Mess Of Dressing Rooms

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Mai Hime.

Couple: Midori/Natsuki

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Simply Ramen

Midori was walking down the hallway of the school, she had a class to teach in an hour or so, and though she would usually use this time for a lunch break… or a "drink" break, she had found the most interesting historical book ever. As she flipped a page, her green eyes went wide as she scanned the new material. She seemed to be finding out so much history about the school, it had always been her favorite thing to research.

Completely enticed by the book in hand, she was no longer paying attention to the hallway and suddenly ran into someone. This caused her to stumble backwards and almost lose her balance as she was forced to look away from the book, spotting the gorgeous and slightly agitating blue haired woman.

Natsuki let out a soft grunt before looking up, an irritated scowl across her face, though this softened as she saw it was one of her teachers, Midori.

"Oh, I'm sorry Natsuki!" She said apologetically.

"Hn, it's fine…" Natsuki mumbled and walked past her, heading into the classroom to take her seat.

The redhead had felt apologetic, but she didn't have time to worry about that as she realized that she had been reading her book for far too long. Glancing toward the classroom she realized that Natsuki was actually going to make it to class before her. Green eyes widened as the second bell rang and she ran into her classroom, unprepared.

"Hey there class! Sorry to disappoint, but I am here to teach you guys today." The young teacher announced to the class who had obviously been hoping they were going to get a day off. "Not that it should disappoint anyone! Because today we are learning about the history of Japanese art, in the Asuka time period!" Her voice was energetic as always.

Natsuki just stared up ahead vacantly, partially listening just for her sake. She knew that the redheaded teacher wouldn't let her get away with it if she didn't answer a question right. Though, at the same time her thoughts were occupied with Shizuru and her departure from Fuka State. She was somewhat devastated because Shizuru had decided to let her go and go along with the arranged marriage her father had set up.

The older woman held back a growl as the class let out groans, then her eyes shifted toward Natsuki. Catching the blue haired woman's gaze she sighed, something seemed to be the matter with her. Then again she wasn't ever the social butterfly or the biggest school "fan." Returning her attention to the class the best she could she continued with her lecture.

The "lone wolf" could feel someone's eyes on her, knowing well it was probably one of the fangirls. With an irritated sigh, she shifted in her seat and set her gaze on the young teacher, deciding to listen for once to distract herself from the nagging thoughts.

Midori was finding it hard to concentrate on the class. Not because she didn't enjoy teaching, she was merely worried about Natsuki. She knew that the young student had a tendency of zoning off in class, or being late, but she hadn't seen her so worried before. She wasn't quite sure what to think of it.

Suddenly she started rambling on about a new piece of art, deciding not to pick on the younger woman today. This was sweet of her, because usually she would have, but something told her not to do so today. So, instead she rambled on and on becoming excited on one of her subjects. She couldn't really help it history was her true love.

Natsuki was slightly amused at how Midori just started rambling out of the blue about a subject causing her to smirk just a little. She could tell that the woman had a great love for History and somewhat respected that. It made her wonder about her own future, what she could do… besides racing motorcycles of course.

Finally the bell rang and the teacher wrapped up the class, telling them what pages to read before leaning against her desk eyes on Natsuki. She was waiting for the other to walk by. Perhaps she could ask if she was alright.

Letting out a relieved sigh the blue haired teenager stood to her feet and grabbed her bag, throwing it over her shoulder. She let out an annoyed grumble as one of the fangirls yelled out bye to her and walked by the teacher's desk.

Midori quickly headed toward the younger girl smirking as she walked up behind her speaking in a voice that gave off slight sarcasm. "Well, I'm no crazed fan girl…" She said pausing before raising an eyebrow at the crazed young girl who had walked out of the classroom, shaking her head a bit as she crossed her arms.

Freezing, Natsuki nearly jumped when she heard the sarcastic voice causing her to quickly turn and face the other. Though, after seeing it was just Midori her heartbeats slowed down in relief that it wasn't some crazy fangirl.

Midori held back a giggle when she witnessed Natsuki freeze at her voice, it was a little cute, the way she was so nervous because of all of the fangirls. She couldn't really blame all of the girls for acting in such a manner, even if she wouldn't ever act in such a way. At least not sober.

