Mess Of Dressing Rooms

By: TracyCook

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Couple: Midori/Natsuki

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Chapter 8

I Love You

Even after she helped Midori off, she didn't let go of her hand and weaved their fingers together, walking past the cherry blossoms and to the entrance of the festival. She could tell that they probably looked like a couple, noting the small smiles from bystanders when they seemed to notice the two. That caused a blush to come across her face and she let go of Midori's hand to get her wallet out of her pocket.

"I'll cover for us," She insisted softly and paid for the entrance fee and tickets for the gaming booths.

Midor's ears perked at the words and she raised an eyebrow pouting just a bit. "What... but I wanted to take you out on the first date." As she said the last words she whispered them so that only the two of them could hear and emphasized on the word date which even made herself blush. The redhead could tell that the other girl was insisting on paying and sighed a bit defeated as she mumbled something under her breath and crossed her arms still pouting a bit, though she decided she would make it up later. She wanted nothing more than to spoil the younger girl.

"I'll let you cover next time... promise." Natsuki said with a smile, not really caring if other people were throwing gazes in their direction. They didn't know they were student and teacher together, so they couldn't really say anything and that made her feel more at ease... even though she knew they had to watch out for their friends.

After she gave the redhead her tickets, she walked in the festival with her and her eyes lit up like a child in a toy store when she saw all the gaming booths and various of snack booths. When it came down to Fairs or Festivals, she was a child at heart.

As they headed into the festival Midori took a moment to look over all of snack booths and the gaming booths as well, it looked like so much fun. Though the best part about the night was spending it with Natsuki. Glancing over at her she smiled brightly as she watched the green eyes of her companion light up at the sight. She giggled at the comment before shaking her head and saying in a soft voice "You are too adorable..."

"I am not adorable…" She mumbled trying to ignore the blush coming to her cheeks as she focused on choosing a game to play. "Mmh.. so many choices, so little time.." She murmured softly before glancing over to Midori and smiled, very grateful that it wasn't a dream at all.

Pausing the teacher thought over where they should start as she glanced back out at the festival. "Hmm... where would you like to start? Favorite part?" Grinning she added "Or should we work our way up to that?"

Letting her viridian hues flick back around the festival, she spotted a gaming booth where gamers had to use a BB gun and try knock down small and moving targets and smirked. She was talented with guns, thanks to her HiME experiences. 'There's another plus about the tragic days...'

Natsuki was very grateful that the HiME days were over, because Midori was surely becoming that precious one to her. She really couldn't deny it anymore, not that she wanted to anyway. With her eyes set on the gaming booth, she walked with the redhead over to it and grabbed the gun, taking a quick look around at the prizes.

Midori realized that the younger girls green eyes had made contact with a BB gun booth and she smiled a bit Of course she would choose that one... so she can totally kick my ass. Chuckling a bit she followed along watching as she picked up one of the guns, Oh well, it will be worth it to see her smile. She too picked up a gun, though not with as much skill. She wasn't even certain she was holding it correctly she tried to mimic her lover.

"Oh come on you will so win this one." Smirking she aimed her gun at the prizes before lowering just a bit "Don't they have like a swirling spears or staffs contest?" Knowing that that was a ridiculous concept for a booth she merely smiled goofily afterward to show that she wasn't serious then glanced back at the gun before attempting to aim the best that she could.

"Maybe they will, you never know." Natsuki said with a smirk. "Wanna give it a shot first, Mi-chan?" The blunette grinned along with the new nickname she had given the redhead, she thought it was cute and hoped the woman liked it.

Hearing her new nickname a blush came across her cheeks, she hadn't been expecting it, but she loved the sound of it. Made her feel special, everything that the taller girl did made her feel so special. 'Yep, I'm falling in love. gosh... okay okay lets give this a try for her.' "It's all for fun, besides I love seeing you so happy. So let's see..." She aimed to the best of her ability then took her first shot, just barely missing the target; it was a red stuffed dog.

Pouting just a bit she glanced over at Natsuki. "Fail."

"Hmm… stay right where you are." She ordered softly and moved behind her, "Let me help you." She whispered huskily by her ear and placed her hand over Midori's that was holding the gun before showing her how to hold it like she would and let her aim at the target she wanted and let her take the second shot, her other hand having ended up on her waist. It took most of her control not to feel her up right there and then. But the brief body contact between them was enough to satisfy her for now.

