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Chapter Two

Kyouya, who was still a bit hesitant on the subject of his new brother, made a valiant effort to at least except the younger boy into his life. It was annoying at times, especially since Harry was painfully shy and seemed to flinch at any physical contact or if someone spoke too loudly. On top of that, they didn't speak the same language, which made being around the younger boy all the more difficult. But, Kyouya kept his calm, constantly reminding himself that it wasn't Harry's fault and tried his hardest not to snap at the poor boy.

Harry's tutoring lessons greatly improved upon their communication with each other and little by little the two had become closer.


The six year old's eye twitched as he was rudely awakened from his peaceful sleep by someone jumping onto his bed with him. Slowly, he sat up, ready to give whoever had woken him hell. However, upon seeing that it was his youngest brother, his anger quelled. Still, he gave his excited looking brother a stern glare, stating clearly that he did not enjoy being woken up so early.

"Mite! Mite!"

Harry seemed to take no notice of the glare Kyouya was sending his way, instead he shoved a bunch of papers into Kyouya's face.

"Hai, hai..." Kyouya murmured patiently. Reaching over, he groped the bedside table for his glasses, while with his other hand he took the papers from his eager brother. Slipping on his glasses, he glanced over the official looking papers, his eyes widening at what he saw. They were Harry's adoption papers and they had been signed by both of his parents.

Looking up, he saw that Harry had tears running down his face and he was crying with a blinding smile on his face. Without a second thought, he pulled his now official brother into his arms and hugged him tightly. Harry sobbed heartily onto Kyouya's shoulder, and Kyouya dutifully ignored the tears that were now staining his pajamas. He watched over Harry's head as his parents stepped into his room, hovering by the door with smiles on their faces.

From what he could see, his mother was crying as well. He knew the adoption procedures had been a long grueling process, thanks to his father's influences it didn't take as long as it normally would've, but to Harry who had never known a loving family, it had been too long. But, it was finally over and Harry was officially apart of their family.

After a while, Harry finally pulled away, sniffling and rubbing futilely at his puffy eyes.

"Harry," their mother called softly as she walked over to them, effectively pulling the younger's attention to her. She began speaking in english, and Harry nodded in affirmative to whatever she had said. Harry quickly gave Kyouya another hug, before jumping off of the bed to join their mother. She smiled, gently taking his hand and leading him out of the room.

"You should get ready soon, Kyouya. We're going out to celebrate today as a family, so be sure to get down to the family room after your done." His father stated. Yoshio had been similar to Kyouya in how he regarded Harry, hesitant to accept the strange, not to mention foreign, boy into their family. But, somehow, Harry had managed to weed his way into the man's heart and Yoshio had slowly come to accept the fact that Harry was to become his fourth son. Kyouya also surmised it also had something to do with what had happened during Harry's physical by their family doctor. Whatever it was, it had brought his mother to tears and had strengthened his parent's measures to adopt Harry quickly. No one had informed Kyouya of what they had found and the first time he had asked, his mother nearly started crying so he didn't bother asking again.

Kyouya quickly dressed out of his pajamas and headed down to the bathroom to brush his hair and teeth. After finishing his morning rituals, he made his way to the family room where his father and Kazuhiko were already waiting.

"Ohayo, Kyouya." Kazuhiko greeted with a smile.

"Ohayo," Kyouya replied, offering a small smile of his own.

The next to arrive, surprisingly, was Hideki who was dragging a still very sleepy Fuyumi behind him. Hideki was usually worse off than Kyouya was in the morning, which was saying something, and Fuyumi liked to take her time getting ready in the morning for at least an hour, spending her time getting the maids to do her hair up in several different ways until she was happy with it and searching through the various outfits in her wardrobe.

"Ohayo, Hideki, Fuyumi," Kazuhiko greeted them as they plopped down onto the couch. Hideki mumbled back incoherently, while Fuyumi smiled tiredly back. Leaning against Hideki, Fuyumi's eyes drooped and she yawned behind her hand. Luckily for Fuyumi who was about to drop back off into sleep, their mother and Harry arrived.

Harry, whose eyes were still puffy and red from having cried, clutched on tightly to Emi's hand and stood a little behind his new mother with his head down. Emi gave the boy's hand a reassuring squeeze, before calling the rest of the family's attention to herself. Yoshio dutifully joined his wife at her side and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Everyone, your father and I have something to announce." Emi started and immediately everyone's attention was on them. "As of last night, Harry has officially become part of our family, so how about we give him a big, happy, Ootori welcome, ne?"

