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I'm going to warn you now. This chapter is not a Leneru . IS. RINERU. Why? Because one of my reviews commented that it was an interesting dynamic. Also, being the male writer that I am, yuri is sort, well, you know? Kind of like how Fujoshi love yaoi so much, yuri holds a special place in the hearts of us male Otaku. So if you're not into that whole thing, just try it. Otherwise, hit next chapter. Leave a review if you want to see more of this or never see it again.

Neru was never a particularly good student, but she didn't just let herself fail out of courses. However, 'not failing out' and 'paying attention throughout the year' are not the same thing.

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Final exams guys!1!1 I haven't sttudied at allllllllll?!'

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Final exams

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lolroflctprlmfao I cant belive that you wuld not even stud


Neru stopped typing and slammed her fist on the desk. Her finals were also next week. She also had not been studying.

"Haa. Why next week... It's already Saturday too..." Neru sighed.

She glanced at her phone. Maybe it's next week?


True enough. It was Sunday. She wondered briefly where Saturday went, as she had no recollection of it.

Tomorrow was the first of the exams. English and Japanese history. English was a middling subject for her, but Japanese history... Neru dug out her history textbook. She opened it for the second time that semester.

"Meiji* era... I wonder when that was... I'm pretty sure Edo is the old name for Toyko."

She was going to bomb history if she didn't work on it right this second. She put her fingers to the


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lolroflctprlmfao I cant belive that you wuld not even study. I remmbr when i was in high school, I got in the top 25% of my year. lolololol


She hit submit. Trolling always made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While she was still in high school, and there was no way that she would be in the top quarter, that idiot OP had no way of knowing.

"I guess I better close this up and get to work." Neru muttered to herself.

Japanese history was a fail no matter what she did. As for English...

"Ai amu purite dog. Aa yu purite dog tsu? Itsu mirakuru!"

Perfect. Her English was unbeatable. She would be able to walk around Los Angeles and they would never know she was foreign.

"Ai no mai Egao."

Neru decided not to bother with studying English. She could read and write it just as well as the poeple on *chyaan, and that was good enough for her.

"So, that means tomorrow is Physics and Japanese."

Neru always cheated on physics exams by writing the formulas on th sides of her fingers. She would be fine.

"Japanese it is then. I guess I'll check my kanji..."

People on *chyaan didn't use too many kanji, so she wasn't too good with the weird ones. She pulled out a set of flashcards that Haku had given her.




"What the hell!? These are all more than 20 strokes?"

She flipped the cards

Utsu – Gloom, depression

kan – mirror, take warning from

Kago, Komoru – Basket, devote oneself, coop, cage

"I actually knew the first one, I just didn't try to read it. Never seen anyone use kan for mirror. Everyone just writes kago in hiragana."

Neru sighed. It was going to be a long week. She reached for a pair of headphones.


She turned her head towards the door. Was it the door or her chair that made that noise.

"Whatever, I don't have time for this..."

Neru turned up her music and started to copy kanji from the cards.

"Hmm?" Neru glanced to the door again. She thought that she saw something moving in her peripheral vision. She figured it was just her imagination.

"I didn't know that one had a Chinese reading... So that's what people meant when they said that..." Neru continued to study her kanji.

Was the window open? She felt a little breeze on her hair. She had just began to rotate her chair towards the window when she felt someone lean their chest against her head and drape their arms amorously about her shoulders. The very brief moment of clarity one gets in unexpected situations like this was certainly a clear moment. She had time to make a pair of observations. The person's weight was small, so they were probably pretty small and easy to overpower. The person's chest was totally flat. They had to be male.

"KYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Neru did a roll thing to her right and under, slipping out from under the arms. She grabbed the wooden sword which she bought as a souvenir in Kyoto and pointed it at the foe.

"..." The foe was silent.

"... Rin?"

The foe breathed out.

"Gosh, Neru. I didn't think you would react like that." She was stunned, but only for a moment.

"Bwahahahahahaha! You pulled out that souvenir? That's hilarious!" Rin started her trademark routine of pointing and laughing.

"Idiot." Neru gave her a soft hit on the head.

Rin held her head and winced. "Aaahhhh, it hurts Neru... Won't you nurse me...?"

"I'm trying to study, Rin." Rin could get very serious when she wanted someone to play with. If she was deprived for too long, once she finally found a target, the play would be viscous. Everyone else had left a while ago for a vacation. Neru didn't want to go, and Rin was sick at the time. Neru had made sure to lock her door just in case Rin tried to pull something like this. But, evidently locks cannot restrain the power of a Rin deprived of play for several days.

"Okay, I get it, you won't nurse me." Rin pretended to look down. "But, can't you play with me for a few minutes?"

Neru frowned. "No."

Rin frowned widely. "Cheapskate."

Neru snorted, then turned back to her cards. Rin seemed to be just thinking for the moment.

"You don't mind if I just hang around in here, right? As long as I stay quiet."

Neru didn't like the undertone to Rin's voice, but her deal didn't sound bad. "Yeah, you can stay. Under one condition. You do not make a single sound."

"And what if I do make a sound?" Rin looked genuinely curious.

"I'll post every embarrassing moment you've ever had one the internet. Including that one of you struting around in your panties after drinking with Haku."

"P-please don't. I will stay perfectly quiet." Rin was scared. Really scared. Neru knew people who would make good use of material like that. "Hey, when did I walk around like that, anyway?"

