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Ahsoka turned, her green lightsaber flashing before her.

"You are good, Sith, but I'm better!"

"I'm not a Sith!"

"But you aren't a Jedi, so you must be a Sith!"

Ahsoka lept again, slashing at her enemy. He quickly parried with his own yellow lightsaber, twirling out of the way as she attacked.

Ahsoka had been surprised when she had first encounter her opponent. A young human, about her age, focused on fending off her attacks. He had short dark hair and tan skin. His garb was unlike a Sith, a black jacket and black pants over a white shirt, like a smuggler. His stance was defensive as she swung.

"Please, I don't want to fight you!" he said, dodging another swing.

"Stop moving around!" Ashoka said, trying to hit her enemy.

Ducking the "Jedi" used the force to push a fruit cart in between the two.

"Like that's gonna work!" Ashoka said, easily jumping over it.

But it had. The boy was off and running down the alley with the speed only a user of the force could. Ashoka wasn't about to give up the fight, and she sprinted down the alley after him. He was fast though, she would give him that.

"Ashoka, where are you?" buzzed her comlink.

"Ugh not now!" she said, trying not to lose sight of her target.

"Padawon, respond!" a familiar voiced buzzed in.

"I'm chasing a Sith!" she said still sprinting, "I'm heading towards the market!"

"I'll meet you there," her master said through the comlink.

The boy was dodging through the alley, slipping past bewildered civilians and vendors. This guy sure didn't act like a Sith, Ahsoka thought, but he has a lightsaber a uses the force, and he sure isn't a Jedi.

Their mission was to track down a rogue Jedi that they had heard about in the sector. There were no Jedi stationed on this planet, yet there were reports of someone wielding a lightsaber and using force powers. This was definitely the guy. Now if only she could catch up to him.

She was closing in on him. Though he tried to create obstacles with fruit carts and other debris, but she was way too nimble to be slowed down at all. They were nearing the market, and she was closing in. Just then the boy turned a corner and disappeared down an alley. Before Ahsoka could follow, the boy flew out of the alley at hit a wall across the street.

She pounced on him and took his lightsaber away from him.

"Good work, Snips."

Anakin Skywalker in all his glory strode out of the alley. He picked up the boy a hoisted him over his shoulder before heading towards the starport.

"What are we going to do with the Sith?" Ahsoka asked, looking at the limp body.

"That's up to the Jedi Council, but for now he is going in the hold, with our best rope."

The boy opened his eyes and wondered where he was. The last thing he remembered was turning down an alley. He groaned and found his arms and legs were bound.

"You're pretty fast, Sith, but you didn't account for two of us."

A slender Togruta girl stood in front of him with her arms crossed. She was quite attractive, the boy thought, if she wasn't trying to kill him.

"What's your name?" the girl interrogated.

"Daryan," he said, "Daryan Ordo. Can I ask what my beautiful interrogator's name is?"

Ahsoka turned away, blushing. He was a pretty handsome young man, but that didn't mean that he wasn't the enemy. Still, something about being called beautiful struck something inside her.

"No you can't! We are taking you to the Jedi Council. There they will decide what to do with you."

"Ahsoka, I need you up here," Anakin buzzed over the intercom.

Ahsoka turned to leave. "Talk to you later, Ahsoka!"

Ahsoka turned and was about to give the snot a piece of her mind, but then remembered her teachings, and left the hold.

Daryan sighed. The last thing he needed was attention from the Jedi Council.

Great, he thought, my master is going to kill me.