"But, I was wondering… if you would care to grab a bite, and maybe talk?" She asked slightly nervous. She could suddenly tell Natsuki wouldn't be in the mood to talk. Though it isn't often that she is… She thought before catching the other's eyes with her own, waiting, hoping that she wouldn't turn her down. Though she probably would considering.

The question from the teacher did surprise her. "Hmm… me… you want to get something to eat with me?"

Natsuki moved a hand up to rub the back of her head, a bit nervous that she was in trouble. Weighing her options though, and realized that she was starving. She could use something to eat and it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone anyway.

"Well yes, that is why I asked." She responded with a teasing voice, as she noticed the others nervousness, not that she could blame her. Any student would probably be rather nervous to get asked to lunch by a teacher. "Anything you want."

"Uhm, sure I guess… I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

When Natsuki asked if she was in troubled Midori merely ignored the question completely as she opened the door for the other to leave, holding it open for her. "My treat." She said, still unwilling to reveal if the young girl was in trouble of not. Though, she knew that she wasn't.

Natsuki inaudibly swallowed a bit, suddenly nervous for some reason… Well, a few reasons. One, she was a teacher of course, and secondly... That, she doesn't even know. It was acting like a freaking school girl all over again like in front of Shizuru before. She also noticed that her teacher didn't answer the part of if she was in trouble and she got slightly more worried that she was.

With the thought of not jumping to conclusions, she proceeded to walk out.

"Should we meet there… or are you driving?"

Smiling she shrugged "I guess I will drive… whichever you prefer."

She didn't really give Natsuki time to respond to say they should take their own vehicles though, as she lead the way outside and towards where she was parked. Pausing she glanced over at the younger girl, green eyes meeting green as she smirked a bit able to tell that the other was nervous.

The beautiful student was slightly disappointed that she couldn't drive her bike, she shrugged it off though and followed the woman to her car.

"Y'know you shouldn't worry so much… I swear the only punishment you will receive is the embarrassment of being seen eating lunch with your old bag of a teacher." Midori stated with a wink before getting into her side of the car and waiting for Natsuki to do the same.

Upon hearing the other's words, the younger of the two stopped blushing lightly. "I-I'm not worried…!" She huffed softly and muttered something that sounded like 'and you're definitely not old' before opening up the passenger side door and moving in, settling in the seat before shutting the door and strapping herself in.

Seeing the blush the older of the two smiled brightly, finding it to be beyond adorable. She didn't really know how to describe it, but it was something that she could easily get used to.

"Well, that's a relief I kinda thought by the look in your eyes that you were a tad bit worried, buuuuuuut since you aren't, well… good!" She exclaimed looking over as she started the car.

She allowed her eyes to wander over the darker haired woman as she wondered why she mumbled that she wasn't old. Not that she minded… she hated being almost 24, she would lie about being 17 until the day she died! No matter what. Smirking she said "Thanks."

At first, Natsuki was wondering why she even said that the other wasn't old… she wasn't the type to give any compliments at all. She decided to ignore it and mark it off as respect from student to teacher.

"Well, I won't lie… I AM worried." She jokingly retorted with a small smirk before glancing out the window.

Midori chuckled a bit as she heard Natsuki teasing her back in return, she thought that it was cute the way that she was finally teasing in return and seemed to be getting into a better mood.

As she pushed down on the pedal Midori asked simply "favorite food?"

Natsuki was lost in thought, yet she didn't fail to catch the question and thought for a moment on it before simply answering, "I hope you like ramen."

Honestly? It was actually mayonnaise, but for some reason she didn't want to gross the teacher out. Seriously? Kuga who are you and what have you done with the ice princess… it has to be Shizuru's doing! She's broken me down. That thought left a light blush on her cheeks.

Keeping her eyes on the road for the most part Midori listened as she heard Ramen, luckily she did love Ramen so she was relieved a bit. She was prepared to seriously go wherever the other had wanted to go. Besides maybe that really expensive restaurant that I could never afford to eat at alone downtown… She thought with a discouraged face.

"Ramen it is!" The older woman said a little too energetically, she was just happy to see the other smiling and seeming a bit more energetic.

As she turned down the street she finally pulled up at one of the best ramen restaurants in town, they specialized in it and made it right in front of you. Turning the car off she glanced over at Natsuki and smiled to herself.

"We're here young lady." She stated before getting out and leading the way.

Quickly pushing all of her thoughts of Shizuru away, Natsuki looked up to see that they were indeed at the restaurant as the other had said and got out, leaving her bag on the front seat and shutting the door behind her.

