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Pairing: Grimmjow x Ichigo

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This is set during the time when Grimmjow invades Karakura Town for the second time after he had lost his arm and sustained the scar from Ichigo. (Not sure what episode it is...)

'Hello' – thinking (italics font with underlines)

"Hello" – talking (quotation marks and italics font)

The title can be translated as 'The forbidden Love'

~ Chapter 1~

Grimmjow and the other Espadas arrived at Karakura Town only to be met with other shinigamis, Grimmjow looked for Ichigo as he had grown interested in him after their first encounter, while the rest of the Espadas are fighting the shinigamis Grimmjow leaves to find the orange haired boy. After a few minutes Grimmjow finally finds Ichigo and confronts him, Ichigo is surprised to see Grimmjow before him but gets ready to fight him despite his surprise. Grimmjow grabs Ichigo by the wrist and takes him away from where the other Espadas are, Ichigo glares at Grimmjow as he allows himself to be led away from the others. when they arrive at a secluded area Grimmjow releases Ichigo and smiles at the thought of doing what he has been dreaming about since he first met the boy.

~Yaoi Begins Here~

Grimmjow appeared in front of Ichigo and hits his hand so that his Zanpakuto is dropped from his grasp, when the Zanpakuto had hit the floor Grimmjow wasted no time in kicking it away from Ichigo's reach. Ichigo is shocked at Grimmjow's sudden movements but quickly moves to grab his Zanpakuto but he is pulled back by Grimmjow and slammed up against a wall as Grimmjow forced their lips to meet. Ichigo's eyes open at Grimmjow's actions but he couldn't stop himself from kissing Grimmjow back, after all he had grown attracted to the man when they first met. The two men fought against each others with their tongues while their friends and comrades fought against each other with their swords, Grimmjow enjoyed the feeling of Ichigo's warmth and the taste of Ichigo's lips so he kissed him harder and more passionately.

Ichigo moaned into the intense kiss and gripped Grimmjow's shirt as he felt the need to breathe, Grimmjow sensed Ichigo's problem and broke the kiss before licking his lips and smirking at Ichigo's blushing face. Grimmjow hooked his leg behind Ichigo's forcing Ichigo to trip and fall onto the ground on his butt, Ichigo glared at Grimmjow but before he could voice his anger Grimmjow had sealed his lips over his in another passionate kiss. Ichigo moaned as Grimmjow's tongue explored his mouth and they once again tried to fight for dominance, Grimmjow easily won the fight but continued to explore and taste Ichigo's mouth, while undressing Ichigo at the same time. Ichigo was so caught up in the kiss that he didn't realize that Grimmjow had undressed him and that he was naked for those sky blue eyes to see.

Grimmjow licked his lips at the view before him and leaned down to kiss Ichigo's lips gently before pressing kisses down Ichigo's jaw line and neck, Ichigo moaned as Grimmjow licked and kissed his neck. A gasp escaped Ichigo's lips as Grimmjow began to bite and nip on one of his nipples while the other was bring pinched by calloused and clawed fingers. Ichigo moaned into the feeling and his moans grew louder as Grimmjow licked and kissed a path down Ichigo's torso to his abdomen. Grimmjow continued to taste Ichigo's skin and enjoyed every sound that escaped from the shinigami's lips, Grimmjow relished at the gasp that made its way through the younger's lips when he licked the tip of his member.

Ichigo couldn't help but squirm when Grimmjow licked the tip of his member and gave it a small kiss before proceeding to lick the underside, after Grimmjow had, had enough of licking Ichigo's member, he engulfed him and began to suck on the erect member. Ichigo arched his back at the pleasure that the Arrancar was giving him and moaned as he felt Grimmjow deep throat his member, the suctions and the way Grimmjow's tongue was travelling on his shaft was bringing Ichigo closer to the edge. After a few more sucks and licks on Grimmjow's behalf Ichigo released into Grimmjow's hungry mouth which swallowed every last drop. Ichigo looked down at Grimmjow's smirking face as he licked his lips and pushed himself upwards so that their lips could meet once again. Ichigo moaned when Grimmjow's tongue slipped past his lips and began to ravish the interior of his mouth.

Grimmjow was enjoying every second of having Ichigo squirming under him in lust, it was driving Grimmjow towards the edge and making him want to enter Ichigo immediately. Grimmjow wasted no time and once again kissed Ichigo's neck earning mewls from his recent obsession, when Ichigo gasped Grimmjow forced two of his fingers into Ichigo's mouth, which wasted no time in sucking and licking at the long and slender digits. When Grimmjow had deemed his fingers moist enough he removed them from Ichigo's mouth and placed them in front of Ichigo's puckered entrance, before slowly pushing the first digit into the tight ring of muscles.

Ichigo shifted at the intrusion and tried to find a comfortable position, Ichigo winced in pain as Grimmjow inserted another digit into his virgin entrance slowly scissoring him so that his small hole was stretch and ready to receive something that was larger than his fingers. Ichigo had tears escaping from the corner of his eyes from the pain of Grimmjow inserting a third digit inside of him, the pain slowly subsided when Grimmjow curled his fingers rubbing against a spot that made Ichigo's back arch in pleasure as his vision was covered in white. Ichigo moaned loudly at the feeling and Grimmjow smirked knowing that he had found Ichigo's prostate.

