Devil Fox

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

Translating to English

Beastboy sighed in annoyance at the bo-staff that was a few inches away from his head, along with the charged cannon and star-bolts pointed in his direction. Apparently, Starfire had been determined to check on Raven, while Robin didn't want to disturb her. Cyborg had been watching the scene with a snicker, Robin struggling to keep Starfire- who was much stronger then she looked- from knocking and she didn't even seem to be trying. Eventually, Starfire just used her other arm and knocked. They were a little worried when she didn't answer since Cyborg's tracker said not only was she in her room, but so was Beastboy. They had opened the door, though just enough to look in, and were surprised when she wasn't there. They had very cautiously looked around the room, until Cyborg said the signals were coming from a mirror on her stand. Next thing they know, something comes out of the mirror and slams into Cyborg, sending him a few feet away. Naturally, they didn't realize it was Beastboy at first, with his now black sclera eyes. They sighed in relief and dropped their offenses.

Just as they did, Raven came out of the mirror. Now since someone appears a few feet above the mirror when exiting, Beastboy decided to have a little fun. A black fox tailed sprouted from his spine and thrusted Raven through the air, who closed her eyes in surprise. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was purple. It took a moment to figure out what she was looking at. She had hit Starfire and was now on top of her with her face in between Starfire's legs and vice versa. A sudden flash caused her to look up and saw that Beastboy had a camera in his hand and a smirking grin on his face at her embarrassed look and the boys' astonished looks.

"Sorry Star, I was aiming for the bed," Beastboy said as she got up after Raven got off her.

"It is quite alright friend, I believe that both Friend Raven and I are uninjured," She said as she looked over Raven for an instant, before taking notice of Beastboy's tail, "Friend, I did not know you had a tail! Or that any part of you was not green!" She said as she floated over and stared at the fluffy appendage with curiosity.

"I think we should continue this elsewhere, Raven probably wants us out of her room," He said as he looked at her blank face, but they could all tell she wanted them out, and now, "Seriously, you're more territorial about your room than a bitch with her pups," He commented as he headed towards the door, with Starfire flying after him with the others following.

"Friend, what is a 'bitch'?" She asked, causing Beastboy to grin.

"Well, technically, it's a female canine, but it also somehow developed into a curse word on earth, so I wouldn't use it in public. Why humans make such a big deal about such things, I'll never understand," He muttered to himself as the others, minus Raven, all shared a confused look.

Three Minutes Later

The Titans were now all in the living room, sitting on the couch. Except Beastboy, who was sitting backwards on a chair, looking a little bored. There was something different though...

"Where'd the black trench coat come from?" Robin asked with a raised eyebrow, him and the other's wondering where it came from and when he put it on.

Beastboy just shrugged before speaking, "Well, I guess I should explain a few things," Getting curious looks from the others, "The unimportant part is this- Raven and I were in her mind, which that mirror is a portal to. If you want any more info about that, good luck trying to get little Violent Violet over there to tell ya anything," He said, pointing to Raven as he did, getting an annoyed look from her and bewildered looks from the others, "The part that should be consider is this, do any of you know WHAT I am?" He asked getting a few confused looks.

"A shapeshifter?" Robin asked.

"A 'Prankster'?" Starfire asked, having heard the word associated with Beastboy a lot.

"An annoying little Tofu-devouring grass-stain?" Cyborg joked, not noticing Beastboy's twitching eyebrow or Raven scooching away from him a bit.

"True," Beastboy said pointing to Robin, "Incredibly true," pointing at Starfire, "Raven, would you please tell them the rules for being around me?" He asked as he stared at Cyborg with a barely suppressed glare.

Raven paused for a moment before answering, "You are NOT a spineless wimp, you don't take crap from anyone, and don't piss you off," She recited, wondering what would happen next.

When everyone turned back towards Beastboy, he was gone, to their amazement. "Somebody get me down from here!" They looked up and saw that Cyborg was now dangling from the ceiling by a thin rope attached to his left ankle and what appeared to be a kunai that was lodged into the ceiling.

"How'd you end up up there?" Robin asked with surprise written all over his face.

"I have no idea, but get me down before I lose my lunch!" Cyborg yelled in response, starting to get dizzy.

Before Robin could do anything, Starfire tapped him on the shoulder, "Robin? What is a 'baz-o-oka'? She asked, trying to pronounce it correctly.