Neru pulled up a video on her phone. "I thought it would make good black-mail for a time like this. I was right."

"Ahaha. I guess I'll get to being silent and twiddling my thumbs then."

Neru enjoyed a solid two hours of studying. Well, as much as one could enjoy studying. She was just closing her eyes when suddenly...

"Gyafu!" she shouted. Wha-what the hell?! Rin had started to rub her shoulders.

"..." Rin made not a single sound while doing it.

Actually, this feels pretty nice. She's not being rough or anything. "Thanks, Rin. I didn't know you were good at this." Feels great after two hours with those note cards. "Don't you have to study too, Rin? Ah, you can just nod."

Rin shook her head. She pulled out her phone and tried really quick. 'Nope, Len tutored me the last two weeks, aren't you jealous?'

Neru's face lit up a little. "I wouldn't be jealous of such a thing! No more texting allowed either, okay?"

Rin frowned. She stopped her massage and poked Neru, then pointed at the bed. Then she rubbed Neru's back a little.

"A back massage? I guess it's okay..." She doesn't seem so dangerous when she can't talk. Besides, she's never really done anything to me before, and we're both girls anyway. Neru went over to the bed and laid face-down. "Whenever you're ready."

Rin walked over and sat on her. She began with the small of Neru's back.

"Haa, Rin, you're pretty good at this, maybe you should give up singing and go pro." Neru knew Rin couldn't say anything back to her, and that felt good. This massage feels good too. Maybe I was just really stressed and needed this. Not like I can trust Haku to do it. Rin started to put a little more force into it, maybe to convey her feelings about Neru's comment.

"..." Rin had still not made a single sound. She moved her knee to the small of Neru's back.

"Ehh, what are you-" Rin made an attempt to tickle Neru's sides, but Neru wasn't ticklish there. "Hahaha, it's useless Rin. My tickle reduction is at 97%!"

"..." Rin frowned, but remained silent.

It really is easier to have fun with her when she is quiet like this. I can't see her from where I am, so for all I know she could just as well be Len... Neru blew a fuse with that thought. L-len giving me a back massage and trying to tickle me. Her face lit up well enough that a lame metaphor about a tomato might actually do some justice. Or would it be a simile...?

"..." Rin turned around, making sure to keep her weight on Neru's back. She was now facing Neru's feet.

"Eh?" That was when Rin started to run her hands along Neru's legs. Starting around the back of the knee, she gently ran her hands towards Neru's feet. "Uuuu... Rin what are you doing...?" This is weird. Is she trying to tickle me? I guess it feels kind of ticklish when she does it slowly like this. Rin's hands got close to Neru's feet, then changed direction. That was a close one. She almost found that my feet are ticklish.

"..." Rin was sort of frustrated that she had not been able to properly tickle Neru yet, but did not voice it.

"You'll never get me, Rin." Rin's hands were approaching her thighs. This is getting dangerous. "Uhh, Rin, we might want to stop now..." What is it exactly that makes something like this dangerous? After all, she's just trying to tickl- "Hee!" Neru exclaimed. Rin had made it to the border of where she was ticklish. It really was dangerously high up her legs.

"..." Rin smirked. She also remained silent.

"Uhm, Rin, that spot is sort of, ohahahaha!" Neru started giggling. Ooooo, so this is what it's like to be properly tickled... It feels like I'll run out of air, like my chest is thumping kind of hard- This really is dangerous after all. "Ahahahahahaha, ahnhahahahaha, hahn, hahn, hahn." Rin had slowed down for a bit at the end there. Neru took hold of this oppurtunity to flip Rin's tiny weight off of her.

"..!" Rin looked surprised and somewhat alarmed.

"Hahaha! Face my revenge!" Neru began the siege.

"!...!...!..!.!" Rin was trying to hold it in, but it was only a matter of time until she burst. "Ahahahaha! Neru, please don't pohohost it, ahahafter ahahalll! Hahaha!"

It took Neru a second to realize what she was talking about. She had stopped her assault in the mean time. "Don't worry about it. I won't."

Rin smiled. "Good, thanks. In exchange for that, I'll help you out a bit with your studying! Do you know this kanji?"

Rin wrote a kanji on a piece of paper. <熊>

"Of course, it's Kuma(Bear), right?" It was a kanji that most people learn long before high school.

"So, what's special about Kuma-san today, Neru-chin*?" Rin suddenly used an honorific. She never used honorifics; unless she was trying to act like an old man.

Under the context of an old man asking her what was special about a bear today, she was able to figure it out. Ahh, when she was tickling me, she saw... Neru turned a nice shade of red.

"Ohoho, it looks like you figured it out, Neru-chin! Please tell this poor old man!" Rin laughed heartily.

We're both girls, so it's not too weird to see that sort of thing, right, right? "I suppose you meant my p-pa-p-p-p..." I can't say it to Rin. "Aaaaaahhhh, j-just leave Rin!"

"Ahaha I got her to go full tsun to full dere to full tsun again, I'm a Neru master!" Rin exclaimed as she was chased out.

What a night.

Sorry about the rushed ending but... it was dragging. I also didn't want to include any declarations of love or fancy, because this story is tagged for Leneru. Also, I'm a little unsure where the T/M boundary is on yuri, and I would really hate to disturb some of the young minds on this site (alol). Please tell me your criticisms. I'm a masochist who loves hearing his writing get trashed, so don't hold back. Also, should I write more Rineru or is this the end of it

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