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"Rin! Rin!"

I kept calling her name, cradling her unconscious body in my arms. I removed one hand and started fanning her face, which was practically useless to create a breeze in the dry summer air.


I heard her mumble something but I couldn't make out what it was. I stopped my feeble attempts at fanning her sweat tinged face and leaned in closer.

"Ah… Len… no…." Rin moaned, her eyes squeezing tightly shut.

She was saying my name! But why? I had a sudden bout of curiosity to what she was dreaming about. I grazed my eyes over hers and stopped in shock. They were slightly open now and you could just see a sliver of blue.

But that sliver of color was what started a roaring fire in the pit of my stomach, awakening a long forbidden feeling from within.

I was attracted to her!

'Shit! She's my sister, my twin, God damnit! I can't feel this way about her!' I thought frantically. 'Oh hell, why does she have to be so damn beautiful?'

Rin was now stirring in her unconscious state, climbing a steady hill into the world of the awakened.

'Oh crap!'


I opened my eyes to the incredible scenery of a lush forest. The trees were in full bloom, a blanket of green that hugged the entire wood. It was not an ordinary forest, that I knew, for this was my happy place, my sanctuary.

I sat up quickly, ripped from my trance as I heard a twig snap due-west of my position. Who could it be? No one other than myself had ever came here.

"Rin," a familiar voice said.

I slowly turned my head in his direction. It was Len. How did he get here? He was supposed to be at the park where-

"Oh shit," I cursed at the wind. That's right, I had fainted. Because of him. Because of the way his closeness had affected me.

I felt my face turn bright red, so I snapped my gaze to the grass covered ground I sat on and tangled my fists in my yellow tank-top.

"W-what?" I stuttered stupidly. Crap! I couldn't let him know how I felt about him; it was a sick and twisted sin to like your sibling. To actually like them. Even sicker when they are your twin.

I felt, more than heard, him whisper seductively in my ear,

"I want you,"

I inhaled sharply. God knows I hadn't sensed him approach, let alone bend so close to my face that we were mere inches apart.

"W-what do y-you mean Len..?"

"I mean, that I want," he paused and gently took my chin between his forefinger and thumb, tilted it up and leaned in. "You."

His lips brushed softly against mine as he said that, sending shivers down my spine. This was not like him. The Len I knew was innocent, shy and humorous. Not seductive, smooth, nor dangerous.

But I couldn't say that I didn't enjoy this new Len.

He snaked his hand up the front of my shirt, lightly tapping away my hands, which had gotten themselves tangled up in the stretchy material.

He tickled my stomach, all the while his lips teased mine, never fully touching, depriving me of what I wanted.

Just as I thought I'd go insane, he finally did it, moving his mouth in a way where he had me moaning on his lips.

I felt my bottom lip being poked by his tongue and immediately complied; who wouldn't?

Our tongues struck up a fiery dance, and as our tastes mixed, I felt myself getting aroused. Then once again I was pleasured by his other hand as he moved it higher, grazing the bottom of my bra. I had grown a fair bit within the past two years, developing a chest, not as big and busty as Meiko's or Haku's, but large and plump enough to satisfy me.

Len groped my right breast through the fabric, emitting another loud moan from me.

"Ah… Len… no…"

He growled deeply, and slipped his hand within the white lacey bra, and pinched my nipple.

"Ah!" I gasped into his mouth, popping my eyes open wide. Hot bouts of electricity sent heavenly waves through my entire body.

This was bliss beyond bliss, and within a second it was destroyed.

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