Aaliyah and Abrianna's Atmosian Adventure

Laughter filled the valley as two sisters played soccer in the pasture with their twin brothers, "Aaliyah! Shoot!" Aaliyah grinned at her sibling that had cried out. Abrianna. The two girls were inseparable. As were their twin brothers, Lachlan and Luke.

Aaliyah kicked the soccer ball towards Luke who was guarding the boy's goal. He missed the ball as it flew through the posts and it was a goal for the sisters, "Yes! Aaliyah, world champion soccer player strikes again!" Lachlan grinned mischievously, "Not for long."

All Aaliyah could manage was, "Huh?" before she was tackled on the ground by Lachlan. With his blonde hair and blue eyes he was very different from Luke who had red hair and green eyes. That was the only thing that was different about the two though.

The only thing that differed the girls was the hair-styles. They looked and acted exactly the same. Aaliyah wore her hair in two plaits all the time and Abrianna had her hair in two pigtails. Their mother was always amazed how people could tell them apart when she could barely manage it.

Luke and Lachlan could be distinguished easily but the girls? Not so much. She loved all her children dearly but sometimes she couldn't control them and they'd be gone on adventures for weeks or sometimes months at a time.

They always left notes and took the right equipment every time. So she knew they were safe. The four of them couldn't get in to that much trouble could they? They didn't seem to think so. They all loved each other and got on very well.

They all cared for each other and looked out for each other whenever they went off together. Now when she was looking over the paddock in which they were playing in an overwhelming sadness consumed her happy thoughts. She was all alone when they went off on their adventures.

Their father was no longer alive having died before the girls were born. The boys had known their father if only for two years. The children were coming back inside. They wanted another adventure. The girls entered first still pumped up from their one-nil victory over the boys.

Their mother gave them quick hugs before they all trooped up the stair to the showers. There were two showers so that the boys could go in together and then when they come out, then girls can go in. They liked this because it took less time and they enjoyed each other's company when they were in the shower.

After the shower they all went to bed. There were three bedrooms in the house. The 'A' room for the girls, the 'L' room for the boys and the 'P' room for their mother. Each room had a family portrait on the east wall and a paired portrait with each of the occupants on the west.

Tomorrow morning, they would be up early, leave a note for their mother, pack their gear and be off on another adventure. But for now... they wanted to get a good sleep.

Heyy. Sorry if this is too short for a first chapter but it was the best I could do in a few minutes. Get ready for the gang of Eastwood Forest people. Hope you enjoyed it like I did.