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Chapter Four

"Aw, are you really going?"

Takumi chuckled as his best friend, Daisuke, whined. "Yeah, I'm really going." He said as he continued to pack his suitcase. Suddenly, the suitcase zipped closed just as he was about to put another shirt of his in. Turning, he cast a stern look at Daisuke who was pouting on the bed adjacent to his own.

"But why?" Daisuke asked when Takumi just went back to packing his things. "Why do you have to spend your last year going to a muggle school?"

"I don't have to, but I really want to." Takumi said. "All of my siblings went there and I kind of want to experience it myself. You're not angry are you?"

"Nah," Daisuke sighed. "It's going to be a boring year without you here to bother me—AH! HAHAHA!" He broke off, flopping onto the floor as he was struck with a tickling charm. "HAHA, I GIVE, I GIVE!" He laughed.

Takumi grinned, swiftly canceling the charm.

"Seriously though," Daisuke breathed as he got back up onto his bed. "Who am I going to hang out with while you're gone? It just won't be the same."

"Think of it as me giving you more time to suck face with Miharu." Takumi said as he puckered his lips and made smooching noises. Daisuke turned bright red and threw a pillow at him, causing Takumi to laugh. "Alright, alright, sorry. Anyways, I won't be gone long, just for a couple months. I'll be here for exams and for graduation."

"Fine, but I expect letters, young man."

"Yes, mother."

The two boys laughed as Takumi finished with the last of his packing. Takumi looked around the room he had shared with his friend for six years fondly. He was going to miss being here, but he was also excited to go to Ouran like his siblings before him.

When he had found out that he was a wizard, he had been terrified. He loved his family dearly and by then had accepted that they loved him back. But back then, when a representative of the school had informed him and his parents, the tiny doubts that had always managed to fester in the back of his mind had come to the forefront. He had stared, transfixed, as the man explained his magic and the strange world hidden right beneath their noses.

Coming to this school, instead of going to Ouran, had only further cemented the fact that he was different from his family. He guessed even after all these years, and the constance reassurances that he was loved no matter what, some part of him wanted that normality and the feeling that he belonged. Which was why, when he found out he could attend Ouran, he had jumped at the chance.

Takumi had kept up with both his magical studies and muggle studies as he was apart of both worlds and had no plans to disappear from either. He had strived to do the best that he could at his magical school, managing to get into the top ten of his class. Due to this, the school board agreed to allow him a year of self study, so long as he promised to keep up with the couple of assignments he would be sent each month and showed up for his exams.

He was excited to see what the supposedly "most prestigious school in Japan" had to offer. Takumi somehow doubted it could compare to the academy and its magic performing students, but he'd just have to wait and see.

After having said his goodbyes to his friends, Takumi portkeyed home only to be immediately engulfed in his mother's arms. Takumi hugged her back wholeheartedly, glad to be back home. Emi pulled back and smiled brightly at her youngest son, earning a grin in return.

"My, how you've grown." Emi stated.

"You always say that, and it hasn't been that long since I last saw you." Takumi said, smiling nonetheless.

"Oh, but you have. Look at you, all grown up, ready to take on the world." Emi sighed. "Where has the time gone, hm? You used to be as tall as my waist, now in a couple years, I'll be lucky if I'm as tall as yours." She giggled.

"I missed you, mom." Takumi chuckled as he shook his head fondly.

Grasping his hand, Emi led her son over to the sofa. On the coffee table was already a tray of tea set up for them. "So, I've arranged for you to go to Ouran tomorrow and get your classes scheduled. I've already informed you're brother that you're arriving." Emi explained as she prepared them both a cup of tea.

"But, mom, it was supposed to be a surprise." Takumi whined, accepting the tea his mother handed him graciously.

"I know, I know, but knowing your brother he would have found out anyway." Emi rolled her eyes. "He's got the headmaster's son wrapped around his little finger, if he didn't find out on his own, his friend would've told him. I just can't win with trying to surprise that boy." She smiled then. "Kyouya was very glad to hear that you'd be attending Ouran this year."

Takumi gave a little smile of his own at that. He couldn't wait to see his big brother and was excited to be spending his last year of schooling at Ouran.

The tension within the Potter's den was thick enough to cut it with a knife. The small family of three sat quietly, neither of them wanting to be the first to speak. Daniel stared at his parents, still unable to believe they had kept something like this from him. All this time, he had had a brother and no one had bothered to tell him.

His father looked solemn, while his mother looked close to a breakdown. Daniel could see the tears that welled in his mother's eyes and felt a bit guilty for causing his mother to cry, but at the same time, the betrayal he felt and the need to know overrode any guilt he might have felt.

James spared a glance at his wife, before facing his son. "Daniel, I know how you feel right now, but please understand, your mother and I never wanted to hurt you."

"Why did you keep this from me?" Daniel asked quietly.

James sighed as he ran a hand through his messy hair. "We felt, at the time, that it was for the best. We just wanted you to be happy."

"H-how did you lose him?"

A choked sob rose from his mother and by then, Daniel could feel his own eyes watering. "It happened on the night Voldemort came to kill you. We came back to find the house destroyed and you were the only one there. At first we had thought that Harry had died, but when we couldn't locate a body, we suspected that he might've been kidnapped." James replied. "We spent years and years searching for him, it wasn't until your mother tried contacting her sister again that we found out that they had somehow ended up with Harry and that they had abandoned him somewhere."

The rage Daniel saw in his father's eyes at that moment was unlike any he had ever seen. Hatred shone clearly in those hazel depths and Daniel found himself pitying the person of whom the hatred was directed to.

James sighed again, his expression changing to that of a broken man's. Daniel watched in shock as his strong, always smiling father broke down in front of him. Removing his glasses, James buried his face in his hands and began to cry along with his wife. Gulping, Daniel got up and swiftly left the room to give them their privacy. It was hard to see his parents like that and to have his whole perspective of them do a 360 like that.

Daniel needed time to himself, to think over what he had learned and to find out ways he could help to find his brother.

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