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Author's notes: I'm back with another fiction, and of course it's going to be Bamon again!

Since English is not my native language please bear with me!

Summary: In the process of dealing with the aftermath of the revenge someone took on him Damon is growing closer to a certain witch...Set after the episode "Bloodlines".

-Making the best of it-

It was Friday evening and Stefan and Elena were just arriving the boarding house after having spent some time at the Grill with playing pool and chatting with friends.

"We are lucky, Damon is out again." Stefan said when they entered the house.

"Don't you think that it's weird? His car is still parked in the driveway and we haven't seen him for a couple of days now." Elena replied.

"He's probably looking for another way to open that tomb. Ever since Bonnie destroyed the crystal he's trying to find an alternative."

„We should at least try and call him." Elena said and pulled her cellphone out of her pocket.

"Since when do you have Damon's number?" Stefan asked curiously.

"He added his number to my contacts himself when we were in Atlanta." Elena explained while dialing the number.

It took quite some time until the phone was answered, but she couldn't hear a voice.

"Damon? Is that you?" she asked.

"He picked up the phone, but he doesn't talk to me." Elena addressed Stefan.

Stefan took her phone and attempted to talk to his brother himself.

"Damon? Stop fooling around and tell us where you are."

Suddenly the line went dead. Stefan tried to call him again, but this time it went straight to voice mail.

"I think I could hear someone breathing." Stefan said.

„That is weird. I think we should look for him." Elena demanded.

„Elena, he's a vampire. He can take care of himself. We should be more worried about what he might be planning right now." Stefan replied.

"But nevertheless he could be hurt. I have the feeling that there's something wrong."

"And where are we supposed to start looking for him? He could be everywhere."

Stefan sighed when he noticed Elena's facial expression. The way she looked at him made it obvious that she wouldn't back down. He didn't like the fact that Elena and his brother had formed some kind of a bond during their trip to Atlanta, but he would do anything to make his girlfriend happy. Even if that meant he had to look for Damon.

"We should ask Bonnie for help. I know that witches are able to perform spells to locate someone."

Elena smiled gratefully at Stefan and immediately called her best friend.

Bonnie hesitated at first. She had already read about those spells but she wasn't so fond of looking for Damon Salvatore. Not so long ago said vampire had tried to kill her and she honestly wouldn't mind if something had happened to him. But realizing how much it meant to Elena she eventually agreed.

About half an hour later Bonnie arrived at the boarding house. Since Bonnie's Dad was home they had decided to do the magic there.

"I'm going to need one of his personal belongings." the young witch explained.

Stefan nodded and went upstairs to Damon's room. He returned with one of Damon's sunglasses and handed it to Bonnie. She laid it on the table placed four candles around it and set them alight. Once again she reread the spell in the book that her Grandmother had given her and eventually closed her eyes and started to chant. When she stopped Stefan and Elena looked at her full of expectation. Bonnie's eyes remained closed and it was obvious that she was still highly concentrated.

"I can see him lying on the ground somewhere in the woods." she finally spoke up.

"Here in Mystic Falls?" Elena asked.

"Yes, I think it's not far from the lake. But something is wrong." Bonnie answered confused an opened her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Stefan asked.

"The book says that you can feel the aura of the person that you're trying to locate. Usually when I'm in the presence of Damon I can feel the darkness and the cold that surrounds him, but this time it was missing." Bonnie explained.

The three of them looked unsure at each other but eventually got up and left the house to look for Damon. They took Elena's car which was the largest and drove to the lake. During the car ride Stefan scanned the area next to the road but couldn't find anything suspicious. When they finally arrived the lake it was almost dark outside. Stefan walked ahead whereas the girls were following him in a close distance. Suddenly he stopped.

"Someone is here. I can hear a heartbeat." he whispered.

Elena and Bonnie frantically looked around.

"Over there." Bonnie said and pointed to a figure lying on the ground.

Elena immediately recognized the black leather jacket and hurried over to Damon not caring about who or where the other person might be whose heartbeat Stefan had detected. Damon was unconscious and lying on his left side. His cellphone was lying next to him, the display was dark and the battery empty. Elena nudged him but didn't get any kind of response. When Stefan approached them she noticed the dumbfounded look on his face.

"Stefan, what's wrong?"

"It's Damon's heart that I can hear beating." he said deadpan.

The girls glanced unbelieving at Stefan and then back at Damon.

Bonnie was the first who recovered from the shock. "Let's get him back to the boarding house. We won't find out what happened by standing here and staring at each other."

Stefan hesitantly crouched down next to his brother and picked him up. Damon remained unconscious during the whole car ride and also didn't wake up when he was carried upstairs to his room. Stefan put Damon on his bed and took off his boots and jacket. Bonnie stepped forward and briefly touched Damon's hand.

"Definitely human." she confirmed.

Since Damon was still not awake they left the room and went downstairs to the living room.

"I had no clue that it's possible to turn a vampire back into a human." Stefan said amazed.

"But I take it that Damon wouldn't let someone turn him into a human willingly." Elena replied.

"No, he's way too obsessed with his power and abilities. Let alone the fact that he's still trying to get Katherine back." Stefan agreed.

"I'm going to check those books that my Grams gave me and in case I won't find anything I'm going to visit her tomorrow." Bonnie suggested.

After Bonnie had left Elena called Jenna to ask her if she could stay at the boarding house. Jenna wasn't too fond of the idea but eventually agreed. Once again Elena and Stefan checked on Damon, but the older Salvatore was still asleep. As there wasn't anything they could do at the moment, they decided to call it a day and also went to bed.

It was in the middle of the night when Damon finally woke up. He was surprised that he was lying in his bed and tried to ignore the massive headache. His throat was also aching so he decided to go down to the kitchen and grab some bloodbags hoping that once he had fed some of the stored blood he would feel good enough to go out and hunt. Staggering down the stairs he tried to remember what had happened and why he felt so weak and sore but his mind was blank.

Stefan was woken by a low thud that he had only registered thanks to his vampire hearing. When he sat up Elena also woke up.

"What's up?" she asked bleary.

"Damon is up. He's downstairs in the kitchen." Stefan replied.

They hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen where they were greeted with a horrible sight. Damon was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He was still holding a bloodbag in his hand and blood was trickling down his chin.

"Something's wrong with the blood. It tastes disgusting." he muttered weakly when he noticed Elena and Stefan.

"It's not the blood, Damon. It's you. You're human." Stefan replied.