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I plumped down onto one of park benches lined across the sidewalk, stretching out my legs and pushing my sun-colored hair out of my face. Heaving a great sigh, I rested my head on the back of the seat. It was much to hot today and on top of that I had just had a big argument with Miku over who got to have the air conditioner in their room tonight. Of course, the snot had won by playing innocent with Meiko and I had got the consequence.

I counted the sky-trains that passed by half-heartedly as I sulked.

Why did everything have to happen to me? Well, yeah I have a bit of a temper and overreact at times, but I'm not rude, mean, or cruel or anything. I just felel that people don't understand me; me being staged as a drama-queen and such.

Another sky-train passed by.

"That's number 15," I said out loud.

As soon as I had finished my sentence, I sensed that someone was coming towards me. Looking across the park to an oak tree, I saw my twin leaning against it and beckoning to me.

Ughh… What did he want? Couldn't he see that I was still upset?

Giving up on trying to ignore him, I got up slowly from the bench, somehow managing to get my skirt caught in the process.

"Shit!" I twisted around and attempted to unhook it from the loose screw it had wrapped itself on. I tugged on it, maybe a bit too roughly, and felt the white fabric come off in my hand.

"Great. Just great," I mumbled savagely. "Now not only I am too hot, and feel like crap, but I have rip in my skirt. My freaking favourite skirt!"

In my anger, I didn't notice Len walking up behind me.

"Need some help?" he asked while trying-and failing-not to laugh.

I whirled around and shook the piece of skirt in his face.

"No! I do not want help! I want my completely undamaged skirt back!" I felt tears come to the corners of my eyes. No! I would not cry! Not in front of my brother!

I made way to dash into the dense park forest. But Len seized my wrist and pulled me into his arms.

That's when it happened.

I felt my heart tighten as he met my eyes. I felt like he was staring into my very soul. Why hadn't I noticed how blue his eyes were? How beautiful and handsome his face was?

'Because he's your brother,' a voice inside my head whispered.

Yeah he's my brother, my twin in fact, but that didn't change the fact that he was unbelievably attractive!

I almost swooned when his expression changed into a look of concern. He was so perfect, not even rage could break his angel-like features

"Rin, are you feeling okay? Your face is all flushed. Here, lemme' check your temperature."

I snapped back into reality when I realized that Len-the totally smoking' hot guy in front of me!-had his forehead pressed gently against mine. I could smell the faint hint of bananas on him and feel his breath on my cheeks.

My mind went blank.

My vision blurred.

That last thing I remembered was that I didn't hit the ground.