I never would want it to be this way. You know, the first time I lost my virginity. Maybe even my death, I expected my death to be at an old age or something. Not merely the case of careless drinking and stupidity!

I continued to walk at my pace across the snow, pretending they weren't coming. I was thinking of maybe acting retarded or something might lead them away, but I was too terrified to act on anything now. My body wouldn't work, but my mind raced on many thoughts. I looked down as I walked and I could feel their presence nearby.
"Hey beautiful, where are you going, babe!" One remarked.
"Yeah, how about a little fun?" The other one suggested.
They were beginning to crowd around me, all four of them. I was becoming restless and scared and I found it very hard to breathe.
The man with the rugged character had approached me in a different way, exploring my neckline and my shirt.
I screamed in terror. "Don't touch me!"
" I promise I won't hurt you babe, just let me!"
" We promise to all share darling", they all laughed at that comment and I started to imagine the worst of events.
"No, I'm not doing this for my benefit. I'm doing this for your benefit. I've got a disease of what you call phlenamonia". I was beginning to catch their attention in a way I could control. Phlenamonia – thank god for that fake word!
What are you a doctor? What the fuck is phlenamonia?"one said furiously.
"It's a rare disease that only 0.001% of the world has. The only way I can pass on his disease is with sexual intercourse".
"And what disease might this be?"
" I cannot go into direct sunlight. If I do, my skin burns and all the inside of my body begin to kill itself. That's why I am walking at this time of the day, less sunlight and also less people".
"Bill you think she is telling the truth?" one spoke. Bill had seemed to be the wise one of the four and also the reason why his rugged character best suited him.
"She's bullshitting! Hold her down guys, my turn first!"
One man drops the liquor bottle onto the ground and grabs my two arms and wraps them around my back, while the other two were grabbing my legs and lifting me up together and drifting me away slowly behind through the woods of bushes and trees. Bill rousingly walked behind me and began to take my clothing off.
In the midst of all this hassle, another black figure slowly started to get closer. I didn't want more company!
"STOP! Guys stop, haven't you ever seen this girl on the news before?" A man what appeared to be in his early 20's or late teens appeared from the bushes and confronted the four men. He was wearing a black coat and a jumper underneath with jeans and some nice white sneakers. His beanie had shadowed his eyes but his face had only shown his perfect nose and lightly big lips. His body figure seemed to be very toned but yet very thin. I was breath taken by such beauty.
The four men stopped and turned to look at the stranger.
"But Jake, she's lying! She doesn't have any sickness!" apparently my accusation of this stranger was wrong. Somehow he had a connection with them.
"Joel, she has been on the news. This sickness of hers is very rare and yet very lethal. I do study medicine at college. Don't go near her! She's not worth it!" All the four men slowly let go of me and hurryingly moved away from me.
"Brother thanks bro, what would we do without you?" Bill had grabbed Jakes hand, shook it and hugged him with his fist tucked into his hand. Whoever this guy was, he defiantly was no rapist. He saved my life! My virginity!

Jake had turned toward me and whispered in my ear, "Stay here, I will come and get you; first let me take care of these boys". My heart was pounding uncontrollably out of my chest. I had no air to breathe in let alone answer back. He left talking to the four men and they were soon out of sight.

It was unbelievable of what power this one man had on four other men. I was in utter confusion at this very moment and my head was still deciding whether or not to run or stay. But it was soon too late as that same figure appeared back into the bushes.
"Are you okay?" he said, holding out his hand to pick me up off the ground.
" Thank you so much. Just, how did you hear our conversation? I mean phlenamonia! Why didn't you stop it before they touched me?"
"I wasn't too far away. I went to buy some food for the boys and when I came back, I saw them talking to you. I hid behind the bushes just to see if they would do the right thing, but those boys are always under the influence of alcohol. I heard your story and decided to go along with it. I'm always there to support them, you aren't the first time."
"So what you just let them wander on their own or something? You let them do this to young girls?"
" No I didn't say that. I let them be themselves. They trust me. I stop these things from happening. Look I saved your life ok, that was the least I could do!"
" Thank you for that. I'm grateful really! I'm Kari by the way, your Jake right?"
" Yeah, you heard right. Look I got to get going. I'll catch you later sometime. Just make sure you don't ever walk out here alone again at this time ok?"
"Alright, thanks for everything seriously, you saved my life"
He waved and ran up out of the bush and onto the street, now nowhere to be found.


It took me another five minutes to reach my home, and I could tell my mother was worried. I walked in and found my mother on the couch anxious.
"Kari! Where have you been? Why didn't you call me? Where were you? She repeated.
"Mum mum, calm down, I'm here now okay? I just went to study at a friend's house and I was really tired so I fell asleep. I forgot to ring you and I just woke up. I'm sorry". She came over to me and hugged me. Thank the lord (if there was one) for Jake; my mum would be so distraught to have lost me. I walked upstairs into my room and dropped dead on top of my bed.


That night, all I thought about was him. I understand that I don't know anything about him, but wasn't a life worth thinking about if life was saved by that one?