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Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. - Les Brown (1945-, American Speaker, Author, Trainer, Motivato)

As the song quieted, Matthew stopped where he was, glancing up at the dragon that had flown down in the process while the boy had been singing. The dragon's head was resting in its forearms, in easy reach of the boy, as the boy walked up, smiling at the dragon. In normal circumstances, Matthew would have run away, he would have stayed the hell away from the dragon leering over him.

However, twelve years later, he grew cautiously friendly with the said dragon, patting it gently time to time. The dragon in turn trusted the boy not to hurt it and thus, the dragon grew to liking the boy and his voice. It was the reason why he had lasted twelve years inside the cavern where he was, rather then the dragon growing tired of him and killing him outright.

He grew a little sick, thinking of the former Dragon Dancers below him who were all murdered by the dragon who he was smiling at so easily then shook his head. "Did you like the song…?" he asked softly as the dragon nodded slowly then opened its mouth.

"…Do you ever wish to go outside…?"

Matthew jumped, startled. In their time together, he had never heard the dragon speak at all to him. Yes, there were the occasional grunts and nods, but never speaking. Tilting his head, he cautiously nodded his head, listening to the shy voice of a female. The dragon was a girl…

"Y-Yes…Yes…um…I do…" he replied, flinching in case the dragon decided to kill him as a cruel joke. The dragon's eyes seemed to soften almost as it, no, she grew limp, relaxing slightly.

"If I had my humanity back," she fell silent, shaking her head in short motions, "…surely you miss people outside?" she asked softly, slowly, then swished her tail, tucking it under her.

Continuing onwards without letting him answer, the dragon settled herself down, her expression stormy, or however stormy a dragon's face got. "However…I can't let you outside. I won't let you-!"

"I understand," Matthew cut in. In reality he didn't, he wanted to go, he…but…his fate was bound to the dragon, to appease her, to…His thoughts fell silent as he shook his head. "I will stay to protect my brother."

"…Brother…?" the dragon's eyes sparkled faintly in the dim light. "You have a brother?"

Matthew blinked, fiddling with his robe as he nodded. "Y-Yes…I do…" He looked around them, at the magic surrounding the area. "Sometimes I think I can see him in my dreams…because of the magic surrounding this place. He's…" He smiled faintly, shaking his head. "He's so…alive…he's…" He fell silent, eyes closed.

Matthew didn't want to say that Alfred was determined to find him. If he said so, he would have hope, the dragon would be more determined to keep him near her side, but…his brother was still searching for him even after all these years…

He tightened the grip on his robe, shaking slightly. Alfred…

The dragon merely nodded, bringing the boy closer to her side as he sniffed once then calmed himself down. "I will go sleep if you don't mind," he whispered as the dragon blinked then nodded, motioning for the boy to go. Matthew quickly left the dragon's presence, teetering where he stood then sank into the corner where he had gathered the blankets that the officials left him when they visited annually.

He stifled tears as he curled into them, hugging a small white blanket close to him as a comfort item. He missed Alfred, he missed his old home and just talking about him made him a little more emotional then usual. Which, considering his position was a bit dangerous to do…but since he was allowed to sleep, he decided a little crying wouldn't hurt.

Al…he thought with a faint frown. Where are you now…?

Meanwhile, inside the inn, Alfred clamored down stairs with a thud, grinning as he did so. "So you're up traveler?" the inn keeper called, waving the boy over as he grinned wider, nodding.

"Yep!" Alfred replied as the inn keeper chuckled slightly at his energy, walking over to him.

"…If you want, my friend and I could shelter you for a few more days," he said, arching a thin eyebrow as Alfred looked at the inn keeper again. The man was thin, lanky, with an almost bowl cut hairstyle and was smiling slightly at him. He had bumped into the man while searching around for a place to sleep and after doing a few odd jobs, had earned a room for a few nights. But, now, he had to keep moving onwards. "After all…it is rare we find a man against the Priest and his followers." This last bit was quieter, the inn keeper's eyes narrowed as Alfred met his serious gaze, his own grin faltering for a moment.

…The Priest, Wang Yao. He claimed to be a priest but really was the ruler of Ongatelia, the current king a mere puppet. All of his power stemmed from his choosing of the Dragon Dancer by talking to the dragon itself and since the dragon was liable at any time to attack if the current Dragon Dancer perished, most of the kingdom let him do what he wanted and needed to pick the next girl.

That was how he found and chose his brother, through that dragon. That was why Alfred was determined to get answers from him, no matter what it took.

Realizing he had a stormy expression on his face, Alfred merely grinned again and shook his head. "Nah, I got to keep going! But if I need a place…?" he began as the man rolled his eyes slightly, nodding.

"Yes, you have a place here to stay." With a grin, Alfred whooped and nodded, charging out the door as he did. As the door slammed, the inn keeper chuckled lightly at the boy's energy, watching him leave. Turning away, he glanced through the window to the castle and shook his head. "…Good luck."

Walking through the streets, Alfred glanced around him. Now he needed some way into the castle that didn't require killing people…perhaps there was a back door of sorts?

So intent Alfred was in trying to plan his break in of the castle, he never noticed that he had walked through a crowd of children and crashed into a larger man. "Oof!" Alfred stumbled backwards, about to apologize at the man when he realized that the man was blinking, staring at him curiously.

