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this story started before a fight breaks out, okay? By the way, what does "interlock" mean?

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Digimon Tamers: Takato V.S. Takato

Prologue-Takato's Tears

"It's not every day you meet your dream girl..." -Takato Matsuki

Across the tears, I'll find myself checking everything one by one to a tomorrow where I can be


Takato Matsuki, unofficial leader of the Digimon Tamers was overlooking a part of the Digital

World late at night, with his Digimon partner Guilmon sleeping by his side, possibly thinking

about food like he usually did. His other friends Jeri, Henry, Kazu and Kenta were also

snoozing near him, alongside Leomon-Jeri's Digimon-and Terriermon-Henry's Digimon. Kazu

and Kenta had yet to receive Digimon of their own, but that was the one main reason they'd

come: so they could find Digimon who wanted to be tamed, making them official Tamers.

Sadly, they were one Tamer and Digimon short: Rika Nonaka, Takato's girlfriend, and

her partner Renamon, had separated from Kazu and Kenta when they'd met up with Ryo

Akiyama, another Tamer who'd saved Rika against Megadramon with his own Digimon partner,


"Where are you? Are you thinking about me right now, or are you still trying to calm down after

running into someone who actually showed you up as being a superior Tamer? It doesn't matter

to me who beat who or not! I'll always love you..." Takato shivered slightly as the cold air

wafted in and some tears trickled down his cheeks. Sniffling, he quickly wiped them away.

"Takato? Are you okay?"

Gasping slightly, Takato turned and noticed Jeri behind him, no longer asleep, but with a

concerned look on her face.

"I'm fine, Jeri. Just thinking..."

"...about Rika?" Takato smirked at that comment.

"I thought Rika was the only one who could do that. I'm just wondering-what kind of history do

Rika and Ryo have that made her want to separate from Kazu and Kenta in the first place? And

I'm also wondering what she'd do if she found out that my shoes always get tight whenever I'm

going to meet her, whether it's at the park or what."

Stifling a laugh, Jeri placed a comforting hand on Takato's shoulder.

"She can take care of herself, Takato. And she knows we're looking for her right now. Don't

worry about it." Jeri insisted.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Jeri. Rika probably ran into Ryo and knows exactly where we're at

right now."

Running through the morning to the park where you wait for me, my shoes are getting tight


"I have no idea where Takato and the others are!" Rika fumed to herself the following morning

as she and Renamon had finally walked past those ticking clocks, worry replaced-for the time

being-with anger.

"It's like we've dropped off the face of the Earth-or at least, the Digital World. And if Mr.

Tamer Wannabe actually did find his way to Takato, why haven't they tried to hunt for us?"

"Maybe we're looking in the wrong direction for the others, Rika."

"Maybe, but until we get some kind of sign that we're going the wrong way, we'll just keep on

going." Rika said things, but at times like this, her heart said something else.

"Where are you, Takato? Why aren't you leading a gigantic search for me right now, or you

are, but Renamon and I are going the wrong way and that's why you can't find us? Why are you

thinking like this? The reason we came here in the first place was to find Calumon. We'll find

Takato sooner or later, and along the way, we'll be sure to find Calumon."

I can't seem to catch up with myself as I grow

My heart is the only thing that's hesitating

"Not again!" Confused, Takato looked around, seeing nothing but dunes and a very large desert.

"What? All I see is a very big desert and some dunes-if that's what you call these hills."

"We were here a day or so ago before we were sucked up by another data stream." Kazu


"We need to find partners for you guys soon, otherwise I'll have to take action here, and it's not

something Henry or anyone else would approve." Terriermon retorted cynically.


"What? I was just joking."

"Where were you guys sucked up to? Was it another part of the Digital World?" Takato asked

immediately, ignoring Terriermon's quick remarks.

"Yeah, if you can say that. There were ticking clocks around, and two Digimon there, plus

Megadramon." Kenta muttered.

"If we could find that data stream, we'd be that much closer to finding our missing comrades."

Leomon noted calmly.

"'Comrades?' Rika's more than just a 'comrade' to me, Leomon! She's my missing half, my

opposite...and we've got to find her, no matter what!"

"You can say that again! Takato's a peacemaker when it comes to life in general, and Rika

could be the leader of an army if she wanted to." Terriermon added.

Takato and Henry eyed Terriermon with heated glares, but said nothing.

"You've been more stronger than you would normally be back home, Takato. Have you

noticed?" Jeri spoke up after getting Guilmon up from his spot on the ground.

"Yeah, I've noticed. I think it's gotta be because Rika isn't here. In a way, she taught me that

sometimes in life, you've gotta fight the good fight to save the people you care about." Takato

explained, managing to hide the tears staining his cheeks from his friends.

