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Stars dotted the clear night sky above Risembool. The wind was calm and it wasn't too hot either. Off in the distance, the train that ran near the area could be heard bellowing it's deep chime to those preparing for red-eye rides. Most people in this quiet and calm area were in the world of dreams. Most…but not all. Two people remained awake still and even as the clock neared two in the morning, sleep for the two seemed improbable.

Within the holds of one Risembool resident, bolts and screws and screwdrivers of all head shapes littered the floor of a workroom and alongside most, if not, all of them were wrenches. Some were the size of planks and resembled massive props for an on-the-road sketch comedy show. Others were small, one hand wrenches that required more precise rotations. Due to the overuse of said instruments of creation and reparation, the luster they once held vanished. Not a single one of the one hundred plus tools in the room and upon floor glistened in the candlelit that kept the small room aglow. This showed that the mechanic responsible for the stripping of the luster worked diligently. A red bandana slightly darkened from the sweat that had accumulated at the base sat atop the head of the young worker.

"Wooohh boy. What a day..." The girl wipes away the beads of sweat that pebbled her forehead and releases an exaggerated sigh which showed both her fatigue and joy.

After a series of fights, arguments, shrill screams and tears, Winry Rockbell, the resident of this house little quaint and automail crafter, sat in a chair beside her newest pair of creations. The creations, or masterpieces as she would oh so affectionately refer to them as, were connected to the shoulder and thigh of a young, pallid skinned boy. To the world of law enforcing alchemists and alchemists alike, this boy was known as Wrath the Homunculi. At first glance, he seemed alright. At first glance, he didn't even seem to be a threat. He seemed like the kind of child that enjoyed countryside strolls, or just crying when we wanted a piece of candy or something from the store when one of his parents went. This wasn't the case. Though his large and forever immersive eyes were as beautifully dark was the night was long, they hid secrets and pains untold.

Winry, being the kind and caring soul that she was, managed to see past the crimes committed by the young sin and even went as far as to craft him new limbs. He'd lost them recently in a fight against The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric and his entrapped brother, Alphonse. In that fight he also lost something much more valuable. He lost the only thing he could call a mother.

After what seemed like a lifetime of wrapping coil after coil of wire around solenoids and calibrated spring after spring, Winry wiped the beads of sweat from her brow and sighed a fatigued sigh that, in one exaggerated breath, summarized her immense satisfaction of the task she had completed. The boy, Wrath, who had been writhing in pain for what equally seemed like a lifetime, turned only his red tinged eyes to her. To the side of his bloodshot oculars were salty and damp trails that led to the bloodied bed sheets below. Pain, pain and more pain seemed to be all he had to look forward to and because of this, his normally cheerful albeit sinister glow was replaced by an absence….an emotionless expressionless void. If your mother was transmuted into ethanol by a five foot four man-boy due to a lapse in judgment you had, then I'm sure your face would display exactly the same. The having your nerves synced with wires thing goes without say.

The automail mechanic dropped her wrench to the wooden floor where it landed with a metallic clang then a rattle and finally removed her mahogany leather gloves she wore when she made magic. Her hands were somewhat numb from the nonstop spinning, rotating and screwing of nuts and bolts she had assigned for herself. Finally, she stood from her chair, though slowly for her lower back had become accustomed to being bent forward. It murmured it's discontent with a series of cracks and pops and these murmurs weren't in the least bit pleasant. She would soon get acclimated again though. She always did.

"So…" Winry shakily initiated before her eyes met his empty ones. Striking up a conversation with someone she once viewed as a killer wasn't easy. "Um…so, do you want to test it out then Wrath?"

Wrath blinked a few times. The girl's voice came across as harmonic, though wanting. She was an artist of course so the level at which his new parts worked as well as his satisfaction with them would be no more than results and ratings.

"Well, go on. Wiggle your toes for me Wrath." She removed her red bandana from her hair allowing it to fall against her shoulders and back in a blonde cascade.

The child wiggled his toes. The springs and joints in them cringed and clunk, but it was light. Winry immediately deemed it normal and in her mind, did a back flip. Another success for the Rockbells. She may have done one then and there, but her body wouldn't allow. Her eyes met with Wrath's once more and this time, something of a message was exchanged. Although his parts were working and he could very well walk after becoming acclimated to it again, he didn't seem too pleased. His dark purple eyes seemed to just gaze with a certain detachment. In his saddened state, Wrath seemed jarringly empty. It wasn't hard to tell that the ailing boy's soul was still missing something.

"Listen Wrath…" Winry approached her patient from the side of the bed and looked down deep into the violet orbs of swirling emotions. "I know how it feels to lose someone important to you. Someone near and dear to your heart…I lost two…" She admitted. Wrath's eyes turned to her and his eerie, yet steely gaze gradually attained a weak, but noticeable glow as the girl spoke.

"It wasn't exactly the best period of my life. In fact, it may have been among, if not, the worst days of my life. I assure you though Wrath, you have people that care about you and are willing to help you throughout this. Trust me. When I thought I was alone…when I thought was ready to just end it all, I remembered I still had family. I still had friends."

