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Summary: They made a mistake and now they need to get the real Boy Who Lived back, the only problem? Harry Potter disappeared into the Muggle world several years ago. Across the globe, the elite Ootori's 4th son looks strikingly like the missing Potter.

Warnings: Yaoi/slash, past mentions of child abuse, and OOC-ness.

Pairing: Mori/Harry

I dunno why I gave it the name 'Lullaby', my minds kind of gone blank :P. Enjoy~!


Tears ran down the small boy's cheeks as he cried softly, huddled up against the wall. "Ah, don't cry little one." A soft voice cooed while placing a hand on his shoulder. Startled, the child looked up into warm gray eyes that met his own green ones. The woman was beautiful; long bluish black hair that cascaded down her back in waves, a gentle smile on her lips, and unblemished milky white skin.

"E-excuse me?" He stuttered, unable to comprehend what the nice woman had said to him. Confusion spread across her delicate features for a moment, before being replaced by a smile.

"Hello, my name's Emi, what's yours?" She inquired in perfect English.

His eyes widened slightly as he replied, "H-Harry ma'am."

"Why are you crying, Harry?" Emi asked kindly.

Harry felt another onslaught of tears coming and hastily rubbed at his eyes as the tears came. "M-my family…" He sniffled. "They do-don't want me. I'm—I'm just a good for nothing f-freak." He broke down sobbing, burying his head into his arms. The nice lady would surely leave him now, now that she knew what he was. She probably didn't want to put up with a freak like him either.

"Well then, how would you like to come with me?" Emi asked a while later; after Harry was sure she had already gone. Harry's head snapped up surprised. A small flare of hope sparked within his emerald green eyes, overshadowed by fear of it just being a cruel joke. His family had played several jokes like this on him before and it only ever ended in disaster. They'd be nice to him for a while and then, just when he felt like maybe they might just love him like he always wanted them to, they would snatch it right back again.

"D-do you mean it?" He asked hopefully.

She smiled brilliantly. "Of course I do." Standing back up straight, she offered him her hand. Hesitantly, he placed his hand in hers and she pulled him to his feet. "Now, let's get you out of those ratty clothes, no son of mine is roaming around looking like a commoner. After that we'll get some proper food in you and take you home, so you can meet your new brothers and sister."

Harry was too overwhelmed by the sudden change in events to reply. He followed Emi in daze, all the while holding her hand as she led him out of the airport and to a limo that was waiting outside for them. Harry looked around the inside of the limo in awe as Emi explained to the driver that they would be going shopping.

Emi strode into her home with a newly groomed Harry in tow. Normally, she wouldn't make such rash decisions like this, but her heart had gone out to the small boy when she saw him crying in the airport. And she felt even more determined to make him hers when she learned of what his family had done to him and when she had seen the scars from the abuse he had suffered while they had gone shopping for clothes. He was such a beautiful and kind little boy, how could anyone do such a thing to him? She had half a mind to find that deplorable family of his and show them what happened when one crossed an Ootori.

Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down and resigned herself to getting to her husband's office. Yoshio was her only obstacle in adopting Harry, if she got his approval, the rest would be relatively easy. But, before going to Yoshio, she took Harry to the parlor so he could wait for her to finish.

"Now, you just wait here, Harry and I'll be back soon." Emi said sternly as she sat him down on the couch. "The bathroom is down the hall and to the right if you need to go, but other than that, please don't wander off." He nodded. "Good boy." Ruffling his hair, she set off for Yoshio's office.

Harry frowned, bored that he now had nothing to do. Today had turned out to be a blessing. Although his family had left him in this strange foreign country, he had met Emi who seemed to genuinely want him. Him, the freak who couldn't do anything right, and she wanted him. The thought made him feel warm and fuzzy inside. But, he knew from experience, that this could just as easily be taken away from him.

It felt like hours had passed since Emi had left and Harry could feel his eyelids growing heavy. Perhaps if he just laid down for a bit, she wouldn't mind. Lying down, Harry slowly drifted in and out of consciousness before finally succumbing to sleep. And that was how Emi found him later. Emi smiled fondly at the slumbering child as she walked over to him. She easily scooped him up into her arms and carried him out of the parlor. Yoshio stood outside, looking defeated.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Emi." He sighed, raking a hand through his dark locks. His eyes landed on the child in her arms and he frowned. He didn't particularly fancy adopting a child, but his wife sure could argue up a storm; there was no way he'd win against her.

"I do," she replied smiling. Kissing his cheek, she walked past him and carried Harry to his new room.

The room wasn't much, being only a guestroom, but she planned to rectify that in a few days time. All of the new clothes she had bought Harry that day had already been stored in the wardrobe and the bed had been made by the maids. Placing Harry on the bed, she went to the wardrobe and picked out some pajamas for him. She carefully undressed Harry and redressed him in the pajamas before tucking him into the bed.

Kissing his forehead, she whispered softly, "Sleep tight, little one."

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