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Just lose it

"What do you mean he's joined the Storm Hawks?" Cyclonis screamed at the cowering henchman.

"I...i'm just telling you what I saw Master Cyclonis. He was on board the Condor and they were talking and shaking hands-"

With a cry of rage she turned and fired a beam of powerful purple light from her crystal staff sending the talon hurtling across the room, colliding heavily with the wall.

"No," she hissed, "this can't be! He wouldn't! He's Mine! Ravess, Snipe get in here, NOW!"

The pink haired woman and her lout of a brother appeared in the chamber and bowed before their leader.

"Send out a fleet to attack the Condor, kill the Storm Hawks and bring the Dark Ace to me."

One of the conditions which allowed Dark Ace to stay on the Condor was that his quarters where to be in the store cupboard, much to everyone's amusement. He made a makeshift bed for himself on the floor among the boxes of screwdrivers, broken crystals, mops and brushes and sat in the darkness, cross-legged on his sleeping bag, red eyes burning through the dark. There was a bang on the door.

"Hey Dark Ace, how you doing in there? Nice and comfy?" Came Finn's mocking voice.

A crimson eye twitched. His first instinct was to go out there and punch that blonde twerp in the face, but if he did that he would be thrown off the ship in the blink of an eye…and he'd never see Piper again. Stay calm, he breathed. Don't do anything rash.

"Finn don't you have something better to do than annoying people?" Said a female voice that made his heart leap with joy.

"Ugh! You're such a stick-in-the-mud Piper. I was just having some fun."

"Well have fun somewhere else."

"Whatever. Piper and Dark Ace sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"


The door opened and Dark Ace flinched against the sudden burst of light. There stood Piper. She looked a little annoyed after her altercation with Finn, but as her eyes met his, an amused and pitying smile curving her pretty lips. Unable to hold it in anymore, she burst out laughing.

Dark Ace glowered at her. "Don't you start."

"Sorry but you do look kind of funny sat in there. Here, I brought this for you." She showed him a sun crystal. "I just charged it, I thought you might want a bit of light." She placed it on the shelf above his head and snuggled up beside him on his sleeping bag. His body stiffened slightly as he was still annoyed at being mocked. "Come on, it's not that bad in here. I think it's quite cosy actually and you've got the mops to keep you company."

"Why you little…" He leapt on her and she laughed as he ravaged her throat playfully, kissing all the way up to her lips. Once they had both stopped laughing and caught their breath, they both realised the implications of the position they were in. He was straddling her, her legs either side of his and their bodies were melded tightly together. Piper's breath hitched in her throat. A hungry smile crept across Dark Ace's lips when he saw her embarrassment.

"What's wrong?" He whispered feverishly into her ear.

She shivered and he felt it.

"N…nothing, I…I just-" She shifted her leg slightly making contact with his groin, making him groan loudly.

"Piper…" His breath hitched.

God, I want her so badly...

Her heart pounded in time with his own. He wanted to kiss her soft, parted lips, but he restrained himself for her sake, not wanting to push her too far, for he knew she was experienced when is came to sex, but to his surprise a wolfish grin crept across her face and she cupped his cheek tenderly, her own cheeks touched by a blush.

"It's ok… " she breathed. "You can...if you want too."

He raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Even though we're in a store cupboard?"

She giggled in that girlish way of hers. "Yep."

With a small "hmm" sound he pressed his lips fiercely against hers and she surrendered to him completely, letting him explore her mouth and run his fingers along her body as she clawed desperately at his hair and neck. After what seemed like an eternity he released her lips and panted heavily, face flushed, dark hair in disarray.

"Piper… I'm warning you, I may lose control."

She cupped his cheek and smiled gently. "It's ok, just lose it."

With a lustful growl he was on her again, more ferocious this time and more needy, Piper could feel his muscular body move against hers, feel his ardent desire press against her thigh, as he nipped and kissed at her collarbone. Impatiently she began tearing at his armour unclasping buckles and pushing leather aside until he was shirtless. She traced her fingers curiously across his pale, toned torso and perfectly formed abs. Tentatively she traced the scar left over from Cyclonis's blade and he placed his hand upon hers.

"I'm alive because of you, I owe you everything Piper and I love you-"

Suddenly the door opened, the entwined occupants of the cupboard froze, staring up into the widened eyes of a rather shocked Stork. For a moment no one said anything or moved a muscle.

"Idiot. Don't you know how to knock?" snarled Dark Ace in annoyance.

The merb muttered something to himself about having a nervous breakdown and closed the door again.

Panicking, Piper extricated herself from Dark Ace's gangly form and burst out into the corridor.

"Stork, wait!"

The green merb eyed her with disapproving yellow eyes. "I…thought you were better than this Piper. The first rule of my ship is no…shenanigans. I have no choice but to tell Aerrow what has been going on behind his back."

She slammed her hands against the wall either side of his head, pinning him there, frightened tears glimmering in her eyes. "I don't want Aerrow to find out about this. I thought you were my friend Stork. Please, I don't want him to get hurt. The truth is...I love Dark Ace and I can't change that."

"Love?" He spluttered. "You...you love him?"

She lowered her eyes. "Yes," she said quietly.

Stork pointed an accusatory finger at her. "I knew it! You're not the real Piper, you're a clone created by aliens!"

Piper frowned in confusion. "What?"


She slapped him and that seemed to calm him down a little.

"Please, don't tell Aerrow."

"What's all this shouting about?" Asked Dark Ace as he emerged from the cupboard, still shirtless. Stork cupped a hand against the side of his face blocking the half-naked man from his periphery. "Alright Piper…I

"Thank you Stork!" She squealed, throwing her arms so hard around his neck that she nearly throttled him.

"But…but I'm doing this for you," he choked going a paler shade of green, "not for him."

Suddenly there came a loud crash accompanied by a sudden impact that nearly shook the three off their feet. Piper stumbled backwards and was caught in Dark Ace's awaiting arms.

"W…what was that!? Oh no, oh no!" Stork cried dashing off on the bridge. There, through the window of the cockpit, was a large Cyclonian destroyer flanked by hundreds of tiny skimmers. Stork's jaw fell open. "This is bad, this is very bad." He pulled the warning lever sounding the klaxon. "Cyclonians! We're under attack!"

"No…"stammered Dark Ace. His red eyes widened with dread as he recognised Ravess' flagship. "They've found me."

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