Title: Sweet Nothings in my ear

Author: AbbyGibbs

Pairing: Gibbs/Abby
Rating: T or FR13 to M or FR18

Classification: Romance, angst, hurt/comfort, friendship.
Spoilers: None
Abby learns some bad news from the one person she trusts the most.

Warning: none just yet.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to CBS and the people who created NCIS.

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Abby, why don't you think first before opening your big mouth? Why? Because all you managed to hear was that he was now engaged to Hart and it hurt so much that your brain didn't function any longer. And because you are head over heels in love with Gibbs. That's why you went completely nuts.

Abby hoped with all her heart that she hadn't destroyed the friendship and closeness they had by telling him all the things she did. Taking the last few steps to close the gap between them, Abby, slowly, tentatively, encircled him with her arms, hoping Gibbs wouldn't withdraw from the embrace; fortunately he didn't. Abby tightened her arms around him.

"Gibbs, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said such things to you, I didn't mean them, it's just... It's just that when you said you were engaged to Hart, it was as if you had purposefully stabbed me in the heart, and..." she trailed off as she realized Gibbs's arms hadn't encircled her to hug her like she expected he would.

Abby pulled away from him just enough to be able to look at his face. He eyes widened with surprise has she saw that he wasn't looking at her. Gibbs was looking at the window and staring at it as if she wasn't even there.

Her heart ached, but she couldn't blame him for his reaction, she slowly let go of him and took a step back, watching her instinct was telling her to leave him, but she decided against it and stead in the room. Abby refused to leave him like this, leave them like this, his friendship, whatever it was they shared meant too much, to let them grow apart like he had planned to do in order to protect her.

The thing was, she wasn't a child anymore or even a porcelain doll, she didn't need to be protected, she didn't want to and definitely not if it meant spending more and more time away from him. Abby wasn't happy with Gibbs's decision and she wasn't willing to accept it without a fight, she would not simply say amen to it.

At work he could boss around, she hadn't any problems with it, but outside of it, there was not that she would let him dictate her life, they were best friends not lovers and even if they would be, there are limits to her tolerance.

Abby watched Gibbs walk to the widow. He seemed to stare at something she couldn't see.

Gibbs, if only you would let me in so I could know what is going on in that head of yours, but if you think, I will let you push me away without a fight, let me tell you are dead wrong mister.

His lab tech waited a little longer then slowly approached the window herself to come standing next to him without a word. There they were then, both watching through the window, thinking about what could have been and what the good moments they'd shared together.

And then as if Gibbs suddenly seemed to realize, Abby was standing next to him, he turned his head to the left and looked at her aware of the fact that he was watching her now, Abby Sciuto looked at him too, and no word was exchanged, slowly their body turned completely toward one another and without thinking or even realizing what he was doing, Gibbs leaned forward and his lips met her for a very quick kiss, a tear rolled down her cheeks as they looked at each other afterwards.

"Don't fight it, Gibbs, let it happen." She murmured.

Gibbs searched her eyes, not really sure of the meaning of her words, then Abby placed an hand on his shoulder. He could clearly see the longing and lust in her eyes, but if he took the step and give Abby what she wanted - what he wanted too - there was no way they could go back and he wouldn't be able to protect her.

Oh, Abbs, if you only knew how much I want this, how much I want you, but I can't give in to it, I just can't if they ever find out that you are the one I really want, you'll never be safe anymore and I refuse to take the risk that something happens to you because of me.

Gibbs could hide things very well, but not from Abby, she could read him as if she would have been reading an open book, she saw what other couldn't.

"No, Gibbs, you can't keep me away from you, just because you want to keep me safe, you can't and you won't because I won't allow it." She told him softly but firmly, determination showing clearly in her eyes.

Gibbs was surprised. He tended - in fact they all tended to forget - Abby wasn't a fragile little thing. He knew that, but he could help but feel this tremendous need he had to want to put her in constant safety bubble.

"Abby, I don't want to put you in more danger than you already are with all the stuff you know about me, I just can't bear..." Her right index finger on his lips stopped him from going any further.

"Gibbs you weren't the one and you'll never be the one to put me in any danger whatsoever. I'm in danger every single day I work in the lab, you saved me more than once and I know you'll safe me again if you have to. I trust you with my life, you know that, but I can defend myself pretty well. Have you forgotten what I did to Chip?" She said, and with the memory passing through her mind she smiled.

"No, but..."

He couldn't go any further once again, because Abby had replaced her index finger, by her lips this time.

Gibbs automatically responded to the kiss, her lips were so sweet and so intoxicating to him, totally opposite sensation that when his lips when Margaret's. His entire body seemed to come to life, by a simple kiss. When Gibbs's arms encircled her to pull her closer to him, Abby decided to see and see if he would allow her to deepen their kiss and much to her delight that's what he did.

Tongues dueled with one another to seek control, which no one wanted to give up, though after a moment, their dueling slowed to take the time and explore each other's mouth. Abby let her hand wander over his back, to finally end out folded around his neck, and moaned in pleasure as she felt Gibbs's tongue curl around hers once more.

Maybe... just maybe she could be right. Maybe there was a possibility, a way to make it all work without shutting her out of his life completely, Gibbs thought as he was still kissing her, and realized that no matter what would happen he couldn't conceive his life anymore without Abby.

He had never really seen it before, because there was no need to think she would have leave him - though sometimes he would better for her own sake - Ducky was right and Gibbs knew it all too well too, that one of these days, the girl would end up having troubles because of him, he knew it, but couldn't help it. There was something about her that drew him to her, and he could count on her for everything. They'd been through so much already and she was still there, he didn't know why or how until now.

They were both driven by justice and love for each other. Gibbs decided against his better judgment then to let go and take the risk. He would probably regret it one day, but he also knew that, for him, she was worth taking the risk for.

Abby felt the exact moment that he had decided to take the risk and let go, and a tear rolled down her left cheek

He was willing to take the risks for her, taking the risk against his best judgment just to be with me... he loves me. Abby realized as she deepened the kiss once more.