Yes, this is a rewrite of 'Silent Storm', Rayne will still be there, but some factors along with some of the plot has changed, so please do tell me what you think.


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涙 汚されたのか

Things could have ended differently.

So differently.

How they all wished for everything to be a dream.

To be a nightmare that they would awaken from.



Tension hung thick in the air, a smothering blanket that allowed no unpainful breath to be taken. Within a single night, their worlds had been shaken to the core, deep cracks had splintered in their soul.

Eight pairs of eyes, each filled with varying emotion, were trained on the lone figure before them.









Unidentifiable from one another as they churned through the atmosphere in a surging wave, threatening to overwhelm them at any moment.

The first fingers of dawn crept across the still slumbering town.


A phenomenon that is supposed to be a symbol of a new beginning.

The symbol of hope.


Steel grey eyes closed as the dazzling light of the waking sun fell across a deathly face, its tingling warmth lost within a fog of despair.

A sudden smirk, a painful smirk tugged her dry lips up.

How ironic.

She bathed in a shower of dazzling golden light, while the rest remained in the shadows of the buildings.

It was laughable.

She was the one who had been cast into darkness.

Not them.

They were the ones who should be illuminated in brightness.

Not her.


That no longer mattered.

Because right now.

It was already too late.

Too late to act.

Too late to change.

She had realised that the instant she had witnessed the night.

On the cloudy night on which the crescent moon had sailed across silently, it had changed all of their lives in an instant.

On fate's whim.

So simply.

The sun was slowly awakening, casting its heatless arms out to embrace the land.

A new day.

A new beginning.

A new journey.

Yet within her heart, the raging sea of regret and pain endeavoured with ferocious howls to devour her with its gaping jaws.

But now was not the time to lose her fragile grip on her sanity.

They were standing before her.

He was standing before her.


She only had eyes for him at that moment.

That man.

Hazel brown eyes pierced through her like an arrow, burning furiously, his usual toothy grin replaced by a grim frown. Something lurched in her stomach, bile burned up her throat, trying to force its way out, but she shoved it back down by swallowing.

The familiar sensation of burning made itself known behind her eyes, a signal of coming tears. But she refused to let them show, so she continued to hide behind the mask.

Oh! How she longed to turn her back on him, to wrench her eyes from him, to escape from this reality that was staring her in the face and slapping her like a bucket of cold.

She simply could not bear to see him anymore.



She could not make herself do it.

Instead a shuddering breath was taken, as encouraged by the coaxing voice that came from the sheathed blade at her side.


That was what she felt as she set off slaughtering every shred of emotion that lingered within her, without hesitation, without a second thought. Exterminating every single trace of grief and pain until all she could feel was dull, cold numbness that invaded her entire system.

A salvation from the pain.

"Rayne-" The man stepped forwards, expression twisted painfully and desperately.

"No." She cut him off abruptly, fingers clenching unceremoniously.

His steps faltered.


Rayne forced herself to say his name.

"It's over."

Her voice sounded hollow even to herself, the words coming from her mouth seemed like they did not belong to her. As if she was merely reciting something she had memorised that day before.

But of course, they did not notice, nor did they see the trembling of her lips as she spoke with a voice that was unwavering, harsh and cold. The voice that had been sculpted to a cold mask perfection belonging to the shadow of the person she had once been.

"I'm leaving."

It was then, she shattered the world she had known for over a hundred years with her own hands. Watching as the splinters she had tried so hard to mend spread across her world like a spider's web.


Watching as the shards fell and vanished into darkness.

Leaving her with nothing but a loosening grip on her consciousness.

Suddenly an image flashed across her mind, and disappeared as quickly as if had appeared, like a bolt of lightning in the faint distance.

A wide grin plastered across his face.

The corner of her lips twitched weakly.


It had been over a hundred years since that fated day.

The day he had found her hurt and bitter, a bird with a twisted wing.

The day she first saw him grin his toothy grin.

The day he had dragged her back to Seireitei.

…After knocking her into the land of sleep with the hilt of his zanpakutou.

Become her captain.

Annoyed her.

Pestered her endlessly.

Protected her from herself.

Taught her the way of the sword.

Taught her bonds and friendship.

Taught her laughter and life.

Became her closest friend.


Closer than a friend.

But that…

That was a time that resided in the faint past.

But still.


Even as she severed the bond she had painstaking weaved with her own hands.

If anyone had asked her about that past.

About the sky she could never return to…

She would reply.

It had been…

The happiest years of her life.

Just what left all of yesterday
Stained with tears?
In the end, the shards of it took off flying away

~Raion by Jinn