So yes, I should be working on To Play, but I have no inspiration whatsoever. I apologize for that! I saw a Vocaloid video and was inspired to write this! I really hope you guys out there enjoy this... It is an AU, based off of the two PVs released so far. The main pairing will be America/Canada because I have fallen in love with that pairing. =w=b

I really do hope you guys do enjoy this. I enjoyed writing it so far!

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Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the begining and the end - no apologies, no regrets. - Clark Moustakas (Humanistic Psychologist)

A song for the sun, a song for rain….

The melody hit the air, a sweet voice following after, complimenting the notes as they wove around each other, creating a song.

A young boy, by the name of Alfred F. Jones and around seven glanced up at the other boy from where he was sitting, azure eyes blinking from the sudden singing. Well, sure, he knew his twin liked to sing but…they were on a hill facing the wilderness. It was sort of random for him.

The other boy, Matthew Williams, was standing there, along the hill edge, arms outstretched and singing on the top of his lungs before Alfred decided to butt in. "Hey Mattie," he called as the other boy snapped out of his singing, staring at him.

He took a breath and then smiled at him. "What is it Al?" he asked as Alfred straightened, standing up.

"Why'd ya start singing like that? I know Mama likes it but we're alone right now."

Matthew's face fell, lowering his arms as he scuffed his shoes, staring at the ground. "I-I felt like singing…it's…one of those times we're just…out here by ourselves without Mama or Papa so…I thought you would like it…if I sang for us."

Alfred's face lit up at that as he made his way over to his brother, wrapping his arms around him tightly. "Of course I like it Mattie! I always like your singing no matter where we are! I just didn't know why you started singing now." Matthew smiled, nuzzling into his brother's embrace.

"G-Good…cause…I thought you didn't like it for a second…" he admitted sheepishly as Alfred laughed loudly, hugging him tightly still, as much as he could as a seven year old.

"No way! I like your singing Mattie!" he cheered as Matthew began giggling lightly along with him, cheering up from his gloom.

When they returned to the house however, their mother was the first to greet them, her face lit with terror. This surprised the boys greatly. Normally, they would be greeted with hugs and kisses by both parents and the treat of blue berries or whatever berries the boys picked whenever they went out. There was an advantage to having a cottage on a hillside that cradled both the wilderness and the kingdom below after all.

"Alfred!" their mother shrieked, face contracted in fear as she ran up to her twins. "Matthew!" Both boys waved at her, running up to her, spewing stories about their day when their mother shook her head, her blue eyes filled with panic. "You have to run from here, both of you."

Alfred spluttered, his bucket filled with strawberries bouncing on his left arm as he shook his head. "B-But Mama, what are you talking about? We brought you berries! There were a lot today and Mattie thought he-!"

His mother cut him off before he could go into an embarrassing rendition of Matthew's little incident with eating a sour berry and gathered her boys close to her bosom. "Alfred, Matthew, I love you both. But…there are people out there trying to get your brother Alfred. They came to our home, that's why you have to get away from here." She took a deep breath, eyes filled with tears, her voice quivering. "You have to promise me that you'll protect your brother alright?"

Alfred's eyes widened at the desperation in her voice and as a seven year old, hearing that meant something. His expression turned into a frown and nodded, eyes lit in determination. "I'll protect Mattie, Mama! I promise!" he said confidently as his mother sighed with relief and turned to Matthew whose eyes were filled with tears at the prospect of leaving their mother.

"Matthew…follow your brother, listen to him alright? You have to promise not to leave his side." Matthew managed a shaky nod and burst into tears, gripping at his mother.

"M-Mama! Why aren't you coming with us?" he cried, eyes wide as she pressed her hand against her mouth, allowing her own tears to fall as she embraced them both.

"I…I have to tell them…with your papa that you're not here Matthew…I love you two so much," she whispered faintly into their hair as they chorused their 'I love yous' to her, both teary eyed and embraced for the last time. Pushing for them to go, their mother watched as they turned and fled. When they turned to wave to their mother one more time, Alfred's eyes widened with shock and horror. When Matthew realized that his brother wasn't next to him, he looked as well and shrieked out loud, clapping his hands over his mouth.

Their mother was on the ground, a blade edge at her throat as two men with black hair stood over her and looking around. Their mother was gripping her side tightly and…was she bleeding? Alfred's eyes lit up in rage. How dare they? One man, his hair tied into a ponytail noticed them out of the corner of his eye, after Alfred slipped on a loose patch of dirt and stumbled into view, and smiled slightly, calling out an order to the boy with the blade. The boy straightened and nodded while ignoring Alfred and Matthew's mother screaming in protest.

It was then Matthew screamed loudly.

Alfred turned sharply, ready to lash out at whatever holding his twin captive then realized that a boy with short chopped up hair with a curl hanging out at a strange angle had lifted his twin by his right wrist, squeezing painfully. Matthew's eyes were flushed with tears from the pain and dropped his bucket, scattering the strawberries as Alfred yelled, pounding on the boy's leg with his fists.