Wrath's eyes didn't widen anymore. He could see through her soft words and the whirlwind of sentiments that rotated inside of him simply drowned them. His head drifted to the side and his hair fell over his pale face in a dark cascade. In his faux watched the flame atop the candle's wick waver and quiver in the streams of his breath.

~He's not in good shape at all still.~ Winry thought to herself as the child turned away from her. She could hear him crying on the other side. The motherly mechanic walked closer to the bed and Wrath's sobs became more frequent and louder. She now stood over the bed and the boy. As the crying became more solidified, Winry paused and let her pity for the boy named Wrath overtake her. A snicker echoed from her. She found it ironic how she was forced to take pity on a person named Wrath. The thought soon fleeted then she leaned over and placed a long soft kiss atop the child's forehead before slowly straightening to her full height again. She turned and started toward the door that led into the hallway.

In that instant, the young homunculi stopped tearing and silenced almost immediately. It was as if her show of affection and pity, her kiss, was a panacea for his sorrow, pain and anguish.

"Winry…" The sin finally found it in himself to speak, though with his head to the side, his words were a bit stifled.

"Yes Wrath?" Winry responded, her voice now more amiable and harmonic to the healing boy.

"Um...thank you...for the automail...a-and stuff."

Winry opened the door wider revealing a warm and motherly smile. Overworked and somewhat calloused, Winry still extended her hand to the boy. "C'mon Wrath." She initiated. "Let's get you into the tub and get you all cleaned up for bed okay?"

Her voice flowed smoothly against the younger's ear and her loving tone of her words entered him with no emotion barriers to block. He nodded and his somewhat heartwarming "jovial happy-child bearing shark-like teeth" smile formed widely across his pale face. His new automail emanated low clangs and cringes as he rotated atop his bottom so that his feet were inches above the floor. After sliding off of the bed, his legs immediately gave way causing him to fall into a kneeling position. The arm still retaining flesh caught him for the other couldn't.

"Whoa there kid!" Winry paced over to him and lifted him back onto the bed before giving off another sigh. "You can run and stuff yet. You have to get used to all first. You know, let your nerves get used to the wires. By the time you wake up, your body should be acquainted with it all okay?"

Wrath nodded at the mechanic's assuring words.

"Well, c'mon. I guess I can carry you to the bathroom since it's not too far down the hall." Winry thought to herself how much of a drag this part of the job was, but like she said, it wasn't far. No distance, no complaints. She took the young outpatient in her arms, cradling him, and exited sideways through the door so that, of course, Wrath wouldn't need more physical reparations.

They traversed the darkened hallway and once they reached the bathroom, Winry with Wrath still in her arms, shouldered the lightswitch. The light came on revealing a tub before them, a sink to the right of them, a latrine between the sink and the tub and a towel rack to the left. The towels edges were frilly and the tub, sink and latrine were as pallid as clouds. Against the white floor, that's what they seemed like.

Winry placed the top down on the latrine and sat the boy on top of it. He was tall enough for his feet to touch the floor. Normally as he awaited a bath from Sloth, he would kick his feet in anticipation, but this time he sat, twiddling his big toe over the larger nub of his metal attachment. Winry started a stream of warm water for the ailing boy and the steam caused him to look over. In the back of his mind, he expected his mother to reform from the water, but it was only oxygen and hydrogen. Nothing more, nothing less. This saddened him, but Winry, who seemed to share the same glow as his mother, kept him from bawling then and there.

Winry skimmed her hands across the surface of the water, then dipped her hand in it. She let out a long breath and relished in the feeling of warm water caressing his sore hands. She looked over to Wrath and grinned brightly. "It feels so good...I think you'll enjoy this Wrath." She assured. "A nice bath will wash all your troubles away and that I promise. It'll also wash away all the sweat you've built up during the operations." His body glistened in the lights above the sink. The sweat that had built up against his small yet muscular accentuated his small yet muscular frame. Beneath a skin tight black belly shirt and dark shorts, it was often unnoticed. Dressed now only in dark swimming trunk-like shorts, Winry noticed and would occasionally stare. He was a child, but his body was somewhat alluring possibly even more so than Ed's. She wondered what he would feel like beneath her touch. It wasn't as if she hadn't touched him enough that day what with all the kicking, screaming and biting he did so that he could evade his eventual restraint.

She shook her head as if to remove such thoughts and returned from her squat to full height again then turned and faced the boy before lowering to her knees.

"Okay Wrath." The mechanic said to the boy. His attention was garnered and his raven eyes shifted from the tips of his toes to her. "Let's get these dirty things off of you then huh?" She slide her index her fingers into the sides of the dark gray shorts and pulled them towards her. Wrath, just going with the flow for now, raised his bottom up allowing the shorts to slide off of his body. Due to the sweat that had accumulated, they rolled into a ruffle as she pulled them from his ankles.