Robin raised an eyebrow at this, but answered, "A device used to launch explosives," He answered slowly, finding the seemingly random question a little odd.

"Ohh," Starfire said in realization, then became confused again, "Then why is Friend Beastboy aiming it at Friend Cyborg?" She asked, causing the other three titans' eyes to go wide and turn their attention to the back of the room. Indeed, there was Beastboy pointing a black bazooka, with golden stripes, at Cyborg.

"Come on man! Do you really want to shoot me? Think of all the good times we had!" Cyborg tried to reason with his bazooka-wielding friend.

Beastboy hummed to himself as images of Cyborg insulting his skills in almost anything, cracking jokes at his expense, insulting his abilities, calling him names, insulting his looks, giving him noogies, INSULTING HIS TOFU! Yeah, in the short time he had lived with the cybernetic teen, he had no trouble making the next move.

Everyone watched in shock as Beastboy pulled the trigger and the projectile hit Cyborg. They all looked in horror as smoke covered where he had been. Robin, and the girls as well, looked towards Beastboy. Robin reached for his staff, when he noticed Beastboy kept looking at where Cyborg was and snickering. He took another look at Cyborg and saw what was so funny and suppressed his own laugh. There was Cyborg, hands covering his face in fear, but with a Rainbow of bright colors all over him now.

"Hmm, I thought that was the Pheromone Bomb," Beastboy said as he stopped snickering.

"Was that really necessary?" Raven asked with a monotone voice.

Beastboy held up a what looked like a white bazooka missile- where it came from was a mystery- with a pink line on it, "I have permanent pink and I'm not afraid to use it, Raven!" He threatened, snickering as she quickly retreated to the couch with slightly wider eyes.

"Could someone please let me down now!" Cyborg yelled, having found out what happened when he opened his eyes.

Beastboy rolled his eyes as he made a hand-sign, which Robin recognized as a Tiger sign, and Cyborg fell to the floor screaming. Beastboy casually grabbed the kunai as it fell and put it in his pocket after cutting the string with his claws.

"And that, my dear Titans, is why you should never insult a fox, let alone a demon fox," He said seriously.

Robin raised an eyebrow, "A demon fox? Seriously?" He asked only vaguely surprised. In his line of work, very little shocks a person after a while. No sooner had he said this did a large open book slam into his face, causing him to fall to the floor. When he took the book off his face, he saw there was the word 'Kitsunes' in large letters on the page with several lines underlined, "'Natural Shape-Shifters after reaching a certain level...' 'Mischievous in nature, meaning pranksters...' 'Are very wise...,'" He paused and looked at Beastboy, who dared him to comment on that, "'Skilled illusionist...' 'Black Kitsunes are seen as good omens...' 'Masters of seduction regardless of gender...' 'Generally love Tofu to the point of addiction, but they are known to be addicted to a different food on rare occasions. Note- Never insult this or any other food they may be addicted to. The effects of doing so are unspeakable,'" He read out loud with a curious voice, then he noticed a small line written at the bottom of this line, "'If you live and don't feel the need to comment suicide afterward, the Kitsune in question either: A) owes you something(s) or B) isn't done with you. Good Luck!'" He finished, and saw Cyborg gulp slightly at this. "Did you have to throw the book at my head?" Robin asked with a little irritation in his voice.

Beastboy blinked, gaining a confused look, and tilted his head, making him look cute to the females in the room, "What book?" He asked, sounding truly confused.

Robin raised an eyebrow at this, before raising his arms up, "This bo..ok?" He said as realized he wasn't holding anything. He looked back at Beastboy and noticed something, "Where'd the Bazooka go?" He asked, getting more and more confused.

"What Bazooka?" He asked with the same expression.

"The one you used to bombard me with paint!" Cyborg yelled, gesturing to himself, only to find all the paint was gone.

"Hmm, you say something, Cy?" Beastboy asked as if he just now noticed him.

"Okay, you're a Demon Fox, we get that. Anything else we need to now?" Robin asked, starting to get irritated with how late it was getting.

