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Digimon Tamers: Takato V.S. Takato

Epilogue-Takato's Journey Through Time

"Oh, no. You look so sad..." -Calumon

Looks like Beelzemon finally got what was coming to him, thanks to a teamup between Gallantmon and Sakuyamon! Only one little catch on the whole justice thing-Jeri halted the rest of the battle and insisted that the others leave him alone all because he was innocent. That was agreeable to the other two Mega Digimon who had only wanted to help in the first place. Gee-wonder what Takato's clone gonna say about Beelzemon's change of heart, and if this is truly the end for the Tamers or if it's just the beginning for their latest adventure...

Takato found himself, yet again, within the confines of Rika's traditional Japanese house. "Just great. A few days ago, my girlfriend punches me across the face to prove a point and now that I've apparently snuck into her house, I'm gonna get the 3rd degree from either her, her mother or her grandmother!" he griped to himself, not even noticing the landscape change around him.

Seconds later, Takato found himself underground in a dank cave listening to lightning crackle above his head gazing upward at Rika, her body suspended in the air as if she were crucified and yet, she wasn't. A medieval sword had pierced her chest, leaving thin trickles of blood streaming down her shirt, but that wasn't what had surprised Takato the most-what had left him stupefied was the fact that even with the sword in her heart, Rika was still alive.

"Don't underestimate him..."

"What?" Takato asked in shock when he heard Rika speak, her voice sounding like it was coming out of a tiny radio.

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, Takato...don't underestimate him, even if he was our friend..."

Before Takato could ask what she meant by that, Rika's head slumped forward in death...and Takato screamed in agony as he awoke from another dream.

"Not again..."

Takato stumbled into his family's kitchen, majorly disoriented due to the dream he'd just had and hungry for something to eat. It had only been three days at the most since he and Rika had simultaneously agreed not to kill Beelzemon at the park. Since those three days, Takato had grown what others would call a big head-basically, Takato figured that he, Rika, Henry and Jeri were invincible, that no Digimon at any level could defeat them if they worked together. Little did he know that was all about to change within the next few hours.

"Let's see-I could have some eggs if I hadn't already given the last ones to Jeri two nights ago. Fine-I don't need protein for today. I'll just have some cereal...which I can't have any of either 'cause Guilmon ran out of bread the previous evening and wanted a midnight snack! Ahhh! What else could go wrong today?!"

The phone rang at that second, which caused Takato to grunt loudly and start yanking at his hair before calming down and answering it with as much restraint as possible.


"Whoa-remind me never to eat breakfast over at your house!"

Instantly, Takato felt his cheeks grow hot once he heard Rika's voice over the phone. It meant that his dream was merely a dream, one he didn't have to tell her about-not like he was gonna tell her that he still had occasional dreams about her.

"Gogglehead? You didn't conk out on me, did you?"

"No! Sorry, Rika. Just had one of those nights. And how'd you know that I was-?"

"Trust me-I can tell. After you find yourself something edible inside your house, go find Guilmon, then cruise on over toward your schoolgrounds. Something weird's going on."

"Okay, but the school's locked up for the weekend. And why aren't we going over to your school?"

"That's for me to know and you to never find out. See you later."

Takato sighed as the phone clicked on the other end of the line, meaning that Rika had hung up on him. Groaning with irritation, he opened the refridgerator again and found salvation in bread that could be made into toast-uneaten toast!

"Okay-now we're talking! Good thing my parents had to go out of town for awhile."

For the past three days, Beelzemon had been flying inside the realm between the Digital World and the Real World, trying to understand why the Tamers would still want to be his friend even after all he'd done to them.

"Hey-I thought we were in this together. You're supposed to be helping me destroy my other half and his friends, and so far, you're not backing up your deal!"

Growling with anger, Beelzemon recognized all too clearly the voice of the Tamer of Darkness.

"Listen up, you-the only reason you're not pushing up daisies in the Digital World is because of me! You had your chance to beat those kids, and you blew it by acting stupid. Now that you're stuck with me-and I'm literally stuck with you-we're gonna do this my way. We're gonna start by helping those kids as much as possible by protecting their world-AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

The Mega Digimon writhed in pain and agony as he felt his insides flare up with intense heat. He looked down at his chest and crumbled up inside himself while still in the air.

"As long as I'm in your body, we're not gonna help the Tamers-we're gonna destroy them!"

