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I was in an unfamiliar dark place. Yet it somehow oddly felt as if I was here before. Furthermore I just couldn't let the feeling that something very important was associated with this place. As I looked

around, I realized that it was some kind of big city. Although I couldn't recall being in many cities, this one was clearly different from the others. The buildings rose as mighty titans thus letting you feel

very small and negligible. The whole place was sparkling an aura of coldness that just screamed to stay away from it. As if to prove my point there was a deadly silence and everything was surrounded in

unnatural cold. I couldn't see or sense any living beings at all. It was as if the city itself was dead.

Abruptly the silence was interrupted by laughter. I looked at the direction the sound came from and noticed a group of three. They were leaving a building with a large glowing sign on it. Strangely I

couldn't read what was on it. As they started getting closer I could see that the group consisted of a man and a woman both in their thirties. Between them was a little boy. The boy appeared to be around

eight years old. Apparently it was a very happy family. Out of the bits of their conversation I could determine that the boy was named Bruce. They had just watched something called "The mask of Zorro"

which Bruce eagerly talked about. I got a very bad feeling about this and a question popped up in my head. What were they doing here? No matter how you looked at it, they seemed out of place. It felt

as if they were illuminating, thus attracting all kind of attention from anyone or anything, that was lurking in the dark. Distracted by thought I didn't realize just how close they had got to me. Apparently

they hadn't noticed me either. Partly because of my dark outfit and just as much, that they were consumed in their own conversation. This gave me another reason for concern as to how careless of them

it was. I tried to evade them but by that time it was too late and in a moment we would bump in each other. However, now that I thought about it, it might not be that bad at all, because it could lead to a

conversation. Given that they didn't get scared away. Considering my clothes and the location, it would seem a natural reaction.

Surprisingly neither happened. They just went through me as if I or they never existed. Stunned I tried apprehending just what had happened. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't find any explanation.

Unless; this was not real and instead it was some kind of dream or illusion. By impulse I pinched my cheek and immediately could feel the slight pain. Confused I stood there in my own little world until I

was brought back to reality by a hoarse, venom voice. I turned around and saw a dark silhouette a few feet away from the family. Bruce got shielded by his mother while his father stepped forward

blocking for his wife and son.

"Thomas…" I heard the woman call out. The voice was low, passionate and full of concern; however, there was also something else. It was something I had seen countless times, although I can't recall

when or where. It was fear. She looked at Thomas and then at Bruce.

"Martha, don't worry too much. It's going to be fine, "

"Don't worry Bruce, nothing bad going to happen," she said with a soft serene voice reassuring him.

"Are you deaf? I said give me your money! That's unless you want something bad to happen," the man's voice came as shattering glass while he simultaneously was pointing some kind of object on them.

Thomas took slowly his purse and handed it to the man who violently snatched it. However, the man was not satisfied by it. He looked intense on the family with his narrow eyes until his sight fell on the

necklace Martha had.

The man aggressively demanded the necklace while his behavior drastically changing to a more violent one. Thomas was trying to calm the man but all in vain. Suddenly the man assaulted Martha;

however, Thomas intervened and was now trying to get the strange object out of the man's hand. The object seemed very familiar; however, like so many other things I didn't know how, but one thing

was clear though, whatever it was, it was giving me a very bad feeling.

My body had already begun moving towards them and in a few moments I would be able to help. To my surprise and horror nothing I tried was helping. Just like before my hands went through them

every time I tried to intervene. It seemed as if they couldn't hear me either, because whatever I said was completely ignored. Like the others I was left hopelessly watching the whole scenario unfold. It

was very frustrating. Abruptly I heard a click which instantly was accompanied by a deafening noise. Then it was as if time itself was drastically slowing down. I saw a small projectile making its way to

Thomas. It took just a moment to reach him but it felt like eternity and against all odds it gave me the slight hope that it never would reach him. At that moment it stroke me, what the object in his hand

was; it was a gun – a deadly weapon with the sole purpose of killing people.

It was very odd. I had just met this family and we hadn't even spoken to each other; however, it felt as if I knew them my whole life and I desperately wanted toprotect them. However, I wasn't able to

do that.

The projectile finally reached its target and dug a deep hole. Mesmerized I watched how moments later Thomas stopped struggling and fell. The blood was quickly draining from his body. I heard a scream

but from whom and why was long lost on me. As I was watching Thomas' last moments, it was as if a part of me was dying with him.

Suddenly the silence was once again interrupted by the deafening sound. As I slowly, afraid of what I would see, turned my gaze against where the sound came from, I saw the man. In one of his hands

he was holding the gun and you could glimpse the small amount of smoke, which was leaving it. While in the other hand, he had a piece of the necklace. Martha lay next to him, while the pool of her blood

was getting bigger. Pearls from her necklace rolled everywhere around her.

Then, there was Bruce. He sat on his knees next to his mother. Understandably he didn't look anything like the cheerful, full of life boy, who he was just a little while ago. Eyes full of tears he was trying in

vain to wake up his mother. The man lifted his gun once again, pointing it at Bruce. With heavy heart I was watching, waiting to see the inevitable fate of the boy. At that time Bruce lifted his head and

looked directly at the man, who had taken so much away from him and probably would take his life. However, there was no fear and instead it was full of anger and hate. Never had I thought, I would see

a glare like this and certainly not from a child. What was though even more disturbing, was that deep down behind all the anger and hate, there was relief. Bruce was welcoming death.

To my and Bruce's surprise the man didn't shoot and instead run away. I don't know why he ran away. It could be his conscience returned or he was afraid someone heard the noise, either way I was glad

he didn't shoot. Bruce in the other hand was anything but happy. It seemed like he was blaming himself for what had just occurred and he saw his own death as retribution. Not to mention as a chance to

reunite with his parents.

I don't know how he could blame himself for causing this. It made my hatred for the man responsible for this even greater. Even though Bruce had survived, it felt as if he was dead. Today he had lost

something very special and with it his happiness and joy. Not to mention that the guilt he felt right now, would most likely prevent him from gaining happiness in the future. I wanted to reassure him;

however, I couldn't. Not only because of the ghostly form I had, but also cause I simply didn't know how. Without realizing I kneeled down and hugged him. I don't know how long we've been there like

that and honestly I didn't care. I wanted to help this boy, somehow take some of his burden. Most likely this was not helping him in anyway, but this was the only thing I could do.

Suddenly there was a bright light and it was getting brighter. Everything around me was being consumed by it. It seemed as if they were dissolving. I closed my

eyes and when I opened them again, I was surprisingly in the cave.

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