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Pairing: Grimmjow x Ichigo

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This is set during the time when Grimmjow invades Karakura Town for the second time after he had lost his arm and sustained the scar from Ichigo. (Not sure what episode it is...)

'Hello' – thinking (italics font with underlines)

"Hello" – talking (quotation marks and italics font)

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...Still in Soul Society…

Ichigo slowly opened his eyes and looked around the blueish room, while his mind tried to register his surroundings. The sound of rustling fabric brought Ichigo's mind back and he turned to look at the source, unshed tears slowly collected in his eyes as he saw Grimmjow peacefully asleep next to him. His hand reached out and combed through the sky blue locks which caused the slumbering male to opened his matching eyes, Grimmjow sat up immediately when he saw Ichigo smiling at him. He pulled him into an embrace and placed light kisses on every available surface of bare skin above his shoulders, Ichigo was caught by surprise and couldn't suppress the moan that escaped from his lips.

Grimmjow was just about to attack Ichigo's lips when a loud wailing snapped them out of their increasing lust, Ichigo quickly stood up and walked over to Natsu and picked him up and gently rocked him from side to side before undoing his clothes to allow the young infant to feed. Grimmjow walked over due to curiosity and almost choked on air when he saw Ichigo feeding the new born child, when Natsu was done feeding Ichigo placed him back into his cot and started singing him a lullaby. Grimmjow listened to Ichigo's voice for a few minutes before pulling him back to the bed which was less than a meter away, Ichigo's neck was soon bombarded by kisses and licks when they both had sat down.

'Soft moans filled the room as Grimmjow's hands wondered down Ichigo's torso to tease each nipple before moving lower, a gasp escaped Ichigo's lips when Grimmjow started to stroke Ichigo's semi erect member. Another hand reached behind Ichigo and slowly slipped inside causing him to gasp at the sudden intrusion but Grimmjow's fingers soon found his prostate which had Ichigo begging Grimmjow for more of the addictive pleasure. The sounds created from the lust filled moment filled the room intensifying the passion that the couple was currently in.

"Ahh…. Grimm… please, I want you… ahh~…"

"f**k… you sound so damn f**kable when you beg me like that."

"AHH!…. Grimm… ngh… deeper…. AHH~"

"f**k… you're tight…. Feels great inside of you, especially the way it keeps twitching around me…"

"ahh~… shut up… its embarrassing… Oh~ ah~ there… mmm… harder… AH~"

The moans continued for an hour before the sound of gentle snoring could be heard from within the room. Night had come when the slumbering couple woke, due to the crying of their children. The two boys were feed and changed before being left in the care of Unohana while they went to find Yamamoto Soutaicho to discuss the future of the new family. Yamamoto decided not to punish them and had them stay in Soul Society as the replacements for the missing third and fifth division captains. Isshin and Ichigo's family stayed in Soul Society as well making Isshin the captain of the ninth division. Ichigo was excused from any captain duties until his children were use to bottle feeding, the family had a manor to themselves to give their beloved sons a suitable place to grow up and become an asset to Soul Society.

The End…

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