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There was a mad rush on deck as every marine left their rooms to see the cause of the loud commotion they had heard. All of the marines looked on in shock as the foam receded back into the watery depths to show a pirate ship with a sheep like figure head. The black flag sailed high in the air with the infamous mark of a skull wearing a straw hat, no doubt this was the pirate crew they were expecting.

Tashigi just stared at it and placed a hand on Shigure, this was the opportunity she had been waiting for, to get even with Roronoa Zoro. She saw the pirates on deck, trying to focus on what they had just gone through. The sail was tied to the mast, meaning that if they were going to try to make an escape they would have to unfurl the sails and get prepared while fighting off marines. Not an easy task by any means, however, with the explosive power of a man capable of taking down one of the Shichibukai they would need all forces on deck, including the sick Commodore.

Tearing her eyes off the ship, she leapt and bound up the necessary stairwells before reaching Smoker's room. "Commodore!" she said bursting in but a shocked expression spread across her face when she didn't see a man with white hair and a large frame, in his stead stood a thin man wearing an orange hat.

"Fire Fist!" she exclaimed pulling her sword out of its sheath, already knowing that she had no real way of capturing him. However, if she could just prevent him from reaching the Straw Hat pirates then at least they could walk away with one criminal. He looked up from his hand, a Vivre card positioned in it, and saw Tashigi standing at the doorway. He threw her one of his charming smiles and Tashigi felt her legs go weak but she still managed to keep on her feet. "What are...what are you doing here?" she said trying to sound confident but her shaking knees deceived her.

"Just picking up my things," said Ace as he grabbed his backpack and threw it over his right shoulder.

"Where's the Commodore?" she asked, her voice quivering. "He was here a minute ago."

"Was he?" he said with a cunning smile. It was then that the penny dropped for Tashigi. Her face went limp as she dropped to her knees, Shigure falling from her hand. Her hands rose to her mouth as she stared at the floor, ashamed of the fact that she had spilt her most inner feelings to the one that they were about. Not only that but he had kissed her, and she had kissed back. She had enjoyed it immensely at the time and with this new revolution she had thought that she would feel a stab of pain. It was not the case. If anything she wanted to do it again, to have those fiery lips placed once more upon her own. She knew it was against rules and regulations, but it had felt perfect at the time and she would easily give up her position if it meant that she could see that smile every day.

She looked up, she wanted to say something and the words had reached her mouth but Ace was nowhere to be seen. With newfound courage, she grabbed hold of her katana before getting to her feet and looking out of the room to find the entire crew manhandled and in severe pain as flower petals floated through the air. Forgetting it for now, she focused her attention to the pirate ship which had successfully lowered its main sail and has started to move with the wind. The pirates all seemed to be celebrating something. Upon closer inspection, she found Ace standing on the rail with one hand gripped tightly on some rope for balance. He turned his head slightly, so that it was perpendicular to both ships. With his spare hand, he pushed his hat up and out of his eyes before giving his trademark smile.


In the aftermath of the battle, it was found that the crew had been defeated single handily by Nico Robin and her devil fruit power. Tashigi didn't know how to take the fact that this woman was part of the already infamous crew but simply took it in stride. Straw Hat Luffy seemed like the kind of guy to act on gut instinct so hopefully he knew what he was doing.

The crew found Commodore Smoker, gagged, cuffed in Sea-stone handcuffs and stripped to only his underwear. When he had recovered from his mental outburst several hours later, he informed the crew that there was to be no mention of Fire Fist Ace ever being onboard their ship to headquarters and that the entire crew should forget the entire scenario. Most agreed on the stipulation, knowing that it was probably for the best. However, Tashigi would never be able to forget that kiss and his irresistible smile no matter how hard she tried. Not that she tried very hard.


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