Natsuki lofted a brow at being called young lady and scowled a bit, "Oi… just call me Natsuki."

Midori's eyes sparkled with mischief at the sight as she opened the door for her student, receiving a silent thanks from the blue haired girl as she walked inside. She followed the other closely behind.

Shaking her head at the comment about calling her Natsuki, she shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, Natsuki… but really I was only insulting myself with that comment. Youth… so naïve. They always want to be seen as older, what I wouldn't give to be seventeen again." With that the redhead smiled a bit and her eyes brightened just a tad as she remembered those days, not that her personality had changed much in the seven years since.

The light blush on Natsuki's cheeks only deepened slightly when she heard the teasing continuing… only this time she had newfound courage and smirked. "Yeah, I bet you'd like that wouldn't you." She teased with a chuckle. Guess Shizuru has passed the torch down to me… I should thank her next time I see her.

Natsuki looked around for a good seat, only to find a booth seat available by the window, which she accepted and walked toward taking a seat.

Midori followed the younger girl toward the only table available, this was actually her favorite ramen restaurant, the service was great, the view was great, and they actually made it out to be rather gorgeous inside.

Taking her seat she glared in Natsuki's direction as she had mentioned her liking to be young again. Of course, she wanted to be. Not that 24 was over the hill in any way shape or form, still she missed the days with her friends partying and singing and dancing, perhaps it wasn't her age she missed but only good friends to enjoy time with like she had back then. "Hm…" She didn't have a witty response to the comment like usual instead she just took her menu from the hostess and glanced over it.

Taking a good look around the restaurant, the student was a bit surprised to find a ramen shop appearing to be awfully nice like this one, but hey, she wasn't complaining. It was really nice.

For a minute there, Natsuki started to feel bad but said nothing and looked at her own menu, picking out the first thing that sounded good before closing it. Honestly, Kuga… why are you here with her… usually you'd decline people's requests… it can't be out of respect.

She wasn't sure anymore, she actually had felt comfortable around Midori for some reason. Rubbing the back of her neck, Natsuki hesitantly looked back at her. Noticing the way her green eyes scanned over the menu before glancing back up in her direction.

For just a moment it was silent as the redhead glanced out the window remembering the first time she was introduced to this restaurant smiling a bit.

"Honestly I don't think you're that old… at first glance, I could've swore you were eighteen, heh. When I found out you were a teacher at Fuka, I was surprised."

Midori's ears perked up as she heard the younger blue haired female start to speak. Hearing the compliment she blushed just a bit, her green eyes brightening, though she was surprised to hear such words coming from Natsuki.

Despite her own surprise she knew it was true, Natsuki remembered seeing the woman for the first time. Her first impression was that Midori was attractive, she couldn't deny it. Also she was certainly upbeat. She envied Midori for having such a positive attitude.

The teacher's attitude quickly changed from being one of memory and slight sadness to being one of happiness. Her smile formed on her lips once again as she said "Well thank you Natsuki… never thought I'd see the day that you would be complimenting me in such ways."

Oddly enough, her heart seemed to beat just a bit faster upon seeing a blush on Midori's face and she held back a grin, though, a fair blush came across her own cheeks when she heard the woman's remark.

"Y-yeah… well… just don't go off telling anyone about this side of me." She mumbled shyly and fidgeting with the chopsticks on the table. At least she's smiling again. That's all that matters… Not caring anymore that Midori saw the softer side of her. If the redhead was smiling than she was content.

Green eyes glanced over Natsuki's face, noticing the soft pink blush upon her cheeks only caused her smile to brighten even more. She loved seeing this side of the beautiful and mysterious young girl. Hearing her proposition about not telling anyone else Midori placing a finger to her chin as though she were thinking about it

"Hmm... Welllll..." She dragged it out as she continued to think about it before turning back to Natsuki and shrugging "Well, okay. But only because I like having this side of you all to myself." Midori chuckled a bit before the waitress came back to take their orders. The teacher mentioned that she would take the special and waited for Natsuki to order her meal before they continued their conversation.

"Hm… actually, the special does sound good… I think I will have that too." With that, she gave the menu to the waitress before leaning back in her seat.

"So… you planning on staying as a teacher at Fuka permanently?" Natsuki asked suddenly curious about the woman's plans.

