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Caution to the Wind

CH 18


"FUCK MY LIFE" hollered Emmet!

"NO, FUCK MY LIFE" was Jasper's answering bellow!

"NO it's my life, please fuck it" Emmet was a putting a girly voice on!

"NO NO, please fuck mine, I insist" Jasper was putting on a very posh accent as well now, god this was really starting to piss me off! They had been doing this all the from the gate house whilst we walked to the manor! Fuckers thought they were funny!

They both stopped walking and turned to me with evil grins

"WHAT?" I shouted

"OHHHHH EDWAAARRRD" they both moaned, shit now they were taking the piss out of my wife!

I leapt forward and delivered a sharp jab to Emmett's right arm and a quick one to Jaspers kidneys. Low blow? Yes but Emmet would knock me right the fuck out if I punched his kidneys and I was still pissed at Jazz for being such an asshole to my Bella.

"OOOOOOooooooooo" was all they said!

They just laughed harder, god they are so fucking frustrating!

How the hell I am supposed to have a mature, intelligent conversation with these two?

"When you have quite finished, I could really use a guy chat" I said this through clenched teeth with my fists at my side.

"Fuck me Cullen!" Emmet had stopped laughing and was eyeing me strangely!

"Do you were tampons as well now?" Jasper and he cracked up again and I stormed off walking toward the manor.

My parents were coming out as we were going in,

"Have fun boys" my dad said as he helped my mother into her jacket

"We will, have a good night" I kissed my mothers cheek and blushed a little, no son wants his mother to catch him in a compromising situation. I turned to walk to the games room when my mum called me

"Oh Edward" all the men in the entrance hall apart from me started to snigger! Those fuckers!

My mums eyes widened, then she giggled and looked at me apologetically

"Not you too mum?" I couldn't fucking believe this!

"No Darling of course not" she giggled and came over putting her hands on my cheeks; I huffed loudly and closed my eyes because I had really had enough now.

"I just wanted to tell you that Harrods called and will be delivering everything on Friday" my mood swung very quickly and I just grinned at her, she patted my cheeks and left with my Dad, who just had to throw me a wink and thumbs up before leaving!

Fuck my Life!

We were sat on the sofas in the games room, beers in hand, snacks on table and both Emmet and Jazz were just staring at me.

"What now" I sighed

"Well do you want to talk or not?" Jasper shrugged as he said this and I had a feeling he was still a little angry "I mean things between you and my sister have obviously changed and I have to say I'm worried. I love my sister and I don't want to see her hurt, before when it was a business arrangement was one thing but now well, I don't like it Edward"

"Why?" I couldn't believe this guy! And I was on my feet in a second "You let me marry your sister under false pretences and even drew up a fucking contract so we couldn't screw each other over! And now because I am in love with her and treating her the way a wife should be treated you don't like it! Well fuck you Jazz"

Jasper was on his feet now too!

"You think a wife should be fucked on the bonnet of a fucking car?"

He was pointing in my face, and I was getting seriously pissed

"You think a wife should be humiliated in front of her friends and family like a cheap fucking whore! Just because you're in such a hurry to get your dick in her and you cant wait till she is inside out of everyone's view?"

Before I knew it my fist had connected with his face and he was on the floor with me on top

"Don't you ever speak about her that way" I screamed in his face "Don't you ever call her a fucking cheap whore or I will fucking finish you! You hear me?"

Emmet grabbed me and pulled me of him with one hand and shoved Jasper who had shot up to get me with the other, he held us both apart, one in each hand whilst we struggled trying to hit, kick and hurt each other in anyway we could.

After about 5 minutes we gave up trying, we were both exhausted and Emmett was too strong.

"Seriously" Emmet wasn't even out of breath "That was pathetic, I could have held you girls off for at least another hour" he was shaking his head in disappointment whilst we both glared at him.

"Cullen sit there" he pointed to the sofa "Swan sit there" he pointed to the chair and both Jasper and I did as we were told.

Emmett took a seat on the coffee table in-between us before he spoke.

"Edward, Bella is Jazz's sister and he has a right to be worried" great best friend he turned out to be!

"Jasper, Edward is Bella's husband and no matter what the reasons behind the marriage were, he is now in love with her!" he looked at me "Dude gotta say, never thought I would see the day" he smiled genuinely and I felt myself return it.

We discussed the reasons I had for thinking it was love and with Emmet mediating between us for the next hour we managed to call a truce.

