Shopping with Alice wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was quite enjoyable. She offered to buy me a whole wardrobe, which she insisted on picking the clothes, I opted for a few good pieces rather, but she still paid for it. Alice found a place to stay over in Glennallen for the fair, and we drove through expectantly. I couldn't remember the last time I was ever at a fair, and I couldn't imagine three people I'd rather go with. We pulled into the parking lot of the fair; we decided we'd rather go to the hotel later and attend the fair as long as possible. Alice opened her wallet and shelled out $300 dollars for me.

"Don't spend it all on the games." She joked with me. Alice knew me better than I thought she should, but I didn't want to take her money. I wanted to give it back to her, but she pushed my hand back.

"Come on, I know you spent all your money at the shops."

I winced; she really did know me too well. I promised to pay her back, and she smiled at me.

"Don't worry about it." She shrugged. Jasper gave Emmett the keys for the car and said something that I didn't catch. Then Alice went off with Jasper. I stood next to Emmett, feeling very small. Now I know how Alice felt.

"I still wanna play games." I looked at Emmett, my eyes wide and hurt.

"You know, you can kill someone with that look." Emmett laughed. I continued to look at him that way until he gave in.

"Come on cutie. Let's go gaming." Emmett grabbed my hand and we headed for the games. I was so used to him calling me cutie or sweetie already, I didn't even blush anymore. His hands were cold again, but then again, mine weren't much warmer so I said nothing. We toured the games, and then I won a panda plushie. I didn't want to walk around with it all night, so I asked Emmett to come with me to the car and put it away. So off we went and put it in the car, and went back to the fair. I looked around for a souvenir for my mom, and then found a prank toy stand. I took particular liking in a pair of demon eye stickers that were reflective and mounted on black tape so I could stick it to anything.

"Hey Em, how about I put these on the tree in the front yard?" I joked, and roared like a lion while holding them to my face.

"Hey not a bad idea! Come, let's go try it out." He said enthusiastically. I bought a couple, and then he grabbed my hand again, and we went to the edge of the fair. I only now realized how close we were to the forest. It was cold in here, colder than the fair. I guessed the lack of sun contributed to it. The sun was going down and under the forest canopy was gloomy and misty. Emmett led me quickly down the hill, and then across a forestry road and up onto another hill. He nodded to himself and stopped.

"Put it on that tree over there, let's see if anyone stops." He grinned, like a naughty boy. I couldn't believe Emmett wanted to play a prank on someone. Well I wasn't complaining and complied. I pulled off the sticky backing and stuck it to the tree. As I stood back, admiring my handiwork, I heard screeching tires coming to a halt. I turned around and saw an old blue Chevy truck on the road, and an old man bailing out. He was shouting incoherently, probably drunk, and reaching for something in the cab. I smiled at Emmett, and he had a look of sudden terror on his face. I looked back at the old man; he was taking aim at me with his rifle. I froze, and couldn't speak. I realized I was still holding the remaining stickers, and they were facing the old man.

"Sir, it's just a prank, calm down." Emmett shouted loudly. The old man obviously heard him, and shouted something back.

"Careful boy, those beasts will take you down."

I opened my mouth, to indicate that it was just a girl holding these, but a croak emerged instead. The next I heard was a shout, a scream and a bang. The old man was at least a hundred yards away, and Emmett stood right next to him with the rifle bent out of shape. The old man scattered back down the hill, and into his truck that went screeching back down the road. I wanted to ask Emmett how he got to the old man so fast, but all that came out was bubbles. Bubbles? I touched my mouth, there were no bubbles. I dismissed at as the adrenaline playing tricks on me. I saw Emmett throw the rifle on the ground and the next second he was next to me.

"Alex? Let's get you to the hospital!" He told me. Hospital? Did I look that shaken up?

"Ha. I'm fine." But then it all hit me. Coldness, dizziness, pain. I looked down; my grey military jacket that Alice bought me was punctured and bloodied. That explained the bubbles. I sunk to my knees, my hands attempting the hold the holes from the buckshot closed. Emmett kneeled next to me, his face possibly in more agony than mine.

"Good aim for a drunk." I joked, Emmett didn't even smile.

"Alex, come on…" The next minute I fell back, Emmett's arms were ready and waiting to put me down. We couldn't have been so far from the fair that no one heard the shot. I swear I heard Alice, talking to Emmett.

"I told you not to go into the forest! I saw this, and now what are we going do?"

Alice saw this? What did she mean by that?

"Hey Emmett…" I said, my own weak voice surprised me. He quickly knelt down beside me, not moving an inch. I tried my best to make this sound light.

"I think it would be a safe time to say…I've kinda had a crush on you…for a while." I couldn't talk properly anymore, it was getting difficult.

"Alice knew that. She saw you coming." He smiled weakly, while trying to hold my head up. I smiled back at him, and he gently kissed me on the lips. How could I have possibly been so happy while I was dying? I ruined it, the only kiss we'd ever share, by starting to choke on my own blood. I spluttered some of it on his face, and he froze again. I closed my eyes; the dizziness was starting to call me back into its whirlpool.

"I'm not going to let you go. Not ever." Emmett whispered, and then silence. I wondered, for a moment what he meant. I felt my body lift off the ground, my limp body barely responding. His hand was under my neck, and my head was being pulled back by gravity. The next thing I felt was knifes, little scalpels, pierce into my exposed neck. I felt a pure bliss, and then the pain. I screamed, as loud as I could let my damaged lungs go. I opened my eyes; Emmett was holding me, his mouth bloodier than I remembered. He smiled at me, and whispered to me.

"See you a little later."

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