"Over my dead body...YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Beelzemon screamed as he felt some ribs crack, blood flowing out of his mouth and a pounding sound inside his head.

"Fine. Have it your way. You'll regret this as I take my revenge on the Tamers in the worst way possible."

After Takato had wolfed down three pieces of toast, he'd grabbed his bike, pedaled toward the park, roused Guilmon up with some day-old and day-old, day-old bread and, with Guilmon and the ever-lovable Calumon, pedaled toward the back of his schoolgrounds. Heading to the back of the soccer field, Takato wasn't entirely surprised to see it opened up, nor was he surprised to see Rika, Renamon, Henry, Terriermon, Jeri or Leomon waiting for him; what did surprise him was Rika's shirt-her usual broken heart was completely whole! It took all of Takato's willpower not to laugh out loud at that thought. Noticing Takato's lingering body, Rika yanked him forward, making sure to grasp him tightly by the collar.

"Don't even say it. My mother had this made for me the day after I Biomerged, so if I hear any laughter, one-liners or the tiniest hint of a joke, someone's gonna feel a world of pain where they wouldn't heal anytime soon! Are we clear on that fact?"

"We're clear, Rika-crystal." Takato stammered. "By the way, where are Kazu, Kenta, Susie and Ryo-not that I want Ryo here, just curious."

"For something this enormous? I wouldn't bring Susie here if you paid me." Henry explained.

"Okay, then what's the enormous thing?"

"Hold on." Jeri stopped Henry from saying anything else. "Kazu's still sleeping in, and Kenta slept over at his house, so he's sleeping in too."

"Great-that's exactly what I wanted to hear this morning. What's. The. Enormous. Problem?!"

"I thought you wanted to know where our missing teammates were at-" Rika was interrupted by Takato, who had finally lost his cool.

"OKAY! I get the picture-everyone else either slept in, didn't want to come, didn't know where to come to, or obviously had something better to do. Now...WHAT'S THE ENORMOUS THING WE'VE GOTTA FACE ALREADY?!"

Takato gasped for breath as Guilmon piped up, "Takato's had a lousy start at breakfast."

"Yeah-I know." Rika replied. "Calm down, Takato. It's not like we didn't hear you in the first place."

"As I was saying..." Henry interjected. "I got a call from Yamaki last night, and he sounded as worried as he was the day we were attacked by that gigantic Pig Deva-a massive amount of energy is being collected from a focal point beyond the Digital World and is making its way here!"

"What? You mean-to the Real World?" Takato sputtered in amazement.

"How'd you put it to Beelzemon? 'In a nutshell-yeah.'" Terriermon quipped.

"Terriermon-not really isn't the time for this!"

"It sounded to me like Takato needed cheering up after the morning he's had."

"Hello!" Rika's irritable response broke up Terriermon and Henry's quarrel, so she asked, "The last thing you just said to us: the energy is heading to our world?"

"If Yamaki's right, the energy being collected isn't the problem-its the amount. Someone with power levels reading off the chart would be extremely strong." Henry warned, his tone taking on a worried state.

"How high a level would it have to be?" Jeri spoke up.

"If it was a Digimon, it would have to be at the Mega level, at most. An Ultimate, Champion, Rookie, In-Training or a Baby Digimon couldn't handle that much power and possibly survive!"

"Soooo..." Takato worriedly looked up at the sky, which had started to give off flashes of light, had grown dark and had started a rainstorm a moment later. "When's this being, or whoever's supposed to be sucking up the energy coming through?"

"Yamaki really didn't say. A few hours, a couple weeks..."

WHAM! The Tamers and the Digimon were all blasted to the ground in extreme pain as numerous bolts of energy connected at that time on the spot they were all standing at.

"...or the next day, which technically, would be today."

Takato had gotten to his feet, and when he gazed at the Digimon before him, he grabbed Rika's hand and squeezed it tightly, feeling her own hand grip his with that same power. He wasn't only familiar to the three Tamers who had been together since the beginning, but anyone who had seen the old TV show throughout the final year would remember him...Daemon, rumored to be one of the most powerful of all Digimon. He was still dressed in the same manner of clothing when the DigiDestined had banished him to the Dark Ocean.

"Daemon, Virus-type Digimon. With his Evil Inferno attack, this guy could save a lot on barbeques if he wanted!" Takato explained with a hitch of slight fear in his voice.

