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"Look at us, huh? On our way to Paris, business class, no mare canvas seats or priority rides." Tony DiNozzo was excited. He felt almost like a little kid on their way to Disneyland.

Unfortunately, Ziva David didn't share his excitement. It was a short, strictly business trip to pick up a witness from the American Embassy. That was it. It wasn't that she wasn't looking forward to going to Paris, because she was, she just hadn't expected Tony to be so...what was that expression...over the sun? No, that wasn't right. Whatever it was, he had been talking about it for two weeks, ever since they found it they would be going.

"Smile," Tony said, holding the camera in front of them and snapping a lovely couple shot. Obediently, Ziva smiled for the camera, but wiped it away as soon as he brought it down.

"What are you doing?"

"I've always wanted to see Paris; I just want as many memories as possible. It's probably not gonna happen again. At least not for a while."

"Tony, I hate to break it to you, but we're not in Paris. We're in a plane at the airport, so put the camera away."

He slipped the camera back into its case. "Sorry."

The plane ride was...long. Ziva read her book most of the way, and when she finished it, Tony thought he would finally be able to talk to her and she pulled out a book of Sudoku puzzles.

"An eight goes in that square," he said, pointing to one of the tiny boxes on the page. She checked to see if he was right, and then drew a perfect eight.

"Thanks," she said.

Both of them politely refused any food apart from dinner, and Tony took a nap for a few hours, and finally they arrived at their destination. Nine in the evening Paris time.

As they stepped out of the plane, Tony inhaled deeply. "Smell that, Ziva? That's the smell of Paris."

"Oh just shut up," she hit him playfully on the shoulder. She was a little irritable, but she wasn't mad at Tony.

"Sorry," he said again.

"Don't apologise. You can't help it. Come on, let's get through customs and then I'll call us a cab."

He nodded. "You're doing all the talking, right?"

"Of course! I am not going to let you embarrass me by trying to speak French."

"Thanks for that."

Once they passed all the airport security and had finally gotten away from all the noise, safe and sound inside a French taxi, which Tony thought smelled equally as bad as some of the ones in DC, Ziva gave the driver the address of their hotel and they were there within a half hour. They checked in at the front desk and the young, quite beautiful front desk clerk gave them a key.

"You didn't flirt with her," Ziva commented as they entered an elevator.

"I don't speak French, and she wasn't really my type. Besides, she probably thinks we're married."

Ziva rolled her eyes.

"We'd better call Gibbs to tell him we're here and safe," she said, changing the subject.

"I've already done it," Tony replied proudly.

"You have? When?"

"While you were blabbing to the airport security guy."

"I was not blabbing."

"Whatever you wanna call it, that's when I did it."

The door of their room made a click as Ziva pushed the key in and it swung open. Inside it was lovely. There were silky sheets and a large flat screen TV was mounted on the wall of the bedroom and the living room. There was a balcony with a perfect view of the city.

"Since when did the company start paying for this?" Tony wondered aloud.

Ziva shrugged.

"Who's taking the couch? Wanna flip for it?" He pulled a quarter out of his pocket.

"We'll decide later. Right now I'm starving."

The two tossed their bags aside and went to the hotel restaurant. Usually, a reservation was required but they had a free table that night. A waiter led them to their seats, right by the fireplace, which was lucky on such a cold night, and took their orders. The fire made Tony's emerald eyes sparkle and surrounded him with a soft orange glow. It was a little more intimate than they had expected, but a lovely meal all the same. It did, however, take a while for them to eat because they became engaged in a conversation that seemed to cover everything under the sun from movies to their work at NCIS. They jumped from subject to subject randomly yet there was still some sort of flow to it all.

At ten, they headed back up to their room. While Tony showered, Ziva stepped out onto the balcony in the freezing night. She could see the Eiffel Tower. It was a breathtaking view. No matter how long you stared at it, no time seemed to pass at all, when in reality, it passed quite quickly.

Ziva was lost in the wonder that was Paris, and it reminded her all too much of Jenny and Gibbs and what they once had. In a way she felt sorry for Gibbs. She knew he had feelings for her and he never admitted it and now it was far too late. But at least they had Paris. A memory for him to treasure. Something to answer those burning questions of 'What if?'.