"How-by defeating the bad guys and absorbing their data?" Terriermon piped up, chuckling to


"Very funny, Terriermon. I see where Takato's getting at. In some way, Rika helped him to be

strong, to help out whenever someone needed it, like that time with the bike, right Takato?"

Henry noted.

"Yeah, that's it. Trust me, Rika-I will find matter what I have to do, or who I've gotta


I want to be stronger, but for what?

I asked you, but you just laughed as if I were strange

Somewhere in my heart, there's a strong me

He only comes out once in a while, but you taught me

Across the tears, I'll find myself checking everything one by one to a tomorrow where I can be


Back on planet Earth, Yamaki was patiently sitting on a park bench with a comlink in his hand.

"Come on-find your friend and get back here. You kids have been gone too long for this to be a

simple rescue mission. Unless you've run into some trouble that you couldn't handle on your

own." Yamaki mumbled to himself, not noticing bolts of lightning and electricity strike above

him a few meters away, or seeing two figures come flying out of a digital field and fly toward

his position.

"If these coordinates are right, one of them is separated from the others, but how? What I can't

figure out is how these data streams keep appearing in and out of the Digital World like butter."

"Maybe you need a nap to think it over, huh?" Yamaki looked up to see Takato and Guilmon

flying toward him, an invisible pair of wings strapped onto Guilmon's back.

"Rock Breaker!!"

Quickly, Yamaki ducked, but not low enough to avoid getting punched by Takato, who'd

jumped off Guilmon and landed on the ground.

"Everyone's always yakking about Takato-his gentle soul, his girl Rika, his caring heart. What a

goody two shoes! Thanks to you, I plan to change all that."

Yamaki suddenly remembered the rebellious attitude, and glared at Takato, narrowing his eyes.

"You're not Takato! You're that clone I created, aren't you? I thought he'd defeated you for


"He did, but thanks to this one card-" "Takato" whipped out the lone card that had brought him

and "Guilmon" back from deletion. "-I'm back, and ready to show Takato up, once and for all!

And, since I have an inkling of an idea where he's at, I'll need this!"

Suddenly, "Takato" reached forward and yanked the comlink from Yamaki's outstretched hand.

"Hey-give that back!"

"I don't think so! Hyah!" A second later, Yamaki was on the ground, unconscious and bleeding

from a cut on his lip, but other than that, he was okay.

"You heard him-to the Digital World!" Laughing to himself, "Takato" waited with

patience for his partner to find an entryway inside, and was amazed when they found it-in

Guilmon's hideaway.

"Intriguing. All this time, the portal's been right under their noses. Time to cause some strife for

the Tamers, and to show Takato Matsuki that he doesn't kill his dark side and get away with


Everyone just thinks I'm a nice guy-it's a little galling

"Why can't I say it to him-that fighting isn't the only way to be strong? That flag of his was a

pretty good idea, at least the second one was. It showed we were united to find Calumon, no

matter what. Then that stupid data stream came in and separated us. We almost get back, but a

second data stream separates us even farther, and we run into Ryo! He can't even tame a

Digimon as powerful as Cyberdramon. Humph! Has the nerve to call himself a Tamer."

Rika's thoughts were interrupted by a roar that sounded like it was echoing in all directions.

"That sounds like a Digimon, Rika. And it also sounds like he's coming our way!" Renamon


"And it even sounds like he wants a fight. If it's a fight he wants, it's a fight he'll get!" Rika

smirked while pulling out a Modify card.

Being able to fight isn't the only way to be strong! I know that, but I can't say it


"Digimodify! Digivolution, activate!"


"Renamon Digivolve to...KYUBIMON!!!"


Rika quickly jumped onto Kyubimon's back, eager for any kind of action. A second later, a

powerful Digimon appeared before them out of a river.

"Whoa! That's MegaSeadramon, Ultimate level. I doubt he's a Deva, but he could sure be one if

he wanted, especially with his Thunder Javelin attack."

"If I were you, I'd surrender. You have no chance of defeating me!"

"Appearances can be deceiving." Rika pulled out a blue card-that had appeared next to her other

cards-and prepared to swipe it.


"Digimodify! Matrix Digivolution, activate!"

Matrix Digivolution!

"Kyubimon, Matrix Digivolve to...TAOMON!!!"


"Thousand Spells!!" The multiple card attack struck and it didn't even faze MegaSeadramon!