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After Winry removed the boy's shorts, instead of going back to twiddling his toes about, his legs reflexively opened. He hadn't 'breathed' in ages and being submerged in sweat wasn't exactly helping anything either. His upper body fell back onto the backside of the latrine and his dark hair fell upon his chest and left eye. Sitting in this position, Winry couldn't help but have her eyes become attached to the sight before her. Earlier she had taken notice of how lean the boy's body was, but now that he was sitting less than inches away from her fully nude, she could examine her curiosity in full. His face, although sad, was more alluring than his healthy physique was and the way his dark unkempt hair rested top his chest and belly, was almost enough to set her off right there. To add to her growing subconscious arousal, his member rested only two feet before her. Although there was sweaty tinge to it, it wasn't repugnant in the least. In fact, to her, much like his entire naked body, was alluring. As for the size, which she too question, it was the right size and proportion for someone his age, but then again, it was flaccid. She was sure that even in erection, it would still be of average size for someone his age, but as a Homunculi, she didn't know what to expect. Although she didn't want to admit and tried not to think about it, she wanted it to be bigger that would she expected. Along with the automail components now merged with his flesh, Winry viewed the boy as a work of art.

Wrath remained oblivious to her stare and simply stared back at her for a few moments. He twisted his dark strands about his organic index finger. "Winry..."

The girl snapped back to reality, but she suppressed the surprised reaction. She only blinked when he called. "Umm, yes Wrath."

"Just now...before we left the room..." He started with a weak stammer. "You...you kissed me...on my forehead. Mommy would do that just before she umm...just before she read me a story and sent me to bed." His lower lip found its way between his teeth and he nibbled it lightly nervously. His eyes diverted to the bathtub full of steaming water. He wished he could hide in the haze as he stammered to Winry. Too bad he couldn't.

"I was just wondering...could you kiss me again?" He finally managed to get out his request. "I-I won't be mad if you say no. I...I was just wondering and-" Before he could finish, Winry had her lips placed against his forehead, kissing in a motherly manner though this time, she held the kiss for a moment. After she broke the kiss, she licked her lips of the sweat and water that had built up from the events and the steam. Wrath couldn't see her do this. He was only worried about feeling his mother again. Her warm embrace and her tender kisses. Unexpectedly, he was kissed again in the same place atop his forehead. Once more, then once more.

On the fourth kiss, Wrath brought his hands up to the sides of Winry's face. The young sin caressed her cheeks and relished in the soft texture of her face. It was like Sloth's. Her texture was always soft due to her being somewhat liquid. The boy leaned forward and Winry lowered back into her knees as she kept her eyes transfixed with Wrath's. He was now leaning forward and gazing into her eyes deeply. He seemed to be searching for something within her. His right eye quivered and his lower lip once again found its way between his teeth. Winry raised her hand and placed it against the grooves of his automail hand.

Winry leaned toward the child and Wrath, having no understanding of his current set of emotions, just sat there, his body trembling as a tingling pressure built in his waist down. Their lips met each other in a kiss and Winry, practically melting within the boy's awkward return, traced her hand forward against the boy's soft somewhat plush cheek. Her slender fingers explored the somber waterfall that was Wrath's dark locks. Her right thumb grazed his upper ear . Wrath's metallic addition stroked the length of her neck. He could feel her. He could feel the heat emanating from her being. Realizing each other, they open their eyes and their gazes meet.

The girl's dreamily drunken eyes refocused before she broke her kiss with the kid. She looked at him and he looked at her for a moment again. She knew what she had done was wrong and now, due to her snap reaction, he recoiled quickly himself and cringed prepared for some form of reprimand. They didn't exchange words. Winry only stood and exited to the closet leaving the nude child sitting atop the latrine shrinking as if expecting something painful.

She found it hard to explain how all of that felt. Generalizing it was even more of a task. Regardless of the taboo she had just committed herself to, she didn't feel any remorse. Wrath was sad just like she was at one point. She didn't have much to comfort her. If being his mommy for one day would help him, then she figured that it was right. She also acknowledged that while that may have been justification, it was only a shallow justification of her sinful exploration. In other words…it was a self-deception. Her lips curled inward and she opened the closet door.

(AN: I hate that word. Dunno why.) Wrath sat atop the toilet with his knees folded beneath his chin protectively. A life with Envy, a deeply disturbed man who'd either beat or do far worse things to him, instilled within him the thought that the first sign of disappoint were the last signs of patience. The following would be actions unspeakable. A tear trickled from his uncovered eye onto his knee and another fell just at the base of his belly. He could hear the light footsteps of the automail mechanic approaching…he was quivering now. As she entered, he placed his face down and drew himself in even more. He was prepared for what he thought was his awaiting punishment…

"Wrath?" The symphonic voiced called out to him.

Dark violet eyes tinged with red drifted up to the girl. When he noticed her standing with a washcloth and towel, his heart uplifted and he shot to his feet excitedly. Winry had this time managed to keep her gaze upon his face and not his lower extremities. She found this task easy only because it hung just on the edge of her peripheral. Her smile incurred a smile from him and the two looked at each other in acceptance of what had just transpired. The girl lowered to her knees and faced the tub once more before looking over at Wrath whose face sheltered a grand smile. His smile exuded thanks as loudly as her smile exuded a welcome.

After dropping a pastel bar of soap into the water, Winry looked over to Wrath and tapped the edge the bath and lightly splashed the water inviting him. "Okay Wrath. Time for your bath..."

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