Secretly? She somewhat hoped Midori would stay at Fuka, at least until she graduated. She also realized that there was so much about this woman she didn't know, probably very interesting things that she had been carelessly missing out on.

Watching closely as the younger girl asked her about staying a teacher at Fuka, she smiled. Midori had already decided that she would stay a teacher. After everything that had happened she felt rather attached to the school, as well as the students. Even if none of them truly knew her, she still felt closer to them then she had anyone in a long time. Plus her best friend Youko did work there as well.

"Well, to your disappointment I am sure." She stated with a soft teasing smile, "I have decided that teaching may just be the career for me. So yes, I plan on staying at Fuka. Plus got to stay and bug my best friend."

Pausing she added "So, look forward to seeing me around!" Her voice was a bit loud, and she was obviously back to her normal upbeat self.

It wasn't often that she let the sadder side come out, serious maybe, but never sad. She seems genuinely interested in knowing about me... Midori blushed a bit as she realized she wouldn't mind knowing more about Natsuki either.

Normally, she'd squirm or fidget under anyone's gaze but with Midori's, she felt safe. She almost smiled when she heard Midori would be staying but instead she nodded. "Actually, that's a relief… You're the only interesting teacher out of the whole staff." The light blush on her cheeks deepened a bit, realizing what she just admit and hoped to god that Midori didn't find her weird as she listened to the woman.

Midori smiled at the compliment about herself being an interesting teacher, not that she could deny it. Things had been interesting since she came around, considering her teaching methods.

"Well... yeah, I can't suppose any other teachers would set up a cake competition and get suspended." She smirked a bit remembering the day, she could still recall Natsuki's stunned and annoyed face as she tried to help make her teams cake.

"You looked quite adorable out there though, I must admit." She mumbled a bit under her breath, blushing at what she had said. She knew that she shouldn't be saying such things especially if she planned to stay at Fuka

Natsuki let loose a pained groan upon the mention of Cake Wars, remembering that painful day with Nao then chasing after an Orphan that had eaten a bit of the cake they put so much work in and blushed hotly when she heard what the other had mumbled.

Midori chuckled as she heard the groan escape the blue haired girls throat, it had gotten much too out of hand, though she never admitted that. She went down fighting for the idea even though she ended up suspended. The blush did not go unnoticed by the older woman who pondered it for a moment, before dismissing it as just embarrassment.

"I can't believe you did that.. but.. I must admit, it was funny to see Haruka mess up." She snickered lightly, smirking.

Remembering Haruka's reaction she laughed a bit harder "Oh yes, that was priceless!" She said loudly as she slapped her knee.

"As shocking this may sound, I'm kinda looking forward to see what else you've got up your sleeve." Natsuki stated honestly.

Natsuki couldn't help but chuckle some when she heard Midori laughing about the Haruka situation and felt her lips twitching, tempted to curve up into a smile.

The waitress chose then to bring them their food, so Midori quickly calmed herself blushing a bit as she thanked her for the food. It smelled delicious. Distracted by the food she started to sip at it, as she listened to Natsuki comment about what else she had planned glancing up, green eyes met green and she shrugged "I guess we will just have to wait and see."

The younger woman quietly thanked the waitress as well and snapped her chopsticks in two before digging in. She was too hungry to notice how delicious the ramen was… and that was her fault for not eating anything earlier. Her viridian hues flicked back up to look into hers again and she felt a twinge of something inside her but ignored it… though it wasn't a bad one anyway.

"Yeah, I guess I'll have to wait… I can tell you do like to surprise people." Natsuki said with a soft grin and idly twirled the ramen around the chopsticks before shoving the bite in her mouth and licked her lips clean.

Ramen being a secret love of Midori's she did enjoy the way it tasted as she sipped away at it, before taking out her own chop sticks and breaking them apart to use them to twirl the noodles up before taking a bite. "Mmm." She let out happily as she swallowed the ramen, before nodding at the comment about surprises.

"Well, yes. And I can tell you don't like surprises." The redhead said with a chuckle before taking another bite, after swallowing she continued. "Which is why it should be very entertaining to see how well we work together, after all opposites attract." She stated with a wink, in a teasing voice before finishing up her ramen and leaning back in the bench, placing a hand on her stomach.

Natsuki gave a slight shrug and scratched her cheek, "Yeah, surprises are nice.. but not when they could give you a heart attack." She chuckled a bit and licked her lips clean after slurping up one more bite of the heavenly noodles. 'Still not as good as Mai's though.'