"A chance to feel me up eh?" She teased the taller woman, knowing that that wasn't her intentions behind it. 'At least not her only intentions behind it.' Smirking just a bit she allowed the talented girl to show her how to hold the gun. Biting down on her lip she lost a bit of her concentration as she closed her eyes and swallowed trying to control her own selfish needs. She knew they were here to have fun, and as fun as that may be she knew that she had to control it.

She got worried for a minute there if her closeness had thrown Midori off her focus but she smiled, seeing the shot did hit the target this time.

Midori had closed her eyes after taking the shot and was too nervous to open them back up, acting just like a little kid at the moment she asked "What happened? What happened? Did I hit it?"

Natsuki could tell that the redhead definitely had been distracted by her closeness when she heard her ask what happened and chuckled gently, taking the red stuffed puppy from the man who took it down for her and held it out for Midori to take. "He's such a lucky puppy, being won and taken home by a beautiful woman." She smiled at the shorter girl.

When she heard her lovers voice and the comment about the lucky puppy green eyes immediately opened wide and her smile grew as she saw the cute little puppy being held out to her, she loved puppies. She loved most animals actually. Quickly she swiped the puppy into her arms and smiled down at him.

"Hmmm..." Thinking quickly she came up with a name. "I will name you Rojo." Poking his nose she giggled just a bit, well aware that she was acting like a little child, honestly she couldn't help it he was adorable. Though, the name wasn't the most original.

The younger girl felt her heart beat faster and swell more with happiness, seeing that carefree look on the redhead's face along with her growing smile at the sight of the red puppy. She hoped to see that more often; she didn't think she'd be able to stand it if Midori were to be sad or hurt. She'd beat up whoever made her sad. Even herself.

Midori suddenly remembered the compliment from Natsuki and smiled up at her, a blush on her cheeks. "Well, I don't know about beautiful..." She whispered.

Glancing down at the puppy then back up at Natsuki a teasing grin spread across her face. "I think that you better watch out... because he may just be a better snuggle buddy than you my dear." With that she hugged the puppy close to herself, knowing that he was absolutely nowhere near comparison to being close to the taller woman.

Not being able to help but get a little jealous at hearing the puppy would be a better snuggle buddy, Natsuki pouted and let out a small but playful growl. "Yeah, well... can he give you kisses like mine?" She remarked with a taunting smirk, remembering that kiss she had given her before they left her apartment. That caused another surge of warmth to rush down to her stomach and she suddenly wanted to be alone with Midori again, even for a minute, just so she could give her another breathtaking kiss. 'Maybe I'll save that for later when we're alone again...'

Just the way that Natsuki asked if he could give her kisses like her own caused her heart to race and her to feel a sudden need to have another kiss from the beautiful girl she was falling for. As well as remember kisses in the past, she shivered just a bit at the memory and blushed brightly, but quickly regained her composure. In a teasing voice she continued playing around, though it was obvious to herself she wasn't being serious. "Hmm... well let's see."

Smirking she looked down at Rojo and lifted his cute face up placing a playful kiss on his lips, pulling the puppy away she pretended to think about it for a moment before nodding "Most definitely" Winking at her companion to show more that she was only kidding before glancing back over at the guns.

Natsuki pouted and let out a puppy-like whimper as she watched Midori's kisses being stolen by Rojo but then chuckled. "Looks like I'll have to fight him to the death for you, huh?" With a gentle smirk, she leaned in and kissed her on the cheek not caring about everyone else around them anymore.

"How about you show me whatcha' got hot stuff?"

"Ah why, I'd love to show ya what I got." She grinned and picked up the gun before glancing to the man, asking him if it was alright to shoot down two targets at once. After a confirmed nod from the man and a 'good luck', she twirled the gun around her finger before holding it and aimed, waiting for one stuffed blue wolf she had in her sight and waited for it to come around before firing it just in the right spot where it would knock it down but missing the other stuffed animal that was lined up behind it.

"Aww! Oh well at least I got what I wanted." She grinned and took the blue stuffed wolf. "He's awfully cute too. Bet he's a better snuggler than Rojo is." She said teasingly, smirking at Midori and hugged the wolf.

Green eyes glanced down at the wolf before looking back down at Rojo and she pouted a bit as she saw the other then shrugged her shoulders and turned on her heels. "If so I suppose they are only both better snugglers than you are." Turning back she winked at her before starting to walk away from the game booth.

"Aww, now that just hurts." She dramatically said, holding a hand over her heart and sighed before breaking out in another chuckle. It seemed that she was starting to laugh and smile more around Midori and she was grateful for that fateful day of when she bumped into Midori. She wouldn't be here by now, having the time of her life like she has been for the last few days.

