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Once Bonnie and Damon had confessed their feelings to each other they found themselves in a serious relationship. At first they had been watched suspiciously by a lot of people in town especially Bonnie's Grandmother, but the mistrust toward Damon eventually died down because it was hard to ignore how happy Bonnie was with him. The two of them were almost inseparable and despite his humanity Damon was utterly pleased with his life.

After Bonnie had graduated High School they left Mystic Falls and went to College together. At the same time Stefan eventually turned Elena. She had a hard time to convince him to do that, and it was Damon who helped her to change his brother's mind. Stefan loved the idea of being together with her forever, but he didn't want her to feel as tortured as he had once. Afterward they had never regretted their decision although it meant that they had to leave family and friends since they weren't aging. Though they've told Jenna and Jeremy the truth because Elena couldn't bear the thought of breaking her ties with them completely. They went to College together with Bonnie and Damon and then started to travel around Northern America whereas Bonnie and Damon returned to Mystic Falls once they had finished College. Bonnie wanted to live in her hometown and Damon simply wanted to live where his little witch was. Shortly after their return to Mystic Falls Bonnie and Damon married. Damon had proposed to Bonnie at the end of an exhausting day that they had spent with renovating their new house. Since they still didn't have any furniture they were simply sitting on the ground of their new living room and drinking some vine when Damon pulled out a small box, opened it to reveal a beautiful ring and asked her to marry him. Bonnie didn't have to think twice about her answer. She had already known that she wanted to spent the rest of her life with Damon ever since the day he had told her that he loved her.

Their wedding day was also the last day that Elena and Stefan spent in Mystic Falls. It was a very private but beautiful ceremony with a lot of tears. The first tears were cried due to the overwhelming emotions when Bonnie and Damon exchanged their wedding vows. The farewell scene at the end of the small party which had been held at the boarding house caused further tears and even Damon and Stefan got watery eyes when they embraced each other.

After spending almost five years in Europe Elena and Stefan finally came back to Mystic Falls. During these years a lot of phone calls had been made and due to the time difference even more emails had been written but they hadn't seen each other so that the vampire couple eventually decided to sneak into town when it was dark outside and visit them. Since it was January the sun set pretty early and also was the town covered under a thick white blanket of snow. Elena was almost nervous when they finally stood in front of Bonnie's and Damon's house and knocked at the door. It was Bonnie who opened the door. It took some seconds until she had recovered from the first shock but once she had she threw her arms around her friends and squealed. She quickly invited the two vampires into the house and shut the door to keep the cold outside.

"I can't believe that you are here." Bonnie said happily and lead them into the living room.

For a moment they just looked at each other. There was so much to tell but neither of them knew where to start.

"Where's Damon?" Stefan eventually asked.

Bonnie bit her lower lip.

‚ÄěListen, there's something I haven't told you yet because I was thinking that it might make you sad. And there's also someone I want you to meet." Bonnie said nervously.

"You are not telling us that you and Damon broke up, are you?" Elena asked.

"No, we would never do that." Bonnie answered and realized how her words must have sounded.

She motioned them to follow her into the kitchen and opened the backdoor that led into the garden. They stopped in the doorway and gasped. It was not only the sight of Damon building a snowman but also the fact that he was doing it together with a little girl that made them speechless.

"This is our daughter Hannah. She's three and a half now." Bonnie told them proudly.

"She's so beautiful." Elena said and realized that Bonnie had been right. Although she was happy for her friends and she loved her life with Stefan she was also sad knowing that she would never have kids.

"I have never seen Damon so happy." Stefan said when Damon picked up his little girl so that she could put an old hat on the snowman's head.

Just like Bonnie Damon hadn't changed much and he still had that boyish grin on his face that let him look younger than he actually was.

"Let's go back inside, it's freezing." Damon eventually said while they were admiring their handiwork.

"Can Mr. Snowman come with us?" Hannah asked him.

"No, the floor would get all wet and that would make Mommy cranky." he replied.

Elena and Stefan laughed and went back into the kitchen where Bonnie told them to wait in the living room. The door was slightly ajar so that they could not only hear Damon but see him as well when he put his daughter on the ground and pecked Bonnie on her cheek.

"Oh God, you're so cold." the young witch said.

"I know something that would definitely heat me up." Damon grinned and kissed her once more.

Bonnie blushed slightly knowing that Elena and Stefan could hear everything and slapped playfully his forearm.

"Go into the living room, we have visitors." Bonnie replied and bent down to help Hannah out of her coat.

"Do I have to? Who is it, we weren't expecting anybody."

Sauntering into the living room he froze when he spotted his younger brother and Elena standing there.

"Look at those wrinkles around his eyes." Stefan teased and nudged his girlfriend.

"We should get an alarm system for cocky vampires." Damon laughed and pulled first Elena and then his brother into a tight embrace.

For a moment it seemed that the brothers didn't want to let go of each other though eventually they did.

"You should have called, I would have gotten some squirrels or rabbits for you." Damon joked.

"I want to have a rabbit, too." a voice behind Damon stated.

"You already have one, sweetie." Damon said stroking his daughter's curly hair.

"But it's not a real one." Hannah replied and held on to her father's leg.

"Look, your aunt Elena and your uncle Stefan are here, it's so much better than a rabbit." Damon said and picked her up.

"She's absolutely adorable." Elena gushed now that she had a closer look.

"We have already seen you two building the snowman. Nice job, brother." Stefan said.

"You should see us when we have a tea party with her stuffed animals." Damon laughed.

Hannah looked slightly skeptical at Elena and Stefan.

"I think a rabbit is better." she whispered into Damon's ear.

"At least she is honest." Stefan said.

"My Dad always says that she has my looks but Damon's attitude." Bonnie said when she joined the group.

"Oh God, she's going to be a handful." Stefan joked.

After Bonnie had put Hannah to bed the four of them spent almost the whole night with talking and catching up and when Elena and Stefan eventually had to leave they promised each other to meet regularly from now on. And they kept their promise until the day that Bonnie and Damon said their last goodbyes and were laid to rest after having lived a fulfilled live together.