The younger girl also had blushed at the thought of opposites attracting and agreed completely. Wait... was she talking about us- hah, now you're just delirious… what am I doing thinking of that anyway!'

Best friend..? Natsuki realized she had earlier mentioned a best friend anda thoughtful look took on her face as she thought for a minute but then remembered seeing her around Youko often and grinned, "Oh, Youko? I could've sworn you two were an item." She teased lightly and smirked… although deep inside, she felt a little jealous and that startled her at first.

"Hm." Midori glanced up hearing Youko's name, the comment made her blush deeper.

"What? N-no don't be ridiculous!" She shouted a bit remembering that Youko had been her first kiss with a girl, she blushed a bit more. "One kiss, and look what happens." She muttered before smiling.

Natsuki merely grinned when she saw Midori blush harder than usually, knowing well she had hit a soft spot. That also made her wonder… what her first kiss would be like. She hadn't ever been kissed before. Blushing she cleared her throat to get her own mind off of the thought.

"No, we aren't an item, but we did go to college together… she was successful despite her drinking and well I wasn't quite as successful." The redhead explained the situation to her student in a defensive tone.

"You weren't successful..? That's somewhat hard to believe. I've never seen anyone with so much passion for history as you do." Natsuki honestly retorted to the comment.

When she heard the comment about her love for history Midori smiled a bit more, it was true she loved it more so than almost anything in the entire world. Besides maybe Natsuki's blush. Her mind teased inwardly.

"Well, I also have a tendency to get sucked into the party scene… and I got well… I don't know it's a long story." Midori explained to the best of her ability why she wasn't too successful. "That's the reason I took up a job at Fuka though, to work on my thesis and finish up my degree… make something of myself."

"Mmn? Ahh.. should've known partying was your weakness, heh. But at least you've got something you're set on."

To the partying comment all she could do was shrug her shoulders, it wasn't something Midori was really proud of, at least not the alcohol part. It was a bad way to deal with problems, but she preferred being happy, and she was happy when she drank. Parties though, were rather enjoyable. "What can I say?" She asked, not really expecting an answer.

As if it was on cue, her cell phone vibrated in the pocket of her hoodie, making her jump a bit and she grabbed it to check. "Well.. speaking of parties, Mai's setting up a karaoke party tonight.. she said everyone's invited."

Midori's deep green eyes glanced over Natsuki as she answered her phone, smiling softly she allowed herself to appreciate the other girls beauty. She really is something special... her eyes are just... Midori's thoughts were stopped at the mention of a Karaoke party, as her own eyes brightened.

Just as soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she had a date or something important… just anything to have an excuse not to go. Knowing Mai, she'd most likely be forced to sing again. Then again, what if Midori was going? She wondered. "You gonna go there tonight?"

She remembered the last Karaoke party and the cute outfit that Natsuki had worn, giggling a bit at the memory that was a bit foggy due to her alcohol consumption her eyes brightened even more as she was invited. "You bet! I wouldn't miss it!" She said excited, before coughing a bit embarrassed about how happy she had become. "Hm... I mean sure, when is it?" She asked blushing.

Not surprised at the gleeful answer from Midori referring to the karaoke party, she grinned but also noticed the woman was blushing and wondered why she was. Licking her lips to give them moisture she responded. "It's in about two hours."

Green eyes darted down to Natsuki's lips as she cleaned them and a blush filled her cheeks as she quickly looked away dismissing any such thoughts of the young beautiful woman. She's much too young Midori... and your student... and and... You are wrong to even be looking at her that way... She reminded herself still unable to look back at Natsuki as she listened to her comment about when the Karaoke party would be.

Suddenly it hit Natsuki of why Midori could be blushing. It's that horrible memory of her singing in a pink dress. Dear Kami… if you're up there, listening to my thoughts... if I do ever end up in that forsaken dress or anything just as embarrassing, please, I beg of you... smite me right on the spot.

Glancing up at the clock the redhead realized it still was pretty early, disappointed that she would have to wait her face feel. "Awwwe and I was so looking forward to making you dress up in something adorable all over again." Smirking her eyes traveled back to Natsuki's as she gave a little pout and crossed her arms, not being able to party or see the younger girl dressed up again.