Jazz accepted that I did love his sister but only because he recognised the feelings I described as being the same he had for Alice.

I told him that I knew what she meant to him and apologised for the things I said, we shook hands.

"It must be fucking love if you ate her cooking man" Jasper let out a whistle and shook his head.

"Yup, two helpings and dessert" was my reply. We both laughed and he bowed down and gave me a 'we are not worthy' salute.

"You keep eating that shit and you will be dead in a year anyway" he laughed.

We spent the rest of the night listening to Em rave on about Rose because he said he felt left out!

Now all I had to do was tell Bella, and if this was her brother's reaction I didn't hold out much hope for hers being any different.


The guys had just picked the girls up and Edward was making me some hot chocolate in the kitchen.

This was it, tonight was the night, I was going to tell my husband I loved him! I had decided to strike whilst the iron was hot because Alice and Rose both pointed out how I talk myself out of things when I over think them.

Edward walked into the sitting room, he looked tired and stressed! Maybe now wasn't the best time. He walked over to me and pulled me into his arms, he took a few deep breaths with his face in my hair and then pulled back to look at me

"You okay babe" I leaned up and kissed his chin; he smiled at me and bent down to kiss my lips. It was a deep, slow and loving kiss and I knew that there was no time like the present.

"Edward? Can we um… can i….. I need…." Jesus! Why can I not form a single fucking scentace! I took a deep breath and led him to the couch, I pushed him to sit down then I straddled his lap. I made sure to keep the gesture intimate but not in a sexual way and took his face in my hands. He looked worried!

"Edward over the last few weeks things have become …. Intense?" was that the right word? He tried to speak but I used my finger on his lips to stop him.

"Babe, my feelings have um changed" I couldn't help but look down at his chest "I need to tell you this but don't want things to get weird between us, not that a fake marriage and friends with benefits isn't already weird but ya know I jus" he put his fingers on my lips this time

"I love you Bella" he whispered


I knew she was going to finish it, that her friends had probably talked some sense into her and my heart was breaking as I listened to her trying to tell me it was over and that we had to go back to the business arrangement that we had before. I just had to tell I loved her before she put the final nail in my coffin.

I couldn't go backwards! I wouldn't go backwards! I felt so desperate and scared and I started talking a mile a minute

"Baby I know that I am not great boyfriend material and that my track record sucks, but please take a chance one me, pleases don't give up on us, I promise I will be the best husband and father I can be, I will never want anything else in my life as long as I have you and our daughter, you don't even have to love me back just please don't leave me Bella, I wouldn't survive loosing you"

The last part came out in a sob, macho right? But I didn't care, and Bella …. Well she really looked pissed off!

"EDWARD ANTONY MASEN CULLEN" she shrieked as she leapt off my lap.

"I don't fucking believe you" I sat in stunned silence whilst she started to pace.

"I can't even put a full sentence into words because I am so damn fucking nervous and you just go and reel of a motherfucking speech that sounds like it came from a movie!"

She stood still and glared at me and honestly? I was terrified!

"I wanted to tell YOU that I love YOU, but you spoiled my fucking surprise and stole my thunder you bastard! And you did it without stuttering like a freak" she crossed her arms and pouted at me and if she didn't have tears in her eyes I would have laughed.

Instead I stood up and made my way over to her, I held her face in my hands and forced her to look at me

"You love me?" the smile I was trying to hold back made itself known as I spoke

"Yeah" she stated shyly

"Say it again" I whispered as I picked her up bridal style

"I love you Edward" she whispered

"I love you too Bella" I whispered back before I claimed her mouth with mine, I didn't stop kissing her the whole way to our bedroom or as we undressed each other.

I laid her on the bed then settled myself next to her, with one hand on her stomach

"I love you Baby, and I promise I will never let you down" I kissed her wet cheeks and realised my own were wet, this was why I wanted to cry and cum at the same time, this was why no other woman would ever touch me or be touched by me again, it was love that did this to me and Bella was the only woman I had ever loved.

I rolled her onto her side and spooned her

"I love you babe and I promise the same" she whimpered as I lifted her right leg and lined myself up at her entrance.

I entered her slowly and we made love! Not fucked, not shagged not got off, but made love! Our room was filled with pants and sighs. I held her so close and she turned her head to kiss me, we whispered how good it felt and how much we loved each other and came together her crying out and me grunting into her neck.

Afterwards we just lay together in a tight embrace, loving each other.


He loves me.


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