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You Are My Life Now.

Chapter 1

Edwards POV

Just another grey and dreary day in Forks, Washington State. Or was it?

My name is Edward Cullen and I am an 109 year old vampire. I was turned by my later to be adopted father Carlisle when I was 17 on my death bed from Spanish Influenza. I live with Carlisle, Esme my adopted mother and my adopted siblings Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice. We are not like other vampires we are vegetarians, a private joke between our family because we drink only the blood of wild animals. It keeps us strong whilst never really quenching our thirst.

My siblings and I attend Forks High School, we pretty much keep to ourselves, the other kids keep their distance. I guess we have an aura about us. Who knows? Today starts out pretty much like any day at Forks High, class, listening to the thoughts of adolescent boys with raging hormones. The raging hormones were not always restricted to the boys, Jessica Stanley often had impure thoughts about me and my body. Little did she know that her only appeal to me was her blood and even then I would need to have not one alternative. I chuckle to myself as I make my way to the canteen where I will meet the rest of my family for the lunch break.

They are already sat at our usual table, I join the queue for food and absentmindedly fill my tray.( we have to keep up some sort of pretense) Soon I become aware that nearly all the boys and girls thoughts are on a girl new to our school Isabella Swan. Her father is our local police chief and a frenzy is brewing in anticipation of her arrival.( What will she look like, is she prettier than me, will she date me, will she be up for a little Mike loving, wonder if her father keeps tabs on her all the time) I gather that she is already on the premises and currently getting her timetable from the main office. Why are they so interested I wonder?

All of a sudden the door to the canteen swings open and in walks a girl with long brown hair, she is looking at her feet and stumbles along to join the queue for food. I am conscious that I hear nothing of her thoughts. Maybe she has no thoughts, maybe she is stupid and does not think in her head. Why am I so bothered I ask myself? Just then she stumbles passed me knocking her tray which teeters precariously in her hands before tipping to one side. She gasps as I grab the tray and straighten it in her hands. 'Sorry' she says blushing the most delightful pink colour. Something hits me straight in the gut and soon travels south to my now extremely hard and throbbing penis. Her scent is like strawberries, fressias and the scent of her blood is so tantalizingly potent and very very tempting. The shock of that reaction alone makes my venom fill my mouth in anticipation of what is to come. Swiftly she looks to the ground and continues to an empty chair on the table with Jessica Stanley and her cronies.

I reach my family and sit down to several raised eyebrows from Alice, Rosalie and Emmett. 'What'? I say. Alice sniggers a 'you'll see' whilst Rose and Em just want to know why I drew attention to myself by getting a raging hard on in the middle of the school canteen. .Em's thoughts are loud and clear in my mind 'no one else may have noticed your wood Edward but we sure the hell did,' one it is very very rare for me to react to anything that way and two I usually have more control over my reactions. I'm a little flustered again not a common occurrence for me. Why the hell was I reacting like this to a human girl I didn't even know. Em again shouts in my head ' well at least you're a man Edward, we were beginning to wonder and packing a wood in public, whoo. I am so proud of you, my little bro getting his first wood in public'. I sigh realizing I am in for some real stick over the coming days.

Lunch is over and my afternoon consists of Biology, I make my way to the lab and sit at my usual seat. The other kids amble in taking their places, chattering and laughing. I look up and see the new girl coming into the room with Eric Yorkie one of Jessica Stanley's friends and school nerd. He hands the girl over to the teacher who promptly shows her to the vacant seat next to me. My fists clench and it is all I can do to remain seated. Once again her scent heads straight to my nether regions and in seconds another raging hard on is pulsating against my now extremely tight and uncomfortable jeans. I have to swallow several mouth fulls of venom . She looks over to me recognising me from the canteen and smiles shyly. I glare at her. I don't mean to, it's the only reaction that I can give right now. I know I'm being very unfair. Throughout the lesson I continue to stare and glare at Isabella Swan, it takes every fibre of who I am not to sink my teeth into her delectable neck and drain her of every ounce of her blood. I want also to pull her into my arms and onto the lab table top and satisfy my other carnal urges in a way I have never even thought about before. Surprise, shock and most of all fear drives me to leave at the end of the lesson at vampire speed. I just have to get out of there, away from Forks, away from her. Its ridiculous I know and in my head I know this too but right now I am so scared of failing my family and letting the whole of Forks High know just what I am. I run straight to my car and head to see Carlisle and the hospital where he works. I tell him my reaction and dilemma, as always he is calm and sympathetic, we swap cars and I head to Alaska, we have friends there in Denali. Tanya and her family like us are vegetarian vampires. They are happy for me to stay there as long as I want, although that in itself poses another series of problems.