"You looked cute." She added to show her point knowing that Natsuki was about to completely protest as she had done that night. I practically had to force her into that outfit will all of my might. Chuckling she shook her head at the memory.

With a hot blush painted across her face, she scowled and looked off to the side shyly. Not only she was blushing from embarrassment, she was also blushing from when Midori said she looked cute.

"Hmph… this time, you won't be able to force me into it again!" She retorted with a brave yet challenging smirk. When she had said that, the memory if Midori forcibly stripping her down then forcing her into the dress popped in her head and she groaned on the inside. For some reason, the thought of the woman's hands on her again, caused a warmth to spread through her. 'Ok, she's your teacher, Natsuki.. even though I turn eighteen tomorrow.. oh god! Stop thinking like that!'

Upon hearing the younger girls challenging words, Midori's mind switched quickly to a competitive nature as her green eyes shined brightly at the challenge. "Oh, we will see about that young lady, you really shouldn't challenge me Natsuki... you know how forceful I was last time."

Wearing a mischievous smirk she too remembered the last time, as she forcefully stripped Natsuki of her clothes, and dressed her up. Her face heated up at the memory. Midori you really need to control these emotions... they don't make any sense... what about the professor. Not to mention...

Natsuki lofted a brow at the remark and grinned, "Oh, we'll see about that..." She had hoped Midori would actually go with it, and she didn't doubt that the woman would anyway. Don't get your hopes up... I'm sure she has someone she's interested in anyway... like Youko. She sure blushed a lot when I mentioned her.

With one last glance at her phone to see what time it was, she looked back up at her, "Well… we should go and get ready then." She fished her wallet out from her bag so she could find money to pay for her ramen. She felt bad for having anyone else paying for her.

"Alright, would you like for me to drop you off back at the school so you can take your motorcycle home and get dressed and just meet there?" She asked curious as to what plan of action they should take. Green eyes followed Natsuki's hand as she pulled out some money to set on the table.

"Sure, sounds good. I don't want to leave my bike there anyway…"

Reaching out Midori placed a gentle hand on the younger girls wrist "Hey, I said my treat." Natsuki obviously didn't want to budge so she gave her large green puppy dog eyes and a small pout hoping she would let her pay.

Just as she was about to protest and refuse to allow Midori pay, she inwardly cursed herself for one of her weaknesses... puppy eyes. But then again, that's everyone's weakness pretty much. Except an assassin, maybe. Although, what caught her attention the most, was the warm feeling of Midori's hand wrapped around her wrist. She wanted to… feel more? She wasn't even certain of her own feelings anymore.

With a defeated sigh, she put the money back in her wallet. "Alright, alright... I'll allow it this once. You owe me for shoving me in that dress anyway."

Nodding her head she smiled happy that she had won the small battle to pay for the food. Pulling out her own wallet she put down enough money on the table to pay for both meals as well as tip the waitress. If anyone knew what it was like to be a waitress it was her, and she wasn't a very good one at that.

Remembering her job at the restaurant she shook her head a little. "Hmm... okay now that that's settled." Midori said with a smirk, glad to know that Natsuki would give in to her puppy dog eyes. Useful and interesting bit of information.. hehe. She thought to herself before walking toward her car, opening the door for the other girl, thinking about some of the feelings she had been having.

She isn't really that young... I mean she is nearly 18 it wouldn't be illegal or anything in a day... But she is still your student, and will be for awhile. No need to complicate things with these strange new feelings. Midori convinced herself that it was for the best.

From the gleeful look on the other's face, Natsuki wondered if she should start worrying about ending up in another dress but didn't say anything as she followed the woman out to her car. Well, as long it makes her happy, I might not mind...

Still a bit confused about her feelings as well, Natsuki moved to get in the car and mumbled a thanks under her breath, blushing lightly.

Once she was certain Natsuki had made it into the car completely she closed the door behind her and jumped in her side of the car, before turning it on. "Ready?" She asked the excitement only having grown at the thought of getting Natsuki into another dress. Placing her hand behind the other girl's head she started to back out of the restaurant parking lot before lowering her hand and heading back in the direction of the school.

After the door was shut, she looked out the window at the slowly darkening sky as the sun descended past the horizon. Throwing a quick glance over at the woman when she got in, she nodded and noticed the woman's hand on the seat behind her head.

Suddenly the thought of the other tugging and pulling on her hair gently while they- oh her face was beet red now and she coughed, forcing the blush away with all of her will before the other saw it.

