Darn you Discovery Channel. That's all I have to say on the subject. =P

Disclaimer: Bionicle belongs to Lego, of course, and the song belongs to the Discovery Channel, since it's their version of the song I'm using. However, there are a few characters/places in here that belong to me: Stara, Kronus, and the village of Xi-Koro.

I Love The World

"It never gets old, huh?"

Stara glanced over her shoulder towards her team leader, then returned her gaze to the island of Rohaya, bathed in the glow of the sunset. "Nope."

The Toa of Gravity joined the Lightning Toa on the parapet, the two Toa Rohaya staring out to the sky. "It kinda makes you wanna" –

– "Break into song?"

After a pause, both said "Yep" at the same time, and laughed at it before they sobered.

"I love the mountains" sang Stara.

"I love the clear blue skies" followed Kronus.

"I love big bridges" Tamaru edging his way above the jungle floor towards Le-Koro.

"I love when Takea fly!" Hewkii using his Mask of Gravity on a shark, sending it up towards the surface.

"I love the whole world" hissed Bitil as he snuck up on an unsuspecting Onua Nuva.

"And all its sights and sounds" Metru Nui at night, the buildings aglow with lightstones.

"Boom-de-ya-da, Boom-de-ya-da" Ga-Matoran fishing, casting their lines out to catch something.

"Boom-de-ya-da, Boom-de-ya-da" Le-Matoran partying.

"I love the oceans" Gali fighting an Infected Tarakava.

"I love the dirty things" Onu-Matoran miners beneath Mata Nui's surface.

"I love to go fast!" Pohatu racing across the plains, hotly pursued by Spinax.

"I love the fallen kings" droned Taxadox, sitting in the back of his cave.

"I love the whole world" sang a Ko-Matoran scholar, before he got hushed by his colleagues.

"And all its craziness" Kongu grumbled, staring at the Undersea Behemoth.

"Boom-de-ya-da, Boom-de-ya-da" shouted a Po-Matoran in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, getting an echo back.

"Boom-de-ya-da, Boom-de-ya-da!" yelled Nuparu, firing his Cordak Blaster at an enemy.

"I love tornados" called Lewa, in the center of a whirlwind.

"I love arachnids" Sidorak said, tearing apart buildings with his Visorak horde in pursuit of the Toa Hordika.

"I love hot magma" giggled Vezon, rising from the lava in the Chamber of Life, riding the Kardas dragon.

"I love the giant squids" Kalmah sang, surrounded by his undersea creatures.

"I love the whole world," sang the Xi-Matoran of the Amari Islands, "It's such a brilliant place."

"Boom-de-ya-da, Boom-de-ya-da" Tahu lightning Kopaka's arm on fire.

"Boom-de-ya-da" Nokama teaching her students.

"Boom-de-ya-da!" Tanma as he leaped off a cliff, evading Vamprah's Tridax ball.

"Boom-de-ya-da. . ." Kronus and Stara heading inside as the suns go down.

The World Is Just Awesome.