"Let go of my brother! Let go!" The boy ignored Alfred and walked over to the man with the pony tail, nodding.

"I found the next Dragon Dancer Aniki. The one with the "long golden hair and amethyst eyes" right?" he called with a grin as the man with the ponytail bent over, looking at the still struggling boy.

"Surprising aru…that the dragon would want a voice that belongs to a male…" the man mused with a small smile as their mother protested.

"N-No! Leave my boy out of your sick games with t-that dragon!" she screamed as Alfred's eyes widened as did Matthew's own, starting to struggle more. Alfred pounded on the boy's leg, yelling in fury as Matthew cried, reaching for his twin.

"I-I don't want to! Let me go home!" Matthew sobbed, tears running down his face and reaching for his twin still.

The man with the ponytail sighed, shaking his head. "They are almost all the same aru," he noted dryly as the boy lifted Matthew out of grabbing range, tossing him over his shoulder. "Let us go, Yong-soo."

Yong-soo nodded, balancing the still sobbing boy as Alfred roared, grabbing his pants leg. "I said let GO OF MY TWIN!" he roared as the man turned, scowling slightly.

"Yong-soo, get rid of that boy aru," he called as Yong-soo looked at Alfred and sighed almost.

"Hey, kid, I would back off. I don't want to kill you," he said with a disapproving frown as Alfred growled out loud.

"Let GO of Mattie!"

Yong-soo sighed again and shook his head, lifting his arm. "Well, hopefully you have a cooler head after this, kid!" The boy swung his arm down hard on Alfred's neck, throwing him backwards and on the ground as both mother and brother shouted in protest.

With no one else to protest, the older brother knocked out on the ground and the mother with a new hole in her side, bleeding slowly from the stab wound, Yong-soo nodded satisfied and balanced the boy on his shoulder again, making his way to the man waiting by the horses. He hadn't failed his brother! Yong-soo felt his footsteps lighten, almost hopping while ignoring the whimpering from the boy.

Matthew's sobbing could be heard throughout the valley as he disappeared with the two men.

Twelve years later, Alfred sat up with a heave, breathing erratically. His fingers reached out for his glasses as he placed them on, trying to breathe deeply. It was that dream…of Matthew again and how he was taken away from him. Alfred growled. How could it have been that he failed his promise five minutes after he made it?

At the end of the desperate paradise

He stood up, pulling on the black vest like jacket he wore and straightened the armless shirt he was wearing underneath. Fixing his blade by his side, he stared into the distance. He was inside an inn, paying his way by odd jobs and was resting for the night before heading out again. The castle, where he would get answers, was there.

I seek the lost voice

His eyes narrowed. Over the years he had learned where they had taken his brother. Because of his voice, he was sent to become a Dragon Dancer, for the dragon that once destroyed over half the kingdom of Ongatelia. The dragon was pacified by someone singing it songs and dancing for it and it landed on his brother to keep it calm.

I am fated to wander

But like hell would he leave his brother there! Or that was what he wanted to think. The truth was, Alfred didn't know where to start and spent the twelve years scrambling around for information and where to find the dragon. This time however…he would go after the Priest, the person who had taken away his brother, had killed his mother. Up until then, he hadn't considered himself strong enough to go after such a man but now…now after training for so long…he felt as if he could do such a task.

Yes…he would take back his brother, take him back to that fate that had bound him to the dragon's chambers…he would and keep his promise this time.

From street to street, further and further away

Light footsteps padded the floor as Matthew, now dressed in a white robe, his hair loose and flowing in the stagnant air, stepped onto the light and the platform raised above the ground by several hundred feet. He spun once and stared up. "Are you ready to listen?" he asked into the silence as a gigantic light gray dragon looked down at him from where it lay, with something akin to kindness in its eyes, and nodded its head.

From the past that had nowhere to go

He smiled, then spun again, singing to the dragon and adding in his own movements to keep the dragon amused. If he didn't…he didn't think about the corpses that littered the floor below him. He didn't think about those who had failed to keep the dragon calm and were killed. He didn't think about how he could easily be killed as well.

I weave voices going round and round

All he focused on was dancing and singing to the dragon. If this was his fate, he would submit to it willingly…he realized that years ago when he was first brought there, where he was. After all...he was protecting the kingdom by keeping the dragon calm and in turn...his brother.

At the edge of the repeating history

Even as he closed his eyes, even as he focused on dancing, without trying, thoughts of his twin brother lingered in his mind as his eyes softened with tears, continuing to sing and dance his way through the platform.

Ah…how he missed him dearly…

I dedicate myself to the fate.

And that is the first chapter! I hope you guys enjoy~ If it's confusing, I'll try explaining more as I go along.

Oh yes, before I forget the italicized bits are from the song of the second PV. ^^