He apologized anyway. "Hey! Sorry about that!" he called sheepishly, shaking his head. "I guess I wasn't looking where I was going."

One little boy pouted, kicking at Alfred's shin. "Move stupid! Mr. Ivan was finishing his story!" he complained as Alfred ignored the sting of pain, waiting for the storyteller to say it was okay so he could go forward. The storyteller had a beige scarf tucked around his neck, wearing also a long sleeve shirt and pants with two blades strapped to his thigh poking out from the dark blue jacket like robe he had wrapped around him and merely smiled at Alfred rather creepily in his opinion.

"It is fine, da? No harm done," he replied easily, nodding as Alfred stared at him then grinned still, although he was acting a little more cautious.

He quickly nodded and jogged off, leaving the pile of children and the storyteller behind. Glancing back, he realized that the man, 'Mr. Ivan', was still looking at him. Shuddering slightly, he rushed off a little quicker then before, shaking his head. It must be his imagination, it must be…

"Hey! Mr. Ivan! Finish the story! So what happened to the brother?" the same little boy called, tugging on his robe. Ivan Braginski shook his head and turned to the children, nodding his head. He would have to finish this story and follow after Alfred! He had some business with the boy after all. Now...to think of an ending.

"The brother ran away, went into his home and drank vodka. The end children, I'll see you later da?" With that abrupt ending, he spun on his heel, tracking down Alfred who had quickly left the clearing.

"WHAT? What kind of ending is that? He had his sister with him and they were inside a cavern with no way out! How is that an ending?" the little boy yelled after him but Ivan was already too far down the road to hear him.

Meanwhile, Alfred got a creeping feeling up his spine, telling him that someone was following him and slowly lowered his right hand to his blade attached to his left hip. "Whoever the hell you are, you better know I'm well capable of kicking your ass!" he snapped, grip tightening on his blade.

A small laugh caught him off guard as he then noticed a figure leaning against the wall, shaking his head. "I will believe you when you can spot me standing over here without me speaking first," the figure spoke teasingly, walking towards him. Alfred growled, realizing that they were in an empty alley way. He could easily turn and run, but as if he would run from that asshole…!

The figure walked into the light, his robe cast aside as Alfred blinked rapidly, staring. "You're the storyteller from before," he deadpanned as the man laughed, nodding his head.

"I am Ivan Braginski! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at last Alfred F. Jones."

Alfred twitched madly, eyes narrowed as he drew his blade in one swift motion, pointing it at him. "How the fuck do you know my name?" he roared as Ivan continued to just smile with an edge of creepiness, answering his question.

"You are famous Alfred! Your twin is the only male taken to the dragon and lived for so long after doing so. You never realized it when you told people your name?" he asked curiously, staring at the blond who was fuming.

Grudgingly, Alfred had to agree. He, rather, Matthew was famous for his role in pacifying the dragon especially since the dragon usually required the best female voice and would pick the next Diva. Although, whether or not that was another lie of the priest, no one would truly know.

Now, when he passed through towns and mentioned his name, people would pay their respects to him which made him grew more pissed off. This wasn't something to respect him for, this was murder, and they were killing his twin this way! He would grin and bear through it, telling them that it was okay for them to call him Alfred and such but he would always leave quickly afterwards, gritting his teeth and praying that Matthew was still out there alive.

"No…I realized it…but I just chose to bear with it and go forward," Alfred growled, shaking his head. "Anyway, what the hell do you want with me?" he snapped angrily as Ivan nodded, holding out his hand.

Ivan's hand began glowing an eerie shade of blue as he focused for another moment, creating an ice knife, tossing it idly back and forth. "I have a proposition," he said as Alfred continued watching him cautiously, blade edge lowering slightly. So this man was a magic user…

"I have business in the castle myself and I know what you want," he continued as Alfred's eyebrows shot up.

"You mean you know about…my wanting to save Mattie?" he asked slowly as Ivan smiled, although it looked more like a smirk and nodded.

"Da, I do know. I know also that you need to…" he coughed, "…talk to the Priest," he finished, smirking at the feral look in Alfred's blue eyes and went on after a brief moment of silence. "I get you into the castle and you help me with my business."

"Will I be able to talk to the Priest asshole that way?" Alfred replied easily and bitterly, eyes narrowed as Ivan chuckled.

"You will," he said simply, nodding as Alfred stared at him, not sure if he wanted to trust him or not. He sheathed his blade in one motion, staring at him still.

"What's this business?" he asked as Ivan laughed at that, shaking his head.

"I have a friend inside the castle, by the name Arthur Kirkland," he said, waving his hand vaguely to make his point. "I owe him a favor and he is in trouble right now so I will go and help him."

"What sort of trouble?" Alfred asked, his curiosity getting the better of him as Ivan smiled a little wider, holding up his arms in a lazy motion.

"He is about to get arrested~!" he said so cheerily, Alfred swore that if he didn't know better, Ivan actually WANTED his friend to get arrested – wait, about?

"What do you mean about?" Alfred blurted out, his expression incredulous, as Ivan merely smiled, nodding his head. "He isn't arrested yet? How do you know that he's going to get arrested if he isn't even arrested yet?"

"Da! About, since he is about to do something very stupid! He told me some time ago that he would confront the Priest today and that is why I need to make my way to the castle!" Alfred made a face at Ivan's cheerful attitude and sighed, sticking out his hand.

"You have a deal."

Hopefully he wouldn't regret this.

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