Grimmjow quickly removed his fingers from within Ichigo which earn him a whimper from Ichigo at the loss of his fingers, Ichigo's eyes widen when he saw Grimmjow length as he undressed himself and positioned his member at Ichigo's twitching entrance. Ichigo bit his lip in anticipation as he waited for Grimmjow to enter him, Grimmjow seemed to have read Ichigo's thoughts and pushed his length into Ichigo's tightness. Grimmjow was fully sheathed within Ichigo and was desperately trying not to f**k Ichigo into the floor, Ichigo shivered at the pain and the pleasure of having Grimmjow's length deep inside him and when he had adjusted to the length.

He slowly relaxed before using as much of his remaining energy to clamp around Grimmjow's hot member, Grimmjow moaned as he felt Ichigo tighten around him and wasted no time in pulling his member out to the head before slamming back into Ichigo. Ichigo moaned aloud as his prostate was hit with precision at each thrust bringing him closer and closer to release. Grimmjow continued to thrust into Ichigo enjoying the way Ichigo arched at each thrust and the way he tightened around him, Grimmjow licked his lips at the feeling and view before grabbing Ichigo's leaking member and stroking it in time with his thrusts.

Ichigo mewled as he felt Grimmjow stroke him while pounding into his prostate continuously, Ichigo couldn't bear the pleasure much longer as he came in Grimmjow's hand and over his stomach while screaming Grimmjow's name. Grimmjow felt Ichigo clamp around his as he climaxed, which brought him over the edge and forced him to release inside Ichigo. Grimmjow fell on top of Ichigo in exhaustion and out of instinct bit Ichigo on the neck to claim him as his mate, before rolling on his back and allowing his body to regain its normal composure, Ichigo followed Grimmjow's example and allowed his body to calm down. The two cuddled each other and tried to fall asleep but before they even had a chance to sleep, Shinji appeared and gasped at the sight that greeted him.

~Yaoi Ends Here~

Ichigo heard the gasp and opened his eyes to see Shinji looking at both him and Grimmjow, Ichigo sat up quickly and quickly grabbed the closest piece of clothing which happened to be Grimmjow's jacket and covered his lower regions. Grimmjow sat up and glared at the man who was standing in mid air for disturbing his beckoning slumber but calmed down when he saw Ichigo's blushing face due to being found in a strange predicament, Shinji smiled at the couple before telling them that the Espada have retreated back to Hueco Mundo. Grimmjow nodded at the statement and stood up to get dressed so that he could return without raising any suspicion from his comrades.

Ichigo also stood up and got dressed before bidding Grimmjow farewell as he walked into the black portal, Shinji broke out in a laugh when Grimmjow had left, which earned him a glare from Ichigo. Shinji cleared his throat and apologized for disturbing their 'fun', Ichigo blushed at his words and ask Shinji to keep quiet before flash stepping back home where he could clean himself and get the much deserved rest. Ichigo had gotten cleaned and was lying comfortably in bed thinking about his encounter and reached to the mating bite that Grimmjow had placed on him before smiling and slipping into a peaceful slumber.

Time skip of a month…

Ichigo had woken up for the umpteenth time in the morning just to run to the bathroom and empty out the contents of his stomach, Ichigo groaned as he rested his back on the wall next to the toilet. Ichigo didn't know why he had been feeling sick every morning for the last month but he thought little of it as usual and got dressed to go to school, when Ichigo arrived at school, his felt slightly sick and was unhappy with the fact that he had health first period. When class started he had planned on sleeping for the whole period but the topic that his teacher was currently covering piqued his interests and made him slightly pale.

~Teacher Talking~

"The symptoms of pregnancy usually consist of morning sickness, which involves nausea and vomiting, it can last for a few minutes and may be experienced by women at any time of the day instead of just the mornings. Other symptoms include; food cravings, frequent urination, weight gain, headaches and fatigue. Although these symptoms occur not all women will experience all of these symptoms but when a majority of these symptoms occur it is best to consult your doctor and be tested for pregnancy."

~End of Teacher Talking~

Ichigo couldn't believe his ears at what he had just heard and quickly formed a check list in his head.

'Vomiting and nausea in the mornings, check. Food cravings, check. Frequent urination, check. Weight gain, not sure. Headaches, check. And fatigue, check! Oh God, please don't tell me that I'm frigging pregnant! Wait that can't be possible right? I mean I'm a guy and guys can't get pregnant… then what the hell are with these symptoms? Maybe it's a temporary sickness?'

Ichigo was snapped out of his thinking when the bell rang, Ichigo stood and packed his bag and walked out of the class with every intent of going home to rest after facing such an ordeal. When Ichigo had reach home, he realized that no one was home so he went into the clinic and looked around the area looking for the only item that could tell him if he really was expecting. After 15 minutes of searching he finally found the item and took it out of the drawer and went upstairs to the bathroom. Ichigo took the item out of its packaging and read its instructions before following them and waiting for the stated amount of time. (1)

When the time was up Ichigo looked at the pregnancy tester and almost fainted when it had confirmed that Ichigo was pregnant, Ichigo was scared and wanted to rid himself of the young child in him but he stopped when he remembered that the child belonged to both him and Grimmjow. It brought a small smile to his face and made him move his hand to his stomach which housed the growing child, he ran his hand over his stomach for a few more minutes before standing up and throwing the pregnancy tester into the bin and cleaning up any mess that he might have made before heading back to his room with his hand gently ghosting over the developing womb.


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