It only took a second for the news to sink into their sleep ridden heads, but as soon as it did Fuyumi squealed. Fuyumi scrambled from her place next to Hideki and rushed over to Harry to pull the smaller boy into her arms. Kazuhiko and Hideki followed her example, and gave Harry hugs as well. As he was being hugged, Harry broke down into tears once again and buried his head into Kazuhiko's shoulder.

Kyouya watched with a smile as Harry was spun around in Kazuhiko's arms, squealing happily. While he was watching the happy moment, he failed to notice his mother who had slipped away from Harry's side and was now sitting next to him.

"Why don't you join them, Kyouya?" Emi suggested. Kyouya hesitated by his mother's side, feeling those same doubts he had felt when he had first learned that Harry was to be his brother. Seeing them all so happy with Harry made him worry that perhaps he would be replaced. Guilt churned in his stomach from thinking bad of his little brother who was so sweet and wanted nothing more than to be loved, but still he was unable to completely let go of the little doubts in the back of his mind. "You know, this morning when we first told Harry that the papers had finally gone through, the first thing he wanted to do was tell you."

"Really?" Kyouya asked, his eyes wide.

"Un, your little brother truly loves you and already looks up to you." She stated. Then she nudged him in the side, her fingers darting out to tickle him a bit causing him to giggle. "Now get over there and celebrate with them."

Kyouya nodded, smiling, and jumped from his seat to go to Harry's side. A strange warmth lit up in his chest when Harry glanced up at him with his emerald green eyes and beamed up at him. He didn't know how he could have ever thought that there was ever a devious thought in his innocent little brother's head or that Harry planned to replace him. The resolve to protect his little brother was strengthened as he wrapped his arms around Harry's tiny body and hugged him tightly.

"Harry," Emi murmured as the two of them were sitting on the grass, watching as the others played. Harry had decided to take a breather for a moment and had come to sit by her under the tree. Kazuhiko had gathered Kyouya and Fuyumi together so that they could all gang up on Hideki. It was all very amusing to watch as they tackled Hideki to the ground, garnering a pout from the second oldest sibling.

Harry was content to just watch and curl up next to his mother, because after having spent a majority of the day doing many exciting things with his family had made him very tired indeed.


The mere word had warmth blossoming in his chest and made him feel elated. It was something he had never thought to imagine he would have. Never did he think a family would ever want him. The knowledge that this family wanted him was hard to take in. It had taken him long, hard months to come with the terms that they genuinely wanted him; showed with the constant reassurances and the patience that they exuded around him.

However, the doubts he had had festered within his mind. The lessons he had garnered from living with the Dursleys had taught him that nothing was ever this easy and that there was probably a catch. The niggling feeling that this was all just a big joke whispered insistently into his mind as he lay awake in bed some nights. And who was he to question it? Especially when it had a tendency to be right?

But, when he had been informed of the finalization of his adoption papers, any thoughts of doubt were cast aside, for then at least, and Harry allowed himself to feel the elation that he finally had a family. He didn't believe it would last though, if anything, they would grow bored with him and get rid of him, much like the Dursleys had. Until then, he was content to bask in the feeling of acceptance and enjoy his time there. Maybe if he was lucky, he would be proven wrong.

"Hm?" Harry hummed as he glanced up at his mother.

"How would you like to change your name?" She inquired, her warm brown eyes locking with his own green ones. "I mean, if you like your name you don't have to, but I think it would be a nice jumpstart in a new beginning for you. You can begin your new life with us, with a new home and a new name to boot. What do you say?"

"I can do that?" Harry asked quietly, his eyes wide.

"Of course you can, silly." She bopped him on the nose, causing his face to scrunch up. "But, of course, Yoshio and I get to decide what it will be in the end. So, what will it be?"

Harry pursed his lips as he thought about it. Nothing good had ever come from the name, 'Harry Potter'. His Aunt and Uncle had muttered, 'Potter', as if it had been a swear word and if they weren't calling him, 'boy' or 'freak', they called him, 'Potter'. Even Dudley had been taking it up as of late, now that his stupid oaf of a cousin could put together somewhat coherent sentences. 'Harry' didn't sound so nice either. He certainly wasn't hairy thank you very much.

"I think I'd like to have a different name," Harry murmured.


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Mite! Mite - Look! Look!

Hai, hai - Yes, yes

Ohayo - Good morning/Morngin'