たとえどんな世界を描いても 明日は見えなくて
それはまるで百合のように 汚れを知らない

It was dark.

So dark that she began to wonder if she was alive.

It was cold.

So cold she could not feel her body.

She couldn't see anything.

She couldn't feel anything.

Her footsteps left no trail.

There was no up.

There was no down.

There was no left.

There was no right.

There was just blackness.

The meaning of light was lost…

In an endless landscape of blackness that stretched out.


How she longed…

Longed to sink.

Into the numb embrace of darkness.


There was something…

A voice…


The resonance of voices.

Calling her…



A magnificent roar...

Grating painfully in her ears.

It was powerful…



It frightened her…

It struck fear.

Deep within her soul.


It intrigued her…

It trapped her…

The melody…



Along with the discordant howling…

A haunting symphony….



She found comfort in the tearing sound…

It felt as if…

Something was guiding her…

With thunderous cries…

Leading way…

To where...?

She didn't know.

She simply followed…

She simply.

Continued to wander.




With silent footsteps.

Along with the melody.

Through the blackness that was her world.

A lost world.

Soul Society.

The place where souls went with the guidance of the Gods of Death who dressed in pure black and wielded swords that reflected their souls.

A relaxing place at which the souls rested, without feeling the intense pains of hunger and the effects of age.


A place known as Heaven.

The sun shone brightly down upon the great expanse of land on which the souls lived happily. The clouds drifted across the sun lazily, shielding the rippling heat slightly and bringing slight relief to those who sweltered beneath the blazing star in the sky.

Here, children laughed brightly, sprinting through the dusty streets, playing their games and annoying the shop keepers with glee as the adults shook their heads, chuckling at the sight as they went on with their work.

Platinum eyes gazed down at the bustling street a distance away, the uncanny alertness within them shadowed by the drifting shadows cast by the giant branches waving gently above her along with the warm breeze that bought with it the scent of summer.

It was indeed a peaceful world but…

The bloodshed that seemed to be linked in an unbreakable chain...

It existed.

They existed.







The filthy emotions that resided in all souls thrived and grew like an undying weed within the hearts of all people.

This place.

Soul Society.

Was far from Heaven.

A light scoff escaped as eyes swung downwards, towards the base of the tree she was perched on delicately. A single bare leg dangled from the towering branch, swinging lazily along with the caressing summer breeze.

Pale steel grey eyes stared down, bored, at the fight that had erupted beneath her perch between the crook of the cool trunk of a tree and its arching branch.

A sigh escaped from pale pink lips as rough shouts and yells, profuse swearing and the familiar sound of flesh contacting with flesh forcefully rang unpleasantly in her ears

"Nothing has changed." The quiet murmur was carried away by the wind along with the fluttering leaves.

Slender fingers touched the string that was looped loosely around her neck lightly. Slipping down, and once, touching a smooth, jet jagged surface, curled around it lightly.

"Nothing will ever change…" Leaning back, she stared blankly at the overly blue sky.

The noble sky that remained clear and untainted even as it watched the world fall to dust and ashes beneath the flames of unjust and chaos.

The dazzling sky that gazed on unclouded by worries.

It sickened her.

Suddenly, an agonised howl exploded in her ear making her accidentally spill out a yell of surprise as she nearly tumbled out of her precarious perch ten metres above the ground. Grabbing swiftly onto the rough bark of the trunk, she stared at her were the sound had burst from, heart pounding painfully against her ribcage.


There was nothing around her.

Nothing except the carpet of lush leaves and the whistling wind.

She stared, onyx grey eyes finally sliding down to the object that hung daintily from the branch by a strip of cloth that had once been white but was now a dusty brown.

A katana.

It had to be commended, it was a piece of beauty, the hilt, woven so delicately with threads of grey onyx, the guard sculpted intricately with silver carried the dignified grace of a dancing butterfly, the sheath made of polished black wood and lastly...

The blade itself.

A sliver of the broken moon, shining with an unworldly glow. Gentle yet harsh, a biting coldness seemed to radiate from it, an edge that could tear through the most sturdy steel.

The woman's stare sharpened into a deep scowl.

Yes, that stupid thing.

It had just randomly appeared in her days one day and after that, strange thing had kept happening. This included the infrequent screaming that scared her out of her wits, the painful yet sporadic shocks that accompanied her when she grasped its hilt and…

The agony.

The surreal pain that pierced through her occasionally, an agony that did not seem to belong to her. The deep anger and grief that stretched as vast as the ocean, a foreign emotion that always made her collapse even though there was no physical wound.

She stared.

She could have long thrown it away, left it without a backwards glance. In fact she did try, countless times, but it always came back, appearing before her bed when she wakes with the chirping of the birds.

Frowning as she sank back into her set, she allowed her mind to drift, but just as she entered a light doze, a particularly familiar sound reached her ears.

The sound of metal against metal, shouts and…

The sound of inhuman roars.


The woman jerked up in an instance, lips curling into a grin, ash grey eyes glinted as they fell upon the source of disturbance. However, just as she shifted a leg, the edges of her conscious tingled. Steel grey eyes narrowed with distaste as they once again landed on the item of trouble she had hung on the branch.

"I'll bring you along, so don't electrocute me." Here she was talking to an inanimate object as if it was a person, she must be going insane.

Receiving no reply, she edged towards the katana suspiciously, prodding it with a finger before allowing herself to take it in a hand and unhook it from its place.

"Now, be good and stay quiet." She muttered as she hung it over one shoulder with a widening smirk.

"Because it's my time to show them what a real soldier is."

No matter what kind of world this is, I can't see tomorrow
It's never been unclean as if it was a lily

~Truth by Arashi