After thanking the man, she walked away from the game booth, walking by Midori close not wanting to be away from her at all. With a gentle nudge of her shoulder against Midori's, "You pick the game booth this time, so I can embarrass myself." She said with a soft chuckle, her viridian hues glancing around once more and she was somewhat relieved she hadn't seen any other familiar faces yet.

Midori's eyes widened in horror at the thought of her and her puppy fighting to the death for her, then smiled as she felt soft lips against her cheek and a blush made its way over them. She didn't say anything though only wrapped Rojo up in her arms and watched as Natsuki became

"Hmm... how about..." She placed a finger to her chin looking around at all of the other booths before spotting one she was certain to excel in, being probably the strongest of the HiME's if only for her age and how long she had been training. It was one of the booths where you test your strength hitting a hammer against the machine. Smiling brightly she pointed.

"How about that one?" As she asked her eyes glanced back up toward Natsuki's catching them.

She smirked as she looked at the redhead's gaming booth of choice and nods. "Sure, I've always wanted to try that."

Making their way to the booth, she looked over the prizes and found it hard to pick a good one. There were too many cute ones. "Shall I take the first shot?" She asked, knowing well she probably wouldn't do well this time around. She might be strong, but she had a feeling this game could be harder than she imagined. "Unless you wanna show off to me first?" She said with a smirk, teasing the other.

Placing a finger to her chin as they reached the booth she smiled just a bit "How about you show me whatcha got?" She asked the smirk from earlier back on her face, until she heard the comment about herself showing off and blushed just a bit. It was true she did want to show off for the other girl. Huffing a bit she crossed her arms and looked away "I am not trying to show off." Though, the smile on her face gave her true intentions away.

She picked up the large mallet and smirked back at the redhead, hearing the comment. "Mmhm, sure, whatever you say." With a soft grin, she positioned herself and held onto the hilt of the mallet with both hands.

"Well, here goes." With as much force she could gather, she drove the mallet's head right at the target and cringed a bit, seeing it only had gone up a bit past halfway. She wasn't really even trying that hard anyway. "I tried, heh." She chuckled and handed the mallet to Midori, "Alright cutie, show me what you got." She winked at the redhead and stepped back, crossing her arms across her chest as her viridian hues were glued back on the other woman.

Natsuki had a feeling she'd never get enough of looking at Midori and blushed lightly, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Watch out, I'm good with my hands." She said with a teasing smirk as she took the mallet blushing a bit at the cutie comment remembering their earlier text messages. She could remember saving such simple texts to her phone, still they made her happy. And as pathetic as it was she would probably read over them when away from the beautiful girl she was growing quite fond of.

Natsuki couldn't help but smirk when she heard the comment about Midori being good with her hands and murmured softly but enough for her to hear, "Oh I already know that, believe me..." She winked at the redhead before the other looked away and got into position.

Now positioning herself in front of the machine she glanced over her shoulder giving one last smirk in her direction before twirling the mallet for an extra 'Midori' touch before slamming it down hard on the machine, but gracefully, and her green eyes were glued to the metal piece that rose on the machine before hitting the bell at the top. With a huge smile on her face she looked quite smugly at all of the rewards, she was able to get the biggest ones. "Hmmm..."

Noticing a big blue wolf, much like Natsuki's current only large with more details and much more fluffy she giggled and pointed to it. Being a short and thin woman despite her age the wolf looked massive in her arms. Walking toward Natsuki smile on her face she held up the wolf and smiled gently. "I got him for you..." her voice was soft as she spoke she wanted the girl of her adoration to have something from her. "I'll carry him for now though, cute eh?"

The grin faded into a gentle smile and noticed Midori had picked out the larger version of her baby Duran, which she had named no longer than few minutes ago and thought Midori looked cute holding the wolf like that. "Aww.. you didn't have to, but arigato," She said softly as the other got closer to her, "Hm, you know what? He can be 'ours'.. I'll keep him safe in my room." She offered with a lopsided grin, letting her own fingers ruffle over the wolf's fur, liking how incredibly soft it felt.

Midori's grin softened as she heard the comment of him being theirs, she couldn't help but feel a goofy feeling at the thought, her heart beat a bit faster as she nodded "Mmhm. I would love for him to be ours... It will make him even more special." Pausing she raised an eyebrow "But you better love him when I'm not around!" Blushing a bit she mumbled "If I'm not around."

