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Chapter 1: Breaking of a Heart and a Fear Realized

Vivi Orunitia was a happy young man, yes you heard me right. He's a young man now of nineteen. Ten years ago he and his friends and family had save all of Gaia and the residents or Terra. Back then he was a short, clumsy child who tended to stutter a lot and just learning to believe in himself and his existence.

Now he was still clumsy and stuttered, but he knew who he was and that he existed and he was far from short. He was somewhere between Steiner's and Amarant's height and very slender. In fact he was quite gangly and thin.

They had all gained a place in their world and had all become very respected.

Baku, Marcus, Blank, and Cinna had become Cid's intelligence core. Marcus and Blank were actually in hiding from all the girls trying to date them. Poor guys.

Quina Quen ended up becoming a world renowned chef and coming up with dishes no one would imagine.

Freya Crescent became one of the top military advisors for the Burmecian king. Sir Fratley left again on another trip but this time to find his memories. Freya sent him off with a smile but she took it hard after he left. The whole gang made a special trip to Burmecia to cheer her up.

Adelbert Steiner and Beatrix were doing wonderful together and they were expecting their first child, or second depending on how looked at it. Vivi being only nine at the time didn't have anywhere to go or any path opened to him. Steiner solved that dilemma by asking Vivi if he would like him to adopt him. Needles to say he said he wouldn't want to be a burden on him and Steiner quickly stomped on that ideal with his weight and heavy armor until it was dust. He explained patiently to Vivi that he wouldn't be a burden and would actually be honored if he accepted. So he did and Beatrix was fine with it, in fact when they married she asked Vivi if it would be alright if she adopted him to for she adored the boy. They actually made a happy family and they were proud of the accomplishments that Vivi made over the years.

Vivi himself became the head magician and magic teacher. They found that lots of people in the military had the potential for it but never knew or never had the training for it. This made their army even stronger and more able to stand on their own without backup in the field. Dagger trained the ones versed in white magic while Vivi trained them in black magic. It was great.

Puck still ran off to see the world but he stuck with Sir Fratley and thanks to something Vivi developed he could still keep in contact with home and know if he had to return or not.

Zidane Tribal and Dagger were expecting their second child and were doing great. Garnet was a beloved queen and ruled her people well. With the help or Zidane, Alexandria was rebuilt and prospering beyond their wildest expectations. Not only did they have one of the strongest and most diversely skilled army in the world, they also were the world's epicenter for trade.

Dr. Tot took up his old position of a tutor again and teaches prince Garth. Everyone taught him somewhat while they were around but Dr. Tot was his main teacher.

Amarant Coral had surprised everyone by becoming the personal bodyguard to the princess of Lindblum willingly, especially considering the princess calls him Uncle Amarant. Truth be told he seems to enjoy it and he's found a new purpose in life.

Then there's Eiko Carol adopted princess of Lindblum and charge of Amarant. She just celebrated her sixteen not that long ago and was beloved by her new people. She had come from having nothing to practically everything and finally had what she always wanted, a family and friends and she was no longer alone.

Right now she was visiting Dagger and fussing over her enlarged belly. The baby shower was in four days and Eiko was helping set it up as well as attending it. She adored Garth when he was born and played with him any chance she got, even going so far as to happily change his dipper which Zidane couldn't do without a mask to block out the smell.

Vivi was actually looking forward to seeing her again. They were the youngest of the group and were only children so they naturally developed a bond and became best friends and stayed that way despite their new positions in life.

She was taller now but was slightly shorter than Dagger was at the moment. Both he and her were still growing so there was no knowing how tall either of them where really going to be. She had kept her hair the same over the years with the exception of her ribbon which she now ties around her wrist. Some officials thought she should get rid of it all together considering she's not a little girl anymore but she refused to do that. Mog gave that to her just like her Grandfather gave her her wings. They were items she would always have no mater what she was wearing and her adopted parents respected that. No one knew this but Lady Hilda kept a nearly tattered embroidered handkerchief up her sleeve at all times that her mother made her before she died when she was ten.

Eiko still wore a version of what she wore when they were younger even if she could wear a new dress everyday if she wanted to, in fact they all did. It was just more comfortable to wear when she didn't have to dress up. She was still herself despite what she gained.

Vivi was going to see her right now it was a surprise but that was the point. Besides what he wanted to ask her would be more surprising than the visit. He never told anyone but for years he had a crush on Eiko. He was hoping to ask her out on a date to watch the incoming play I Want To Be Your Canary since she never saw it and it was that play that set in motion the journey that lead them to her. He even got a bouquet off her favorite flowers Mage Bright. He just hoped she would say yes.

He was just about to turn the corner that lead to the hall where her room was when he heard her talking to someone.

"I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to I Want To Be Your Canary this coming performance as my date?"

"Of course I would love to accompany you Charles. Thank you for asking me."

Vivi's eyes widened as he heard that. She already had a date. Of course he should have known that someone else would ask her and that she would accept. He couldn't compete with anyone for her heart because he was just the best friend, but why did it hurt so much to hear that? He turned away dropping the flowers as he returned to his rooms in lower sprits than when he left.

After he was out of earshot.

"So you think May will say yes Eiko?"

"Of course she'll say yes she would be a fool not to want to go with you. Have some confidence."

"Thanks for letting me practice on you. You have no ideal how much of a help that has been."

"Well you helped me find the perfect gift for my 'friend'." Eiko stated as she looked down at the small bag in her hands with a smile.

"No problem but when am I going to met the fellow or at least figure out who it is if I've already met him."

"That depends on whether or not he accepts his gift."

"That's no fun." Sigh. "Well I got to go and ask May out. See ya."


As they part ways Vivi makes it to his room.

'I was a fool to think I would have a chance with her.' He thought as he sat on his bed thinking about what just happened and what he just about did. 'I feel cold and numb and everything seems cold.' He unconsciously reached up with his right hand to grip at his chest right above his heart. 'It hurts; it shouldn't hurt this much for such a trivial thing.' He goes to reach up with his other hand to take off his hat but finds his arm wont move. 'What?' He tries again and it still doesn't move, in fact he can feel the paralysis moving further into his shoulder and he starts to panic. Vivi jumps off his bed and starts to run to the door but as he reaches it the feeling disappears.

He sighs thinking it was a fluke but further investigation reveals that he can't feel or move two of his fingers. His eyes widen as he realizes that what is happening and doesn't know how to stop it. He quickly makes a decision to leave with no one the wiser. With that he turns to his room again and starts packing a few things.

He would leave tomorrow during the play that way no one would get suspicious of his disappearance for some time. He only regretted that he couldn't tell his friends, but that was the reason he was leaving so they didn't find out. Tomorrow he would be out of their lives.


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