"The infamous Tamers. Pleased to make your acquaintance at last. I would've been here sooner, but I had to collect quite a lot of energy from the previous battles you'd been in, and having to absorb the data from your clones' bodies, the Digimon's clones' and even his clone's body-" Daemon pointed at a confused Guilmon, whose eyes had diluted when Takato and the others had been blasted. "-saved me some serious time and prevented me from sending any Digimon after you."

"You're real? But-but how?" Takato stammered.

"That would take entirely too long to explain and with you children wanting to be in a hurry to grow up these days, by the time I would be finished explaining this, you would be too old for a battle. In all honesty, all I really came here for was the soul of your clone's body." Daemon pointed at Takato at that second. The other Tamers shivered under Daemon's gaze, including Rika, who, besides IceDevimon, had never let anything freak her out!

"That's a funny story." Takato chuckled weakly while inching his way behind Rika. "I was angry at him-my clone, mind you-for using my body to hurt the people I love, so I sorta...fused him with another Digimon."

Takato knew the old saying "if looks could kill..." was accurate, because at that instant, Daemon glared at him and he knew that he would probably be a cinder of ash!

"So in other words, we don't have what you want. You can just leave now before we have to pound you into the ground." Rika concluded, fixating the Mega Digimon with a heated glare of her own, furious that he would even think of trying to hurt Takato!

Daemon's response wasn't one any of the Tamers had been expecting to hear-he'd started laughing out loud.

"You truly think you can defeat me in battle-with Digimon like these?! You must be joking!"

Another saying remembered by most would be "that was the straw that broke the camel's back." Technically, that would fit perfectly here, because Takato, Rika, Henry and Jeri all grabbed their Digivices and held them up into the sky, forgoing the idea to weaken him with Champions and Ultimate Digimon.

Biomerge Digivolution!

"BIOMERGE, ACTIVATE!" Takato, Rika, Henry and Jeri demanded angrily, the four friends immediately changing into data and Biomerging with their respective Digimon.

"Guilmon Biomerge to..."

"Renamon Biomerge to..."

"Terriermon Biomerge to..."

"Leomon Biomerge to..."


Daemon had to admit-seeing four Mega Digimon stand against him was a welcoming surprise.

"I'm impressed. Maybe you'll be able to give me a better fight than the DigiDestined ever could."

"You'll regret ever coming to our world in the first place! Shield of the Just!!"

"He's right about that. Now feel the Twin Blades of Beauty and Truth!!"

"Gargo Missiles!!"

"Howling Crusher!!"

The combined attacks fused together before striking Daemon in the chest, causing an explosion and dust to come up around the Digimon. Calumon cheered in success for the Tamers.

"Way to go, guys-you showed him a one-two-three punch ticket outta town!"

"Nice work, Gogglehead-and you were moody because of breakfast."

Within his protective sphere, Takato felt himself sweatdrop as Sakuyamon turned toward him and gripped his sword-which changed into his right arm-with ease and passion.

"Uh...Rika? What are you doing? We're Biomerged with our partners, remember? And, we're not exactly alone, if you're getting my drift."

"I know. And don't bring up that 'curiosity killed the cat,' 'cause we just took out a powerful Digimon without having to use more than one attack."

"Yeah, but..."

From inside her own sphere, Rika grinned and blushed at the same time. This was the part of her relationship she liked most of all-getting Takato all worked up, nervous and content all at once.

"Just close your eyes and get rid of that mask..."

The echoing, booming laughter heard by everyone within a five-mile radius caused all action to cease a second later. The dust finally cleared away, leaving Daemon revealed, but without a scratch on his entire body, save for a mark left by the combined attacks!

"Unbelievable! He isn't even harmed!" SaberLeomon exclaimed.

"Almost like he's an invincible Digimon." MegaGargomon added.

"Don't say that. Every Digimon has some weakness-we just have to exploit it!" Sakuyamon announced while pulling her staff up in battle position.

"It'll just take us a little while longer to find Daemon's weak points." Gallantmon replied as his arm changed back into a sword.

"Very cute-the Tamers think they can defeat me without even blinking. As a dreaded and feared foe once said to you, 'allow me to show you what a Digimon of TRUE power can do!' Evil Inferno!!"