She turned and went back inside as the cold was making her shiver, and she sat down on the bed, fiddling with a ring she had on her finger, given to her by Abby for Christmas the year before. She took it off and examined it closely, but it fell out of her fingers and rolled under the bed, so she crawled under there to get it.

Completely on cue, the suave Agent DiNozzo exited the bathroom and saw her rummaging under there. Obviously, she heard him, but she knew there was no point in moving; she was halfway under the bed and would hit her head if she tried to move quickly, which she did.

"Ow!" she reached up and felt the wooden board above her. She could feel something in the wood. Carefully and slowly, she rolled onto her back and saw something she never expected: two words carved into the word with a heart around them.

Jenny & Jethro

"Tony, you have to see this," she yelled.

"Well, I'm not really sure both of us would fit..."

"But you need to see it."

He kneeled down and passed his phone to her. "Take a photo."

Once she had taken the picture, she tried to get out, not without difficulty. Tony grabbed her leg and pulled, which did help. She handed him the phone.

"I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the effort," she said, slipping her ring back onto her finger.

Tony gazed at the photo. It wasn't very good because there was no light under there, but he could just make out two words. He froze. Could this be the bed that Gibbs and Jenny had once shared. Tony and Ziva's heads turned towards the bed in synchronised motion, and then to each other.

"Don't call it destiny, Tony," Ziva whispered.

"I wasn't going to," he whispered back. "Coincidence?"

"It must be. I just have trouble coming to terms with the whole 'Gibbs breaking his own rules' thing."

"It wouldn't be a first time."

"No, you're right, it wouldn't." She inhaled deeply. They both stared out the window at the Parisian skyline. Neither of them cared to acknowledge the elephant in the room for a long time.

"'What if?'" Tony said. "It's the same old question every time. Don't say you've never wondered what it would be like."

"Maybe I have," Ziva replied. She was extremely stubborn at times. He gave her a look.

"I have."

He pulled her in for a kiss, and the circumstances made Ziva stop thinking temporarily. She let it happen. It was never meant to happen. It started out as something small and grew. Neither of them could believe it was happening.

Kiss me too fiercely

Hold me too tight

I need help believing

You're with me tonight

There were no words. Almost silence. Not even the thoughts in their heads were making them hear voices, there was only them, and the rest of the world melted away into nothing.

Just for this moment

As long as you're mine

I've lost all resistance

And crossed some borderline

And if it turns out

It's over too fast

I'll make every last moment last

As long as you're mine

They had one night. They didn't rush, they absorbed every sweet moment they spent together. Were they continuing a vicious cycle? One day, Gibbs would have to retire, and no doubt he would get his own team one day. Would his young agents take their own trips to Paris?

Every moment

As long as you're mine

I'll wake up my body

And make up for lost time

Paris was their escape. Their once in a lifetime chance to do something you've wanted to do for years. Nobody would ever know, nothing would ever happen after tonight.

Say there's no future

For us as a pair

And though I may know

I don't care

As long as you're mine

As long as you're mine, nothing else matters. As long as you're mine right at this moment, I could die tomorrow and know that I lived my life to the fullest. As long as you're mine, I'm yours. As long as you're mine, I have something to live for. As long as you're mine, the fear is gone, I'm no longer bitter and blue, and the temptation doesn't feed on my insides. We're defying gravity, it's for good, and as long as you're mine, I couldn't be happier.

See what I did there? In case you didn't, here's a quick explanation:

As long as you're mine, nothing else matters. As long as you're mine right at this moment, I could die tomorrow and know that I lived my life to the fullest. As long as you're mine, I'm yours. As long as you're mine, I have something to live for. As long as you're mine, the fear is gone, I'm no longer bitter and blue, and the temptation doesn't feed on my insides. We're defying gravity, it's for good, and as long as you're mine, I couldn't be happier.

As Long As You're Mine-title of the song and the story, from "Wicked" the musical.

Fear-song sung by Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto. Used as a backing track at one point in the episode "Aliyah" if I am not mistaken).

Bitter and Blue-song by Michael Weatherly

Temptation-song sung by Ziva in "Last Man Standing"

Defying Gravity, For Good and I Couldn't Be Happier- songs from the musical "Wicked".

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