Just then, a loud announcement was made over the Festival, saying the fireworks show would be starting in fifteen minutes and Natsuki smiled, excited at the fact she would get to cuddle with Midori for a while.

The announcement for fireworks hadn't gone completely without notice for Midori and she smiled moving closer to her "Though I won't be snuggling with any of them as we watch fireworks." Giggling she added "Shh... don't tell them." Before smiling brightly and looking up into Natsuki's beautiful eyes getting lost for a moment.

"Oh, don't worry. They won't find out." She chuckled along with Midori before stopping, gazing deep in the green eyes and blushed lightly. Stepping a bit closer, she gently took Midori's free hand into hers and caressed her thumb over her hand, "Let's go find a spot for the fireworks show."

Natsuki moved to walk by her towards the grassy area near where her bike was parked. Spotting a less crowded one under the cherry blossoms tree, she made way to it quickly before anyone else had their eyes on it and sat down, setting baby Duran down along with Rojo next to her.

Setting down the larger version of the wolf beside herself the redhead sat down in the grass a grin on her features as she glanced over at Natsuki. It was perfect every single moment with the other girl. She only wished to be a little more open with her affections, now was the best time if any though. Slowly she reached out tracing the other's hand gently with her own, still glancing into her eyes. "I am glad that we did this... I love spending time with you." She said in a hushed voice.

In a low and husky tone, she whispered back, "So am I... I don't think I've ever had this much fun before." She softly trailed off and leaned in, closing her eyes so she could finally kiss her again. All she could hear was the roar of her heartbeats ramming against her chest, it was the softness of Midori's lips that had caused it. She could tell she had missed kissing her all day.

Already lost into the kiss, she allowed her heart to spill over and forced what she felt into it, causing the kiss to become a bit heated but still affectionate. Eventually the point where they needed to breathe came and she was reluctant to break the kiss, breathing softly and she opened her eyes to let her gaze linger over the other's face.

Natsuki couldn't take it anymore, her heart felt like it was ready to combust from the searing warmth and muttered softly, "Midori.. I.." A loud explosion of a firework going off cut her off as she jumped slightly, looking up at the sky quickly to see a purple and gold firework setting off. "Ah… it's starting.." She said with a soft smile as her mind rambled on about what she was about to say back there.

Hearing the starting of the sentence she blushed a bit in anticipation of what may be said, though she was certain she was jumping to conclusions. Suddenly there was a loud sound that not only drew her away from her thoughts but also made her jump quite a bit and let out a small "eek." at being shocked. Midori didn't look up at the sky immediately she focused her eyes on the girl she knew she had fallen for's face and smiled softly, wondering what it was that she had planned to say to her. She could merely hope, all the while that it would be the same thing on her mind, as she glanced up at the sky.

Smiling Midori moved a bit closer to Natsuki resting against her side as she wrapped her arms around her knees and placed her head against the taller of the two's shoulder. "Mmmm." She mumbled smiling contently up at the sky. It was amazing.

The blunette smiled watching various colors of fireworks light the sky up before stealing a glance over at Midori. She could tell the woman was happy from the content look on her face and became a bit more confident. But not right now, she wanted to enjoy the fireworks show with the woman while she could. The smile on her lips grew a bit more, watching the shorter woman lean against her before resting her head against hers, watching the sky in awe.

During the show, Natsuki had noticed it was starting to feel a bit chilly than usual and scooted closer to Midori, wrapping an arm around her and her viridian hues widened a bit as the last part of the show ended up in many various of fireworks making the sky look like it was exploding into colors literally before fading away. She could hear the impressed shouts and applauding from nearby and grinned, looking back at Midori. "That was amazing, huh?"

Grinning she moved a bit so that she could look up at Natsuki and stare into her eyes, giggling a bit because she was so happy. "Mmmhm... most amazing night ever." She added squeezing gently onto Natsuki's hand.

Natsuki smiled softly and hummed in the back of her throat in agreement, "Definitely.." Her eyes softened once again as she gazed into her eyes and leaned in, nudging her nose against hers gently in an affectionate gesture.

"..I love you." Finally, she finally let out what her heart had been dying to say for a long while. It was the first time she said those three words to anyone and that told her she meant it.

Midori blushed a bit when she felt the younger girls nose nudge against her own and smiled the softest of smiles as she stared into her eyes. The words she said did initially shock her, she wasn't certain she had heard correctly at first, and had to replay the words in her mind again. 'Did she say... she loves me?' "R-really Natsuki...?" She questioned not meaning to stutter, but her heart was beating quickly and her mind was racing, and she was finding it hard to not become too excited out of happiness.