"Well, I have a demon and hybrid form along with some other powers, which I will show you at another time, but that's all the important details really. Hmm, you guys want to see my demon form?" He asked as Raven went a shade paler. Robin gave an unsure shrug, not knowing what to expect. Next thing they know, black energy shot out of the floor around Beastboy, blocking their view of him. As the black now-mist-like energy dissipated, they saw what he had become. Standing there was a black fox, a little over half the size of a wolf, looking completely normal outside it's size and two-tails. It let out a small bark.

"CUUUUTE!" Starfire yelled as she flew towards the cute creature her friend had become and swept him into a hug. The others were about to stop her when they saw that not only was Beastboy not struggling against the princess's hug of death, he was actually wagging his tails with a weird grin on his fox face as he was squished into her chest. They then remembered the line 'Masters of Seduction'.

Eventually, Beastboy wiggled his way out of Starfire's hug, rather reluctantly at that, and turned back with a much smaller burst of energy. "So, we done for the night? Cause I want to get some sleep here! Using demonic powers after several years of not using them tends to leave someone in need of a good night's sleep," He grumbled, starting to sound annoyed.

Robin sighed and gave him a 'go ahead' gesture. Right as Beastboy left, he noticed something slung over the kitsune's shoulder, "Where was he hiding that bazooka?" He asked, more to himself then the others.

Suddenly, paint poured all over Cyborg from above. The others looked up and saw nothing. "Looks like he's paying you back in spades," Robin commented oddly calm about this.

"You find out the guy we thought of as the weakest and most immature member of the team is a demon, a vengeful one at that, and you remain this calm how exactly!" Cyborg shouted as the implications finally set in.

Robin shrugged, "I've seen crazy stuff in Gotham, after a while, you build up immunity to things like this. Besides, he'll probably just beat me in a few spars for underestimating him. One I'm worried about is...," He looked over and someone else was missing, "Raven was the one that insulted him the most. He'll throw a few nasty pranks at you, but her? No idea," Robin explained, a little worried for the empath.

"Friends, you do not think Friend Beastboy will harm Friend Raven for her past actions towards him do you?" Starfire asked, worried for the only other female Titan.

"Doubt it, seeing as he could have done that at almost any point so far, but we really know nothing about Beastboy to say what he will or will not do. Let's just wait and see who Beastboy really is," Robin said as he made his to his own room with a yawn. Cyborg shrugged and did the same. Starfire then felt her own tiredness creeping up and decided her friends had the right idea and that she should give her Green friend the benefit of the doubt.

Raven's Room

Raven sat on her bed in a lotus position, having gained a habit of sitting that way even when she wasn't meditating. She found a piece paper in her hood during Beastboy's small info meeting, the only words were, "Your room later."

Suddenly, she felt a pair of arms rap around her neck. Not threateningly, almost like a hug. She felt the same unexplainable fear swell up inside her, though she hid it facial wise. Oddly, Timid herself was unaffected by this.

"I found it strange as well, how you always seemed so afraid of me yet the embodiment of your fear is actually nearly unafraid of me," Beastboy whispered into her ear.

"Get off me," Raven whispered out as her powers failed to obey her at that moment.

Beastboy grinned darkly as he did so, "I take it you want some answers?"

Raven nodded at this "Yes. You said you were there when I was conceived, meaning you were there when she was raped. The question now is why were you there?" She asked, trying to hide her need to know the answer.

Beastboy sighed after a moment, "Okay, the reason I was there stems back to why your mother was chosen by Trigon," Beastboy said as he saw Raven's head shoot up.

"Tell me..." She pleaded as she stared into his eyes, which seemed to look right through her mask of apathy to the sad girl they both knew she was, "Please," She whispered out. She always thought her mother being raped was a matter of chance or opportunity, but to hear there was more to it than that, something deeper.

"Arella really never did tell you anything..." He whispered out before sighing, "Okay, get comfortable, I'm not sure how long this'll take to finish,"

End of Chapter

Chapter three is done! The part with Raven and Starfire- Star hasn't been on Earth for very long yet, so she doesn't know the implication of that position or the thoughts it inspires. I looked up most of those things about Kitsunes on Wiki. Yes, they do love Tofu. I loved writing the prank scene, especially the Bazooka. QTP- Where is Beastboy getting and hiding all these things? What else will he do to the Titans? What other powers does he have? Why is Raven afraid when Timid isn't? What reason is Beastboy talking about? What didn't Arella tell Raven? And how does Beastboy know Arella?