Maura Isles stood completely still in her bathroom, staring at the trash can. Ever since she began to work with Jane Rizzoli, they had synced up. Months would come and go, but they always had been on the same schedule. Not anymore.

Storming through her house, Maura no longer cared if she woke up the woman she so normally focused her day around. Slamming the kitchen cabinet she took her cup and poured herself coffee, glaring down the hall at the bedroom every few seconds. Jane did three things with her time: she spent time with Maura, she worked, and she visited with her family on Sundays. In no way was there time for her to be syncing up with anyone else.

Trying to shake the thoughts from her head, Maura's hand suddenly flew to her mouth. Jane must be having an affair. "Working late," she growls, with all the ferocity of a lioness on the hunt. Grabbing her keys, she left her home slamming the front door loud enough to wake her normally unwakeable bedmate.


"Goodie," Jane said, listening to the front door slam. Waking up when she didn't have to was bad enough, but when that waking up involved her lovers temper, she knew it was going to be a bad day. Assuming the irritability was simply Maura's hormones, she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

She and Frankie had been working on fixing up the new house for the past few weeks. It was almost ready, but she didn't want Maura to know anything about it. So every night she was 'working late' and every morning she was trying to explain her latest excuse for needing to stay at work. Between lying to Maura and working her ass off, she was exhausted.

About twenty minutes later her phone began ringing. "Rizzoli," she mumbled. There had been no special ringtone, so she had to at least sound human.

"What the hell did you do?" Frankie hissed into the phone.

"What number are you calling me from?" she asked, rolling over and rubbing her eyes.

Frankie sighed, "I left my phone in the Morgue when I took your harpy of a girlfriend coffee this morning. There is no way I'm going back in there, until you fix this."

"Frankie, I don't know what you did to piss her off, but I haven't done anything. She's probably just in a bad mood," Jane explained. Her brother was a detective and he couldn't manage to figure out that sometimes girl's just get in those moods.

"Yeah, Jane, not this time. I figured it was that, but unless you're the cause of her cramps or she found out about the house I don't know why she'd be calling you a lying sleazing two faced-"

"Maura said that about me?" she sat up straight in bed, ready for a fight. She may be the more rational of the two when it came to hormones, but something was definitely up. Maura wouldn't be upset about a new house, the lying yes, but not the house. Something was up. "Okay, okay, steer clear and I'll be there in about an hour."