Closing the distance between their lips, she pecked one of the most gentle kisses at her lips before whispering softly, "Mi-chan.." She had hoped she didn't confuse or scare the woman when she confessed, but she couldn't deny the genuine feelings the redhead was showing in her eyes.

Feeling lips against her own she smiled more after feeling the kiss as well as hearing the little nickname. She smiled and finally said in a soft voice as calm as she could. "I love you too Natsuki... I haven't ever felt anything like this." With that she moved a bit to reach up and run her fingers gently across her cheek smiling softly. "I love you." She reemphasized in case she was worried about the validity of her statement.

Even as everyone else was getting up and leaving back to the Festival, she remained in the same spot with Midori. They were alone again and she was comfortable where they were, it was perfect. She wanted to cherish every single second of this moment.

Noticing that everyone else was gone she smiled a bit more, enjoying the fact that they were alone. Slowly she moved forward capturing Natsuki's soft lips with her own.

Natsuki could see the shock passing by in Midori's eyes and blushed fairly, never breaking the eye contact with the woman's and she couldn't help but smile big, her heart rapidly beating in pure happiness. She almost let forth a content sigh, feeling warm fingers lingering against her cheek and tilted her head slightly into the touch. Not missing a beat, she moved her lips back against hers softly and languidly in a loving kiss. Not giving a damn about anyone else around them anymore or where they were, she gently pulled Midori onto her lap so she could hold her close.

The kiss felt like it lasted hours to her before it was broken and she gently rested her forehead against hers, blushing. "I've never.. felt this happy for a long time.. very long time." She murmured softly and gently looked back into her eyes again, grinning lopsidedly.

That would be a way she would enjoy spending an eternity. As they rested their foreheads together and green gazed into green the redhead heard her words and smiled brightly, almost unable to respond. Glancing down she spotted the lopsided grin and the blush that graced the other girls gorgeous features. "Well, I hope to keep you happy for a very long time..." Blushing a bit she added a little softer. "If you let me."

"Hm.. you wanna go back in the Festival for a bit more?" Honestly, she just wanted to take the woman back home and snuggle with her on the couch while watching a movie. Hell, anything was fine with her at this point as long she could stay by Midori's side.

"Mmm... well I was thinking perhaps we could head home..." Realizing that she had referred to Natsuki's place as 'home' she fixed it as to not bother the younger of the two. "I mean your place... and maybe I could snuggle you and kiss you some more." She finished with a smile before leaning down and capturing her lips again before whispering against them "Unless you'd rather stay here." Kissing her once more she stood up and let out a hand to her love to help her up.

Locking her gaze with hers, she reached up to take the outstretched hand and got up with her help. She gave a soft grin, "Nah, let's get out of here." And then there was a dilemma... how were they going to get the big wolf home?

"Ah... guess I'll have to drive slow back home, heh." She said with a soft chuckle, picking up the two smaller stuffed animals, putting them away in the compartment under the seat on her bike.
She held her hand out for Midori to hold onto so she could get onto the bike, but secretly she just wanted to feel Midori holding her hand again. Every time she did, she'd feel that warmth spread through her and it'd make her want to pull the shorter woman close and snuggle.

Midori glancing over at the wolf smiling a bit sheepishly. "Sorry... but he is very grateful to be away from that festival and to be loved." She added with a small grin.

After she was certain Midori was comfortable on the backseat, she handed the big wolf to her, "Will you be okay holding onto him and me? I'll drive slow, promise." She reassured with a soft smile.

Nodding she waited for Natsuki to get onto the front of the bike, before wrapping her arm around the other girls waist getting as close as possible with their new wolf between them. Before they started moving she leant forward to kiss the younger girls shoulder before whispering. "Thank you for an amazing evening, now... take me home." Smiling gently at the use of the word home, it only felt right. She felt safer with Natsuki then anywhere else, and hadn't ever really had a home.

Natsuki couldn't help the smile that tugged at the corner of her lips, hearing Midori telling her to take her 'home' and nodded, calling back out to the redhead over the roaring engine of the motorcycle. "Home it is then." She took one last good look at the cherry blossom trees before they disappeared out of sight behind her, burning the memory of this night into her mind and enjoyed the warmth of Midori's arms around her, despite the big wolf poking in her back.


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