The deep blush on Natsuki's face hadn't gone by unnoticed by the older woman, she was curious as to what had caused it. Perhaps it was my hand just barely behind her head. That seemed a much too simple of a move to cause that much of a blush though. Well, I suppose if she is having thoughts anywhere near as... wrong as yours then it is no wonder why she is blushing so hard.

"Ready to fight for my non-dress-wearing rights? Always." She retorted with a smirk and looked up ahead, watching everything pass them by before familiar surroundings came in sight.

Midori was a bit disappointed when they reached the school, merely because she would have to say goodbye to Natsuki and she was enjoying getting to know her. She hadn't ever gotten the chance to really spend time with the beautiful young woman. Besides during fights, or when she was disagreeing with her plans. She had a feeling there were a lot of surprises behind her cool exterior. "Fight until you can't fight anymore sweetheart, we both know I'm going to win."

"I'll see ya soon.. thanks again for the ramen." She said softly with a light smile and got out of the car after Midori stopped and shut the door, waving at her one last time before heading to her motorcycle. She shoved her bag in the seat container then shut the seat and mounted the sleek vehicle.

Already anxious to see Natsuki again she watched as the blue haired woman mounted her bike and bit her lip a bit shocking herself with a thought If only she were mounting something else... or someone else at that.

Blushing brightly at her inappropriate thought she tried to shake these thoughts from her mind. They weren't right of her to be having. She had to keep her cool. Sighing out she drove out of the parking lot heading toward her apartment. Midori wanted to look good tonight for some reason. For Natsuki... Closing her eyes she sighed a bit before parking in front of her apartment. No, not for her, just because I care to look amazing. She tried to convince herself as she got out of her car and headed inside to change.

During the ride home, even Natsuki was starting to surprise herself when she had thoughts of what to wear to the party. She usually just finds what matches and throw them on. Not like anyone is gonna care if I look good or not anyway. She left forth a soft sigh under her helmet and sped up some more.

Shortly after her apartment building came in sight, she pulled over into the parking lot and parked her bike in her reserved spot before shutting it off and getting off. For the first time in ages, she was actually excited about going out that she forgot about her mail and quickly made way up to her apartment and unlocked the door. After entering, she tossed her bag on the couch carelessly and headed in the bedroom with a thought of what to wear in mind.

With a satisfied grin after finding what she was looking for, she pulled out her ripped jeans along with a tight black t-shirt. Wonder if Midori would like this… Setting the clothes on the bed, she stripped down out of her school uniform and disappeared into the bathroom for a quick shower.

After she got out, she felt tons better and ready to go. She gets dressed into the clothes she picked out after drying herself off and puts on her sneakers. She took a glance at her watch, "Hn, better get going before Mai comes hunting for me." Walking out she grabs her keys along the way and locks the door behind her.


After a quick shower Midori walked to her closet which also happened to be in the middle of her living room and she started to go through her clothes wondering what would look best. She knew that she probably wouldn't catch the teen's attention with all of the other young beautiful girls around, but she could always hope.

"Hm... perhaps I will wear this." She said before pulling out some tight black jeans she hadn't worn since college and a simple red tank top. She knew that she could pull of the top easily, considering she was very well developed and her clothes fit her perfectly, but the jeans were a bit more of a bother. Not having worn them for quite awhile her self confidence took a dive as she glanced them over. Finally deciding that there was no reason not to, and she wanted to enjoy the night she pulled her pants on, which were actually a bit loose on her though still form fitting.

"Hm... must have actually lost weight." She smirked content with this as she pulled her hair up into a black scrunchie before rushing out to her car ready to party. Hoping that Natsuki informed everyone she would be coming along.

Gosh I am so excited to see her! I bet she'll look so amazing... blushing a bit she turned on her car and headed toward the Karaoke bar. Maybe I should even stay sober tonight... woah... this girl has you acting rather strange already Midori... and nothing has even happened. Sighing she reminded herself aloud before turning up her radio "And nothing will, I am sure."


End of Chapter One

Authors Note: I know that this is a strange couple and most people are probably going to be against giving it a chance, I tend to think outside of the box and then get myself into trouble with reviews and interest in my stories. Because I refuse to just go with the everyday norm. Still, give me any insight you would like, good bad or ugly I am all ears. I will be adding the next chapter if y'all give me some love I will add it today for y'all!

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