The Doctor was working on the TARDIS and Rose was watching him. It was all together a typical afternoon in the TARDIS. The other kind of typical afternoon was them running for their lives being chased by something that wanted to, well harm them in some way.

Rose broke the silence that was filing the whole ship except for the continuous hum that the TARDIS produced night and day. "Have you ever thought about who would play you in a TV show or movie?"

"No have you?" he responded sounding like he thought that it was a stupid concept to begin with.

"No its kinda stupid, I know. But my mate Shireen used to talk about it all the time. I was thinking about it a little though and you look uncannily like David Tennant you know that?"

"What? No I don't, I do not don't be crazy!" He was looking like she was crazy to even think that.

"You do, I swear, you totally do!"

"I don't and that's final and you won't talk about it again"

A/N: That was stupid I know but I was bored and watching doctor who and wanted to write a fic. So there! I guess this is dedicated to Genevieve Evelyn for being a generally awesome person