AN: So after watching these movies I wanted to write some KB fic…and Elle Driver made herself a spot in my plotbunnies. So, here you go.

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You could put a viper in a wedding gown, but you'd still have a viper. A traitor of a viper who needed to be taken down, but you'd still have the exact same viper. Vipers can shed skin, but they're always vipers. It didn't take a genius, honestly. Elle Driver knew what that damn Bride thought she could escape.

People these days. They act like they know everything about life; but really, they're living it in fear of the rules.

Life was a dangerous game, and Elle Driver knew the only way to go about it was to break every rule there was. Difficulty was nothing. If difficulty was her concern, she would be…well, she certainly would not have gotten to that falling-apart trailer of Budd's by blazing down a desert highway one hundred a fifty miles an hour with a patch over where her eye had been, ready for whatever the fighters and failures of the world had to toss her way.

She smiled. Life could be so easy sometimes.

The Bride thought she could run, but this was one time where she couldn't pick up her cold feet and run from the altar. This was one time where Elle Driver would not be shoved to the side.

In a few minutes, she'd be the one to walk out with a new sword, and her money, and her victory, and her old Black Mamba snake. Two deadly, unstoppable snakes. How was "snake" an insult when they could do what they did? She'd walk out, and she might be a new California Mountain Snake (they were really called California Mountain King Snakes), some sort of ecdysis going through her.

But really, it was just another step in a brilliant, dangerous game she loved so much.

When Elle Driver lunged forward, ready for all the Bride had, ready for whatever the world thought it could confuse her with, she couldn't help but laugh.