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Chapter 1

Dean was packing the last of his clothes in the very rustic room of the Great Pines Motel in Chicago. It wasn't one of the nicest motels the brothers had encountered, but it also wasn't the worst.

Sam and Dean Winchester had spent the last four days chasing and eventually beheading a couple of ghouls. The brothers weren't sure where they were heading next, but they thought it best to pack up and hit the road anyway.

It was at that point that Dean received a call from Bobby.

"Hey Bobby, what's up?" The older brother asked.

"Hey boy, you and Sam OK – you get them ghouls?"


"Good. I got a favour to ask you boys". Bobby continued.

"Go on...". Dean replied.

"There's a young woman in Pontiac Illinois – Ava Collins. She's the daughter of an old friend of mine. She knows all about the Supernatural from her father".

"Is her father a hunter?" Dean asked, thinking that the name Collins wasn't a hunters name that he recognised.

"No, but he helped me out a few years ago. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago, but Ava contacted me earlier, as she's found some traces of sulphur at the windows of her home and to be honest, she sounded pretty shook up. I know you boys are closer than me and I hoped you'd check it out". Bobby said.

"Sure, give me the address and we'll head there". Dean replied "It should only take us an hour or so".

After Dean had written down Ava Collins address and Bobby had reassured him that she would be expecting Sam and Dean, Dean began the journey to Nutswood Lane, Pontiac Illinois, while Sam rode shotgun.

"So, who is she?" Sam asked.

"Bobby knew her Dad, but it sounds like demons have been at her place – she's found sulphur". The older brother replied.

The journey took the Winchesters around an hour, which was a pretty short ride for them. They were soon parking the Impala outside there destination. Ava Collins' home was a reasonably sized house, with a white door and cream curtains at both the downstairs and upstairs windows.

Sam was first to exit the Impala, and he gave his long, lean legs a much needed stretch as he did so.

"Nice place". Dean observed. Sam nodded in agreement.

The brothers made their way to the front door and Sam knocked lightly on the door.

Within moments the door opened and Ava appeared. She was about 5"2, average build with wavy, blonde shoulder length hair. Both Sam and Dean noticed how pretty she was. Her green eyes almost seemed to sparkle, Sam noted.

"Ava Collins?" Dean asked.

"Yes – Sam and Dean?" She smiled.

"I'm Dean, this is my brother Sam".

"Please, come in". She replied, moving aside so that the hunters could enter her home.