It was a caliginous night. The moon shone down onto the earth and I happened to be blinded by its beauty. The moon had such exquisite powers, surely to mesmerize any living soul. What I don't understand is how something is so virtuous, so perfect, and yet so real, happens to exist. This isn't reality, this is fairytales.


I was in complete peace with my mind, until my caring yet annoying mother barged in, rushing around picking up any dirty laundry that happened to be lying on the ground for no particular reason.

'Kari honey, dinner is ready!'

'Mum, I told you not to disturb me! Can't you see I'm sleeping?'

My mum, also known as Julianne Winter, is a mum that pretends to listen, but it ends up flying out of the other ear. Talking to her is like talking to a brick wall, only the brick wall doesn't wake you up!

'You need to eat young lady'

'And I also need to sleep. Besides I told you that I already ate, remember?'

'No Kari, I do not remember' She left, with a whole lot of dirty clothes, and leaving my door open behind her. Great!


My life wasn't so perfect. After my dad left, my mum and I were left with the house, and a few dollars. My mum more depressed than me, we eventually went back on track. I in high school and my mum employed at a bakery. I too had a job, at a fast food restaurant not too far from my school.


Today was national multicultural day. Our school had organised a mufti day for this event, and my friends and I have decided not to dress up for the 4th year running. Sometimes you get some students wearing flags on their back or jerseys of their country, but I never wasted money on that kind of stuff. What I usually wear is jeans and a top, no big dress up.

This weather was absolutely perfect for shorts and a shirt, so why not? It seemed like a good day coming, English for two periods and no Maths. I loved days like this, life seems worth living.