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Anyways this a one-shot from "Hot and Bothered", well, alterate ending for this episode. Obviously since it's rated M you can expect adulty type things (eg lemons and language...) so if you're not an adult or don't like lemons don't read this. Duh.
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Alone and Distressed

Cold stone lifeless eyes… that's all she could see. Blood pooling around gapping holes in his chest. Everything was playing in reverse. Then forward. It played in her head over and over again. The sounds of the gunshots pounding her head. The sound of the shells dropping to the cement floor. She had gone to debriefing then sent home until the paperwork could be submitted when the power came back on. So now she was sitting in her kitchen, in the dark, dripping with sweat and tears. Alone. She had a bottle of liquor next to her unopened. She had argued with herself all evening; was she really cut out for this? If she wanted to pursue this career, this would be the first of many more lives she'd take. She wasn't sure how long she'd been sitting there, and at the moment, she didn't care. A buzz vibrated the hardwood floor next to her; her cell phone ringing for the twentieth time since she'd gotten home. Everyone calling to check up on her. She hit the ignore button again and continued to stare at the wall. Then it started all over again.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on her front door.
She ignored it.
Then the doorbell rang. Repeatedly.

"Go away!" She yelled her voice cracking between sobs. The door opened and she could see a flashlight moving down her hallway. Then the light was blinding as it hit her in the face; she automatically raised her hands to block the glare. Then it dropped to the ground and she could see the silhouette behind the torch. Sam Swarek moved towards her until they were less then two feet apart; he standing, she sitting.

"Why haven't you been answering your phone? I've called you half a dozen times!" She rolled her eyes, still crying.

"I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not really in the mood for answering phone calls." Tears flowed down her face and he just stared at her for a minute. Then he turned off his flashlight and sat down beside her, sliding down the wall. He continued to watch as she cried, then hesitantly he placed an arm around her shoulder. She leaned into him and sobs racking her body. He pulled her closer into a hug and stroked her hair gently. After a few more minutes she found her voice again, albeit a scratchy one at that.

"I keep seeing it. Over and over. Like it's replaying in my head constantly. He's just…. staring at me…." Her voice broke again and she was shaking.

"I know…. It's always tough, but there was nothing else you could have done. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier; but I can't. Tonight nothing's going to happen to you. I promise." She nodded her head and her hair tousled his skin. Her lovely warm scent wafted towards him and he tried, as he had so many times before, to dampen his feelings for her. Every since she had busted his cover three months ago there had been something about her; something different. At first he had passed it off to her being someone new in the division. But as he grew to learn more about her, his affections grew too; he had hidden it pretty well under sarcasm and snide comments. Sometimes he would stare at her when he thought she wasn't looking; although she would turn occasionally catch him and fluster, bringing a slight pink tinge to her cheeks. He knew it was wrong for several reasons; he was her training officer, she was his rookie. She was untainted, unlike him. And she was with that playboy blonde Callahan. But all those things just made her so much more appealing to him.

Now as he held her, he replayed every reason why he couldn't be with her to suppress his feelings. Her crying had stopped, but there was a wet patch on his t-shirt where tears had fallen. He looked down at her to see her eyes shut, her breathing steady. Careful not to wake her, he bent down and placed a light kiss on her forehead before he started to scoop her up to bring to her bed. Before he could shift her weight into his arms he felt a hand reach around the back of his head and pull him back down. He was surprised when her lips found his, soft and inviting. He responded without thinking, kissing back until his brain kicked in ten seconds later.

"Andy-" She silenced him with another kiss, shaking her head vigorously.

"No more talking. I'm through with talking." Her hands moulded to the back of his neck and he snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her up so they were both standing; lips locked. His mouth moved feverously down her neck until he sucked the base of her throat, causing her knees to buckle. He trailed his lips up to her ear then to her collarbone, nipping roughly along the way. She moaned and pulled him closer; closing all the gaps between them. She could feel his hardness through his jeans and she sighed as she tore his shirt off revealing the toned body she craved underneath. Andy's palm drifted up his chiselled stomach to his peck muscles, playing with the small patch of hair there. He pushed her into the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Sam dragged her arms up above her head and yanked off her shirt, leaving her in just her white sports bra and pants.

Within seconds the bra and her jeans where on the ground; he remove his lips from her neck to carry her to her bedroom. He placed her back first onto her blue bedspread and he followed her, lowering himself on to her trailing hot kisses from her throat to her breasts. He cupped one and she groaned, grinding her hips against him. She lowered her hands and started to fumble with his zipper anxious to increase the friction. Sam helped her and soon he was in his grey boxer briefs; showing off his prominent hard-on. Andy mewed in anticipation and then her head swam as he devoured her breasts with new determination; sucking on one until it was a hard peak, switching from one to the other. Every action from him made her body wind tighter and tighter; then she nearly passed out when he ran his rough hands up the inside of her thigh to her wet black bikini panties. He cupped her mound and growled when he felt the moist fabric. Then they were gone; ripped off in one smooth motion. Sam slipped two fingers into her folds and she groaned as he stretched her, reaching for her clit. He started to hit the bundle of nerves and within no time at all she was clinging the bed sheets. He smirked and raised her arms together above her head restraining her movements.