A ball of fiery light appeared in Daemon's hands before growing bigger and bigger. Seconds before it would've exploded, the Virus-type flung it forward.

BLAM!!!!! The four Mega Digimon screamed in agony and torment as they were sent flying backward onto the ground! Calumon yelped in surprise and fear as his ears retracted.

"Oh, no...what are they gonna do? It's not like they can Digivolve any higher than Mega."

"Got a brave plan of action, Takato?" Sakuyamon griped impatiently while helping Gallantmon up.

"I'd say yes, but we just got fried with one shot, so my brain still isn't functioning correctly."

"We just gotta pull ourselves together!" MegaGargomon advised.

"Rika, here's your plan! If we surround him on all sides and fire at the same time, it might give us a chance to take him out!"

After thinking it over, the others knew they had nothing else to fall back on. "Let's do it!"

Heading back into the battleground, Sakuyamon yelled out, "Calumon, get out of here now! This could get messy."

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Calumon responded while extending his ears and flying toward a tree branch.

"All right, team-let's give this one more try! Lightning Joust!!"

"Mega Barrage!!"

"If you're gonna hurt Takato, you're gonna have to go through me! Now, feel my Light!!"

"Twin Fang!!"

Daemon laughed evilly as he was barraged on all sides and only staggered back a few feet, but he still wasn't deeply injured.

"And to think-I almost feared you. I thought this would be a worthy challenge, but I was wrong. At least I get to rule over a different realm other than the Dark Ocean. I really don't want to bore you, so let's end this now-EVIL INFERNO!!"

Inside his sphere, Takato's eyes widened in panic as Daemon's fiery ball grew steadily bigger and bigger with each passing second. "Guys...HIT THE DIRT!"

Moments later, a muffled explosion was heard by bystanders meters away from the school.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" The four Mega Digimon writhed in torment as they were hurtled helplessly through the air before hitting the ground hard on their backs! Gallantmon deDigivolved into Takato and Guilmon; Sakuyamon deDigivolved into Rika and Renamon. MegaGargomon deDigivolved into Henry and Terriermon; SaberLeomon deDigivolved into Jeri and Leomon.

"That really, really, really, really hurt!" Terriermon groaned.

"I can't believe it...he defeated us without batting an eye!" Rika gasped.

"We took our combined strength for granted." Jeri responded.

"Jeri's wrong. It wasn't all of us. It was me. I'm the one who took our combined strength for granted. We should've escaped while we had the chance to earlier and tried to come up with a better plan." Takato thought sadly while feeling tears cloud his eyes.

At that moment, Beelzemon came shooting in like a rocket directly between the Tamers and Daemon! He looked even worse than the Tamers felt-he had a broken arm, his ribs were cracked, his heart felt like it was beating rapidly and fire seemed to burn from inside his chest.

"Impmon...what's wrong?" Renamon barely had the strength to ask.

"It's the kid's clone. He wants to repay me for wantin' to help you guys out and I think deleting me is the only way."

"Don't! You can fight this, Beelzemon!" Takato pleaded. "If I could get my clone's spirit out of you-without feeling like I'd been hit by a powerful flamethrower-I would!"

"It's not your fault, kid. I had it coming sooner or later...see you around, huh?"

Before the Tamers could stop him, Beelzemon pulled out his guns, aimed them at Daemon and fired for all he was worth.

"You want these kids, ya gotta get through me! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"That shouldn't be too hard. Evil Inferno!!"

In his weakened state, Beelzemon was deleted instantly and his data was absorbed by Daemon. The spirit of the Tamer of Darkness, however, was free once again.

"Well, well, well. Look who's back, and look who's body I'm gonna take over. Don't worry-you'll get your body back this time, after I'm done using it!"

Growling, the Tamer of Darkness flew inside Takato's body again, not merging himself with Takato's spirit, as he'd done before, but sending Takato's own spirit out!

"Haven't you ever wondered what the future would be like for you, goody-two shoes? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO FIND OUT!"

The Tamer of Darkness laughed as Takato's spirit was forced out of his body and was sent through a time stream, allowing Takato to not only see his future, but to live his future out!

Man! Just when things finally go great for him, Takato's forced to visit an apocalyptic future! Can he get back to his own time safely, and if he can, can he change it back to the way it was? Find out next time on a new adventure of Digimon: Digital Monsters!