Hey everyone, this is a companion piece of Daydreams (find it on my profile), but this one is told from Alex's POV. Be sure to check out the other one. :)

"Ah!" I shot upright in my bed, and stared blankly at the window in front of me. I gasped for breath once or twice before giggling. Yet another nightmare. I wish these would stop; I've changed schools enough times to know that the student body doesn't consist of zombies, ax murderers or vampires. I regained focus and noticed my usually bright curtains were, once again, dark. Rain, snow, hail…either way, there were clouds overhead. I got up, pulling my bathrobe on and dared to peak out the window. Only mist and clouds. I groaned, once again I had to rummage through my closet for warm clothes. At least I now knew that I'd have to buy more warm clothes, as this was my last thick jacket. I got dressed for school, as I wasn't leaving my warm room without some protective layers. My mom called my name… breakfast. After all my daily routines were fulfilled, I got ready for school. I wanted to take my old, beat up Jeep; but there was hardly enough reason to get the engine warm, the school was half a mile down the road. Valdez, Alaska, my new home for the next few months, I guess. I shrugged deeper into my jacket, and zipped it closed. I braced for the walk, and the new kid syndrome. I was ready for the stares and whispers, but hardly what happened next. As I entered the gate, there were five haunting figures looking at me, all standing beside a new Audi. I knew that Audi, the Q5, the one I often wished I had enough money to buy because I love cars so very much. Those five figures all looked the same to me, too perfect. I couldn't look any longer, the littlest one of the bunch caught me looking, and then she whispered something to the biggest one of them all. God, I hoped he wasn't going to beat me up on my first day, which was not something I needed or wanted.

"Hi, I'm Alice. Alice Cullen."

I jumped and swore in one breath. I know I just saw her over there by the car, 15 yards away. She laughed at me and shook her head.

"Oh I'm sorry, I just knew that you're the new kid, and well, could use a friend?"

This little pixie person stared at me, already expecting my answer was going to be yes.

"Sure, that sounds…nice."

She smiled at me, and then looked at the group she had come from.

"Let me introduce you to my family." She linked her arm into mine and dragged me over to their car. I hadn't even got a chance to utter my name to this Alice person.

"Hey guys, this is…" She stopped, but not in the way that she didn't know my name, rather than let me introduce myself. Ha, I guess that happens when you don't ask my name first.

"Alex." I finished her sentence, albeit awkwardly, more awkwardly than when she had stopped. She pointed out each of her family to me, Edward, Bella, Jasper and Emmett. Emmett looked…angry, to me at least. I couldn't understand what I did wrong, but gathered an idea soon enough. Alice and Jasper, Edward and Bella; they were closer than normal siblings should be, and I guess I was staring too hard.

"We're not related by blood." The redhead, Edward stated with a slight chuckle.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just…shouldn't have stared, I guess."

"Oh yeah, we're all adopted. Jasper and Rosalie…" Alice stopped and realized her rehearsed story needed to change. Emmett winced and tapped Alice with his fist.

"Who's Rosalie?" I asked, but I know I shouldn't have, but curiosity is a bitch.

"Jasper's older sister. But she moved away…a while ago."

The older sister part was a bit forced and the whole thing sounded rehearsed, but okay, I could go with it. I didn't want to have a soap opera family drama on my first day.

"So, Alice, can you help me find the reception, I need my timetable."

"Sure sure, follow me." She linked her arm in mine again, pulling me away from her family and the discomfort that was Rosalie's name. Surprisingly enough, Emmett wasn't such a sour wart as I though he'd be. I was seated next to him in Math, English, Engineering and Science. I didn't sit next to him out of choice, but apparently no one else wanted to sit next to the big, intimidating hulk that was Emmett; and it ended up being the only seat open. He was the only one of his family in my classes, the rest of the Cullens were in tenth grade; which seemed weird to me because none of them looked that young. But hey, nowadays twelve year olds look old enough to marry. After Math, he automatically knew I was going to be seated next to him again in English. I walked into class, and the teacher pointed me to Emmett, and the chair was pulled out in waiting.

"Seems this is going to be a regular thing." He smiled and my heart almost stopped. He had the most adorable dimples, although I should probably never use the word adorable and Emmett in the same sentence.

"Sorry about earlier, I know I probably looked upset."

"No problem. No need to explain." I didn't want to make him uncomfortable again. He seemed satisfied with my reaction. I already figured it out; he and Rosalie were probably an item, like the rest of his family that paired up. And I felt bad for him, always watching them playing happy couples probably made it worse.

"So, English. Is that your strong point?" I tried feebly at making conversation.

"Sure, I'm a pretty good all rounder."

I blushed involuntarily, and I had no idea why, but that sentence sounded a lot better in my head. What the hell was wrong with me?

"And yourself?" He asked quickly, but I was caught in my own day dream.

"Oh, Engineering. I'm pretty good at that." I startled.

We were quickly shushed by the teacher, and then proceeded with our worksheets for the poetry. Emmett seemed pretty friendly, and very easy on the eyes. I wondered how long I'd be able to stay in Valdez; I really wanted to at least get some friends this time around.