"Let me do the honours." He said huskily as he kneaded her large breast and she moaned as he pumped his fingers faster. Then the wave hit and she started to convulse, pleasure rolling over her as she came. Sam continued to move his fingers until Andy slumped back into the bed, panting hard. He ran lazy kisses down her flat stomach, dipping his tongue into her belly button gently. She giggled at the tingle and rolled them over so she was on top of him. She could clearly feel his erection and shivers shot down her spine in anticipation. She started to end her fingers to the waistband of his briefs, playing with the elastic.

"Are you sure you want to do this Andy?" Sam asked, knowing that this was the only time he could possibly have the willpower to stop himself from taking this beautiful creature. She just laughed musically and leaned to press her lips to his ear, nibbling softly.

"I believe you are wearing too much clothing Officer Swarek." Andy whispered seductively; he grinned in response and without much more encouragement he kicked off his briefs. She shuddered when she saw his long length, desire building up again; she leaned down and captured him in a breathtaking kiss. Sam lifted himself onto an elbow pressing himself into the kiss with more force; wanting to take control but she wouldn't let him. Then she lowered herself onto him and it was his turn to gasp. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she just sat there, marvelling at his length; loving the way she felt full with him inside. Compared to Sam, Luke was nothing in size. The chemistry between her and Sam was thousand-fold, she wasn't sure why that was, but she would think about it later when she replay this night. Then she started to move slowly, up and down, side to side. Sam was now propped on both his elbows watching her ride him; her brown hair swaying, sticking to her hot sweaty body.

In all his life he had never met a women who was more beautiful, more terrifying and sexier all at one time. He had to concentrate hard to stop himself from coming; the slow pace was practically killing him; he thrust up and down increasing the pace and making her lovely breasts bounce. She moaned and splayed her palms against her mounds trying to relieve to building tension in her nipples. Sam grunted at the sight and knew she was teasing him; pushing him to his limits. He decided he couldn't take it anymore; in one swift movement he flipped her over and pulled all the way out. She growled with the loss of contact but was quickly revived when he thrust back in. Soon he was pumping faster and she dragged her nails up his strong pecks and down his back.

"Oh god Sam… fuck…. Harder!" she cried as he hit that spot that made her body quake. He leaned down and bit the base of her throat hard until a liht bruise formed then he repeated the same action up her neck.

"Come for me Andy…. Scream my name…" He groaned as he felt himself building; but no, he would make her come first. He pounded into her, feeling her wall grow tight, he knew she was close. He reached down and rubbed her clit with one hand and pinched her breast with the other; then she was gone, yelling his name over and over again. She clenched around his cock and that sent him over the edge too, spilling his seed into her. He continued to ride out her orgasm; she was flying as he thrust into her one last time then pulled out and collapsed to her side. They lay there gasping for breath in the sweltering heat. Sam leaned onto his side and kissed her jaw line. She smiled and tilted her head for a passionate kiss. He pulled back and rubbed her nose with his, grinning like a fool.

"You really are something else." He breathed, pecking breezy kisses down her neck, she giggled and grabbed a fistful of his dark hair to drag up again. She stared into his eyes, searching for something. "Is there something wrong?" Sam was suddenly worried that she regretted sleeping with him.

"You're just more than what I expected." She hesitated, on the brink of saying something; he nodded encouraging her to go on. She too leaned onto her side and looked away from his gaze, her words came out as a whisper. "Is this just a one-time thing?" Andy was worried; she wanted to know that it had meant something; otherwise it would ruin their partnership. He smiled and stroked her cheek.

"I sure hope not. I've waited too long for this to happen between us. I sincerely hope we can do this again. Many, many more times. Because I know I'm not done with you yet." She beamed and covered his mouth with hers briefly before she lay her head on his chest, twirling her finger in eccentric patterns on the plains of his chest muscles. Andy sighed while Sam rubbed her back gently. "What are you thinking?" He asked a few minutes later.

"I'm just thinking about what we're going to do about work." He furrowed his eyebrows in thought.

"Well I suggest we worry about work, when we get back to work on Monday. But right now we have an entire weekend to do nothing except stay in this bed." He laughed, sending vibrations through her body. She snuggled closer to him and he gripped her tighter; she yawned.

"Fine. We'll talk about Monday, on Monday." Andy's eyelids closed slowly and Sam looked down on her beautiful face as he watched sleep take over. He watched her mouth twitch into a satisfied smile. He kissed her forehead gently and lay on his back, trying to think of the weekend ahead and not of the foreboding Monday morning.

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