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Tashigi walked across the ship, surveying the damage which had been sustained through the battle. Even though they had had Commodore Smoker on their side, many brave men had been severely wounded fighting against that one man. That battle, while could have been avoided, had left the ship in a terrible condition with the mast likely to snap in two without immediate attention, meaning that they couldn't lower the sails in case anything unexpected happened. Marines ran across the deck, doing their best to try and fix up as much as they could but they were still ecstatic over the fact that they had captured that man.

Tashigi adjusted her glasses as she weaved in between men who were doing their best to return the ship into its former condition. She found herself leaning against the railing and recalled how she had swung the sword viciously at her opponent only for it to go straight through him as if it was nothing. Tashigi had never felt that hopeless in her life and it scared her badly, knowing that that man had the power to sink the ship with a flare of his fist. Tashigi had been petrified when the man adjusted his hat and his eyes had fallen upon her, bullets flying through his body at every moment. Tashigi had expected him to slaughter her without question, but when he sent a genuine smile in her direction she couldn't help but feel confused.

While the marines had taken the initiative and started attacking on their own right, the pirate had simply come aboard the ship looking for information. However, when one of the marines sent a cannonball into the small ship, which could only be controlled by his devil fruit powers, destroying it instantly all hell broke loose. Or so Tashigi had thought would have happened. Instead, the man had remained completely calm and asked the marines for a lift to the nearest island or a den den mushi so that he could call up some of his companions. It was around this time that Commodore Smoker had entered the fray.

While the fight had been fairly even, it was clear that the pirate was holding back as well as the Commodore. Tashigi knew that if either of them were fighting at half of their actual capacity the boat wouldn't have lasted a minute and as such all of them would have died. Tashigi, and probably Smoker for that matter, would have to admit that the pirate was incredibly clear headed for someone in that situation.

"What are you thinking about Tashigi?" asked Smoker as he came and stood next to the blue haired woman. Smoke sifted through Smoker's teeth as he took a puff of his cigar.

"It's about yesterday," said Tashigi honestly. "It just seemed so unnatural."

"I will admit, while it was odd he did have a good reason for it," said Smoker as he looked out to sea. "He was looking for a man who killed one of his Nakama and as such it was his role as that man's superior to clean up the mess."

"But why would he attack a marine vessel?" asked Tashigi turning to dace the higher ranking officer.

"He never made the first attack, all he was really after was information on where this man would be," said Smoker as he took the cigar out of his mouth and threw it into the ocean. "If we hadn't destroyed his boat then he could have escaped at anytime during that fight."

"So the only reason he was fighting was for defence," analysed Tashigi.

"Never once during our battle did he use an offensive move but you could see from the look on his face that he knew he couldn't win," said Smoker as he rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. "Even if he did win there was no way he could escape."

"Then why didn't he just give in?" asked Tashigi.

Smoker turned and looked at her, a strange look in his eyes. "Because he was having too much fun."


Tashigi walked down into the brig, unsure of what she was going to say to the captive. In all honesty, she was only going down to see him again as if to find out more about the mysterious man. They had secured him with Sea Stone handcuffs so there was no way that he could do any damage without seriously damaging himself. While the handcuffs meant that he no longer had access to his devil fruit power, he was still a force to be reckoned with.

She found herself starring at the man and the tattoo imprinted on his back, the one symbolising that you were a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. His head shifted around, as if only just noticing that someone was there behind him. Getting to his feet, the pirate walked over to the side of the cage causing Tashigi to back away against the nearest wall, knowing all too well that if this man was free that she could be dead within a few seconds. He leant against the metal bars and smiled at the marine, making her all the more nervous as she tightened her grip on her katana.

"Can I help you?" asked Portgas D Ace as he smiled at the woman.


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