Sam opened up the new pack of paper plates and pulled three out. He squeezed blobs of finger paint on them: Red, blue, yellow, white…

Thank goodness Joon already taught them their colors, Sam thought.

He took the plates into the living room and set them in front of the mural-like paper Joon had set up on the wall before he came in.

"OK, you two! Come on in!" he called.

Five-year-old Taran came running in ahead of his four-year-old sister, Erica-Arwen.

He tripped over his own feet halfway across the room. Erica-Arwen raced out in front of him.

"Ha ha! I won!" she laughed.

"No fair! I fell!" her brother complained.

After a few hours of painting the mural, Sam said, "OK. Sounds like your mom's home. Let's take a break. It's time for lunch, anyways." As Joon walked in the front door, she looked at the mural.

"Wow! It's so nice!" she said. "It looks like Sam's paintings tell our story… Sam! Why are you eating the paint?"

"I was hungry! It was fruit scented!" he said. "You know what, this stuff smells a lot better than it tastes!"