"Thunder Javelin!!" This attack made contact, sending Taomon-and Rika, who hadn't jumped

off of her partner yet-flying to the ground! Rika gasped as she felt something snap inside her rib


"This is all I need! I didn't want Takato involved in this, and now that I just got hurt, he will,


"Ahhh!" Takato fell to the sandy ground in pain, feeling a part of his body flare with extreme


"Are you okay, Takatomon?" Guilmon asked. Takato gasped for breath, feeling his rib cage and

grunted when he realized what had happened.

"To be blunt about this-Rika just broke a rib, and since we're connected, I just broke a rib! I

don't know how long it'll take to mend because we can't mend hers." Takato explained briefly.

"He's right-we have the first-aid kit!" Jeri said.

"But Rika does have some bandages on her! So, it wouldn't matter for now-as long as Rika can

mend herself, we can focus on getting you mended!" Henry added.

"Yeah-hopefully." Takato agreed, trying to stand upright, and grimaced in pain when he did.

"I've got an idea!" Takato smiled as he plucked out one of his Modify cards and prepared to

swipe it.

"What are you planning, dude?" Turning toward Kazu without screaming in pain, Takato

responded, "This!"


"Digimodify! Hyper Wings, activate!"

Immediately, a pair of barely visible wings appeared on Guilmon's back; Takato pulled himself

on and Guilmon almost fell over!

"Could always try one more card..." Takato mumbled as he was able to grab another card and

swipe it through his D-Power.


"Digimodify! Digivolution, activate!"


"Guilmon Digivolve to...GROWLMON!!!"


A second later, Takato and Growlmon steadily flew up in the sky.

"Hey, is it just me, or did the wings get bigger when Guilmon Digivolved?" Terriermon asked.

"It's just you." Henry joked, stifling a laugh.

"Onward, team!" Takato yelled defiantly.

It's hard to see you get hurt for me; that's why I'm trying to get stronger, even if it's just a little


Will my invisible wings get bigger, too? Just like when my shoes get too tight, will I notice all of

a sudden?

"Any bright ideas, now that we've unleashed the great beast?" Taomon asked grimly, taking

notice that MegaSeadramon was making his way toward them.

"Yeah. Try not to get killed and find a way across to Takato." Rika retorted, pulling out one

more card.


"Digimodify! Power, activate!"

"Talisman of Light!!" The beam of concentrated light hit its target and forced MegaSeadramon

back a few feet. Problem is, it didn't stop him!

"Any more ideas, Rika?" Before Rika could respond, MegaSeadramon suddenly turned away

from them, preparing to dive back down underwater!

"Hey! This fight isn't over with yet, so get back here!" Rika demanded.

"I think it is. You're not worth my time." the Ultimate-type hissed before diving down and


A few seconds passed before Rika laughed quietly to herself.

"And what, may I ask, is so funny?" Taomon inquired.

"You know as well as I do that you probably wouldn't have stood a chance against him, even at

the Ultimate level, right?" Rika replied.

"That's never stopped you before, even when the odds were against us." came the response.

"I think Gogglehead's finally starting to rub off on me, but it looks like we're going in the right


"Once I get that wound of yours mended up, we'll be on our way."

Across the tears, you're laughing-I'm sure I'll be able to get across, too from my fingertips to


Safely perched on Growlmon's back, Takato was able to ignore the throbbing pain in his ribs.

"Are you doing alright, Takato?" Jeri yelled. From Takato's viewpoint in the sky, Jeri was

almost an ant, so it took a while for Takato to realize that they'd gone too high up.

"Growlmon, you've gone too high! Get us back down!"

"Oh. Sorry." A minute or so, they were back on solid ground, and still in the desert.

"What happened to you, chumly?"

"Growlmon went too high up, so we decided to come back down for a little R&R. After that's

over, we'll find Rika and Calumon!"

"So he says." Henry said.

"Trust me-there's no stone we've left unturned in the Digital World, guys! Once we find Rika

and Calumon, we'll be able to leave the Digital World and head home."

"Not without finding us partners first!" Kazu and Kenta objected.

"What they said." Takato muttered.

"Wow. For a minute there, I thought we were talking to Rika." Terriermon exclaimed.

"They've started taking on the others' attributes since the separation, we'll just have to get used

to that." Henry replied.

Somewhere in my heart, there's a strong me

He only comes out once in a while, but you taught me

Across the tears, I'll find myself checking everything one by one to a tomorrow where I can be


A bright light suddenly changed into multiple beams of light, and "Takato" and "Guilmon"

appeared in the Digital World for the first time.

"Time to track down our other halves and teach them a lesson, right boy?"


Uh-oh! Looks like double trouble here in the Digital World! What are the Tamers gonna do

when they realize there are two Takatos and two Guilmon? Find out on the next Digimon:

Digital Monsters!